Verbal Emotional and Spiritual Abuse

Signs of Verbal, Emotional and Spiritual Abuse: •Do you feel like you just can’t win or do anything right no matter what you say and how you act within your relationship? •Do you cringe and have to reach for stamina when your mate comes home? Do you walk on eggshells in your home? •Has your self-esteem and self-confidence eroded—at times to the extent that you wish you wouldn’t wake up to live another day? •Does your partner minimize, trivialize and undermine the essence of your being? •Does your partner demoralize you? Are you often the brunt of your partner’s jokes to make him/her look better in their own eyes? •Do you feel isolated and afraid with nobody to talk to that seems to understand? Fear not. There is support for you within a safe system on these pages and through the Free From Verbal Abuse forum.

New Years Resolution Alternative

I know most of you don’t like making New Year’s Resolutions because you can’t keep them. But have you ever just CELEBRATED what you have accomplished the previous year? We do. Every year around this time we have a mocha at Starbucks and grab our appointment books and calendars to glance through to find our accomplishments.

Face Reading (Personology)

Michael L. Robison, Face Reader & Personologist 1069 Elk Meadow Lane   Deary, ID 83823  (208) 877-1222 “Even though you did my reading with limited view of my face the reading was quite accurate on many levels. Thank you...

Do You Want To Live?

Men resist this exercise and often feel anger and resistance in doing it. When queried, “Did you do the exercise?” many of them will not have completed the process at home. Women often can’t get through the sentence the six times it takes to do the exercise. They start to cry (and they act so surprised that tears are coming out.)

Transform Your Life

Start the forgiveness process for yourself and for others. Sometimes forgiving yourself is the biggest hurdle you will have to get over. You know now that if you could have done better in the past, you would have. Stop those old movies. Scratch those old records. Let it go. Today is a new day and you can make new choices. Repair what you can, be kind to yourself and move on.