List of Core Causes of Disease

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Core Causes of Disease

Our body is like an onion. We have a central “healthy core” and then build layer upon layer of disease on top of the healthy core. Natural medicine strives to strip these layers off in a certain procession to get back to the healthy core. I ask the body how many layers of disease it needs to work on and write that information down on the Energetic Reading so that we can keep track of your progress. Using natural medicine, the body heals from the inside-out, from head to toe, and in reverse order (newest to oldest harbored diseases).

We have many disease (we call  them dis-ease) processes going on in our body at times. Sometimes, if you get to the core cause, you can make huge strides in healing by knowing which of the core causes to address first, second, third and so forth. Often I will just test out the first layer of disease because if you try to treat these deeper layers, the body just rejects the treatment. This is why very often many medications don’t work–because they are not treating the right layer of dis-ease.

Other times, I find it helpful to test out every component of the symptom so we know what we are looking for down the road in that healing process. Sometimes I decide this would be helpful, and other times my clients ask me to do it.

For all of you nit-picky, scientific, skeptics, it is often helpful and educational for the client to make a list of all the dis-ease processes they may currently be experiencing and including those things they have gone through in the past. This way you can go down the list, one symptom at a time and track your progress.

When I started my own path of healing I made such a list and included even those things I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life. I filled a page, single-spaced, typed from top to bottom with all of my maladies some of which were very alarming. Mostly I did this because I was very skeptical about the natural healing methods and wanted to see if, in fact, I made progress on a week by week time period. Each day I would rate each item from 0-5. Zero meant I did not experience the symptom and 5 was a really bad day in regards to that symptom.

Here is a list of all the core causes I go through to find out where to start treating the body:

Core Cause Chart (updated  2/23/20)
Adventure Fungal Parasites Water
Alcohol Genetic Past Life Trauma Yeast
Allergies Genetic Defect Pathological Yin/Yang Imbalance
Amino Acid Imbalance Gross Pathology Phobia You
Anatomic Hartman Line Physical Metaphysical Causes:
Anomaly Healing Crisis Physical Alien
Bacterial Heavy Metals Place Amulet
Barometric Changes Holographic Poisons Angels & Spirits
Bite Wound Holographic Positioning Archetype
Blood Disorders Hormonal Imbalance Posture Related Body Billboard Sign
Calcification Iatrogenic Pre-Existence Curse
Candida Idiopathic Present Emotion Darts
Candida related Immunologic Psychic Energetic Bands
Carbon Monoxide Implants Psychogenic Energetic Blocks
Career Improper Food Combining Psychological Energetic Sheets
Cell Salt Imbalance Infectious Psychological Energy vampires
Chakra Imbalance Inflammatory Radiation Entity
Changes Internal Parasites Repetitive Motion Ghosts
Chemical Sensitivity Karmic Debt Related Scar Tissue Hologram
Circulation Lactic Acid Incr. Seasonal Implants
Colon/Bowels Life Lesson Seasonal Affective Disorder Incantation
Constipation Lifestyle Sexual Abuse Karma
Degenerative Love Shoes Knife in the Back
Dehydration Love Related Side Effects of Lifeline
Dental Perpetuator Lymphatic Stasis Sleep Disorders Entities
Developmental Malabsorption Space Phasing
Diet Related Maldigestion Spiritual Possession
Digestion Malnutrition Spiritual Probe
Dimensional Shift Mattress Spiritual Lesson Psychic attack
Disease Medications Sprain/Strain Psychic hook
DNA/RNA defect Mental Stress Psychic Surgery
Edema Mental Strictures Spell
Electro Magnetic Fields Meridian Imbalance Subtle Anatomy Subtle Energy
Electrolyte Imbalance Metabolic Astral Body The Fallen
Emotional Metastatic Causal Body Trojan Horse
Empathic Mineral Deficiency Celestial Body Veil
Endemic Mineral Toxicity Emotional Body Vital Force
Endocrine Money Etheric Body Vow
Energy Vortex Neoplastic Illuminated Spiritual Unknown Metaphysical
Environmental Nervous System Imbalance Mental Body Other
Enzyme Related Neurotransmitters Supplements Not on the Chart
Exercise Related Normal Subtle energy I know what it is
External Parasite Notochord Sun Damage You know what it is
Family Nutritional Time
Fatty Acid Imbalance Nutritional Toxic
Finances Oil Imbalance Traumatic
Flora Imbalance Opportunities missed Travel
Foods Oxygen Deprivation Vaccine Related
Fracture Vanishing Twin
Free Radicals Viral
Friends Vitamin Related

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