To Buy Files

Update the lists: I hadn’t updated my To Buy File in over a year. This is important to do. Even though we’d talked about perfect gifts throughout the year they weren’t in writing so my sweet husband, who prides himself in surprising people, had nothing to go by (or buy in this instance). So for Christmas I got two floor mats for the truck and a 5 pound container of Greek Seasoning. “I bet you’ll never figure these gifts out.” Uh, noooo. . .I never would have imagined. . .I accidentally let it slip that the floor mats were on the Do NOT give for any occasion file which hurt his feelings. We both felt bad and really didn’t have to.

Moving Towards Values Exercise

For the Moving Towards Values Exercise, pick partners that support your beliefs and do not purposely challenge them or “push your buttons”.
Pick jobs that align with your values. (When you are happy you make more money anyway!)
Choose friends, relationships, organizations and hobbies that most align with your values.
These are the values that are your special gift to the world. Use them wisely, but most importantly, just utilize them!

Moving Away Values Exercise

For the Moving Away Values Exercise, pick a maximum of 10 values you would do anything to stay away from for this exercise. If you don’t see one that is important to you, then add it to the list. Now, taking two of the circled values at a time ask yourself or your partner. “Which is most important to me, this one—or this one?” Hint: Which value most sucks the life right out of you?

Life Purpose

What are you doing in your life to put up roadblocks? Do you know your Life Purpose? Do your friends empower you or drag you down? Make changes in that area if necessary. Do you do things for your health that helps you carry out your purpose? Is the way you spend your money helping you to carry out your life purpose?

Relationships Exercise

The Relationships Exercise: It’s the first 6 months of your relationship. You believe you’ve found your soul mate. Everything is going great, but you are committed to keeping it that way. How do you do that? Here’s one way…

Juice Fast Musings

Juice Fast Musings–post 40-day juice fast: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this whole Juice Fasting experience and have come to some 20 conclusions about doing a 40-day fast . . .