Which Alternative Healing Techniques are Best For Me?

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Which Alternative Healing Techniques are Best For Me?

All forms of healing involve energy. This energy is actually vibration. If the vibration of the treatment works for our body, the body responds positively. We receive vibrations from many different things—in treatments, foods, music, medications, supplements, our healing team and how they communicate, body language, the environment, the colors, and even the weather are just a few modalities that influence your body’s acceptance of treatment.

Some people prefer energy work and some are afraid of it because “it doesn’t vibe with their religion.” We are all different and all perfect just the way we are. That is what makes the world and each individual so unique. Imagine. . .no two of us is the same. Therefore, no one treatment protocol will work for everybody. We all have to find treatments that fit with our values as they are now until we get enough education to be able to expand our perspective. You will have to find the right mix for you.

It seems people come to me and experience my practice when they are ready. They usually have exhausted all other medical treatments. They suddenly find a need to be open to different ideas and new perspectives.  When people have never experienced anything in the alternative field, developing compassion and trust on both sides is necessary especially if they are going to try new ideas, treatment protocols and incorporate more positive lifestyle changes.

Communication is also a key.  What the practitioner says and what the client hears may be totally different, so keeping the lines of communication open with consistent feedback is essential.

If there is mental resistance, the practitioner and client must work through it together or transition to a better choice of healing that will work.  It is the ethical responsibility of the practitioner to know when to refer and what to augment the treatment process with. It is the client’s responsibility to tell the practitioner what they are willing to do and what they aren’t so that healing can happen.

There are so many methods of healing out there, that I don’t even know them all.  New methods are evolving almost on a daily basis. Three good resources for your library on types of healing methods are:

Just one suggestion: After many years of exploration, I have learned that there is something good to learn from everybody. Don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water” if you don’t vibrate positively with a certain healer. Glean what works for you and move on.

Don’t be afraid to explore new healing modalities. Shifting and returning to practitioners you have not seen for several years also helps. As you grow, so does your lens of perspective and understanding. What one practitioner says to you today may mean something totally different to you years from now.  What you don’t understand, put on the “Cosmic Bookshelf.” Someday it might just make sense when you put it together with other pieces in the puzzle of your health.

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