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For arthritis, copper bracelets sometimes work, but here’s how I’d handle arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis (and if the body isn’t too old to respond, it usually does.)

I muscle-test what the core cause is and go after it.  As with all dis-ease, there are core causes.

With arthritis, some of these causes are an acid body, allergies, heavy metals, low minerals, high or inappropriate minerals, posture, old traumas, emotional, bacterial infections, and even vaccines.

When I paint using any kind of paint, I can hardly walk the next day. So I take homeopathics to detoxify my body and try to use safer paints. I also increase my leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits. I often do some juicing.

For Natural Treatments and Lifestyle Changes:

The person needs to do a couple of things along with the supplements I send home.

  • The person suffering with arthritis needs to eat more raw fruits/vegetables to alkalize their body,
  • Drink more water and less coffee/soda, and
  • Add in the appropriate herbs such as Yucca, Burdock Root, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Celery Seed, MSM, Joint Factors, glucosamine sulfate, and treatments so that the toxins can be released and the tissues renewed.
  • I’m a big believer in magnets. Copper also works for some joints.

The healing occurs and the pain is relieved in accordance to how strongly they adhere to better lifestyle habits.

There are several supplements I find that work quite well:

  • Glucosamine Sulfate (Phytopharmica brand specifically)
  • MSM
  • Burdock Root
  • Celery Seed Powder (helps to reconstruct the spurs over time)
  • Yucca Root (acts as an anti-inflammatory)
  • Linum B-6® (Flax Seed Oil to help lube up the joints)
  • Knox Gelatin (Helps some)
  • ForTil B-12® (Fortified B Vitamins by Standard Process)
  • Frankincense (as an anti-inflammatory)
  • Joint Factors® formula (by Twin Labs)

We just need to find out which ones will work for you and find the appropriate dosages. 

In general, though, cats don’t do well on MSM, dogs do well on glucosamine, and humans usually need a combination of 2-4 products for several months at a time.

Products that don’t work for arthritis:

Now, there are some supplements I find that don’t work–like chondroitin, for the general population. And sometimes we need to treat other organs to help the calcium process better. These things we will find during the consult. Sometimes we also have to release the emotions built up in the joints. This can be associated with anger and resentment, not being able to say “no” to people, and being dogmatically positioned and “set in your ways.”

Overcoming arthritis is often never easy, but the lifestyle changes that help take away the pain are ALWAYS beneficial for both the disease and prevention of other diseases that keep you from your peace of mind. Sometimes preventing the progression of the disease is the only thing that can be accomplished until the person in pain decides that certain lifestyle changes are essential for minimizing the pain.

I hope that helps. There are times of the year when I take more supplements for mild arthritic pain. My clients usually know when there is a storm coming in by the change in the barometer because their joints tell them. It’s during these times when heat, extra supplements and magnets help a lot.

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