DAMNIT Scheme for Diagnosis

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DAMNIT is an acronym.

The basic disease processes encompassed by this acronym can help in remembering the underlying causes of disease. It’s one we were taught in our veterinary radiology class. We’d stand in front of X-ray viewing boxes for hours looking at radiographs saying “DAMNIT, what could this be?. . .D is for degenerative, disorders, developmental”. . .duh. . .until our eyes blurred or we just didn’t care anymore! Radiology was the class were we learned the phrase, “Just use MY imagination.”

DAMNIT Scheme for Diagnosis 1

DAMNIT, what could this be?

Of course (detail oriented that I am) I’ve added a few extra terms you don’t need when looking at radiographs, but you get the general idea. It covers a lot of ground.

The DAMNIT Scheme of Diagnosis:

  • D – Degenerative Disorders, Developmental, Dehydration, Diet, Digestion, DNA, Dental
  • A – Anomalies; Autoimmunity, Allergic, Amino Acids, Anatomic
  • M – Metabolic Disorders, Mechanical, Minerals, Mental, Metastatic, Malformation, Malabsorption/Maldigestion, Meridian Imbalance
  • N – Neoplasia, Nutritional, Nervous System, Normal,
  • I – Inflammation (Infectious or Non-Infectious), Immune Mediated Disorders, Iatrogenic (Doctor-caused), Idiopathic (We don’t know), Improper Food Combining, Inflammatory, Internal Parasites
  • T– Trauma (External or Internal Trauma Caused by Foreign Bodies, Uroliths, etc.), Toxicity

Gee, we’ve missed Y,E,L,P,S and C,V! Guess you’ll have to look at my own list of core causes: https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/list-of-core-causes-of-disease/ 

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