Getting Clarity (A Woman for James)

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Getting Clarity on What You

Really, Really, Really Want. . .

This was an exercise I helped a friend with in manifesting a woman. It’s a great example of getting very specific on what you want—because if you can do that, the Universe will align your wishes a lot faster. Hope you find benefit from this information. It’s an exercise on getting clear on what you really want.

A Long-Term Babe for James

We love our James. We know him and have worked with him and are trying to find a good woman for him so he can settle down in Lewiston, Idaho.

James’ Characteristics:

  • I am 21 years old, sensitive, kind, loving, nurturing, confident, positive, expressive, independent, well-spoken, and responsible. I guide others with authority and compassion and am easy to talk to. I have a great sense of humor.
  • I have brown eyes, am slender, 6’ 4” tall with dark, straight hair.
  • I like a clean house, but I’m not a total neat-freak, and I’m willing to do my share of the housework–just not all of it.
  • I LOVE DOGS! I love everything about them and like all breeds, especially huskies and pit bulls. This is one of my gifts and I feel I serve the world in this capacity with all kinds of things having to do with teaching, training, and finding the right pet for the right owner. I enjoy sharing what I know and being out in public, speaking in all kinds of surroundings. I am well thought of in the community and am asked to come back again after I speak.
  • I have a wide variety of pets including a cockatoo parrot, rabbits, cats, and whatever else needs me as I go through life. I like them both inside and outside my home and am very responsible with their care. When I’m not working with animals at work, I’m home training and working my dogs. Right now I’m teaching my dog to pull a cart so he can become a sled dog.
  • I enjoy cooking and eating, but it’s not my main passion, and I would get tired of it if I had to do it 100% of the time. I like trying foods from different cultures. The perfect vacation for me would be to occasionally travel around to various places on short trips that take less than one week, trying out all kinds of different restaurants as we travel.
  • Other hobbies include fishing and hunting. I’m a meat-eating, Blood Type O.
  • I enjoy working with my hands, but I consider myself mechanically challenged and I’m not into working on cars—fortunately my grandfather is.
  • Everyone needs to feel valued, loved, and understood. I’m no different, and seek to return these to my partner, my pets, friends and people I work with.
  • I’m creative and very intuitive, but I sometimes need others to help bring that out in me as sometimes I don’t trust my instincts. I work on that and have a awesome circle of friends that support me, value me, guide me and mentor me, but sometimes I let life get to me and can become depressed if I’m not in alignment with my passions.
  • I’d like to have 1-2 children. I currently have two God-children which I totally adore. I love children and would not mind if my partner had a child already. I’m going to make an awesome dad someday.
  • I love just being at home, relaxing, reading, watching TV and movies—especially suspense, action, horror flicks and musicals.
  • I find myself quite chatty from about 5:30-8:00 p.m. Communication is important to me and working things out as a cohesive, honest, compassionate and caring team (both at home and at my work) are essential.
  • I’m definitely not into passive aggression and I really don’t like negativity, dishonesty, infidelity, and any sort of anger.
  • I love a great cup of coffee with special creamers in it.

My weaknesses:

  • I work on anger issues and don’t like being around angry people. You could say that I have issues with authority. I’m working on that in finding my power and my place in the world.  I don’t like being told “No” without an explanation of why. I have a low tolerance for negative, nagging, passive aggressive, stress, and weakness in people.
  • I like working as a team and walking side by side with my partner. I feel that women have a voice and should use it. Their opinions are important to me, especially when I know they value my opinion in return in working through life’s challenges.
  • I hold stress in my solar plexus area, so sometimes have problems with my stomach—especially if I have not found an outlet to release my frustrations. During these times I act like a twit and wave my hands all over the place, but can usually work through the stress by talking.
  • I suffer from occasional headaches, but drinking a couple glasses of water helps most times.
  • I appreciate a nice yard, but am not totally motivated to keep it looking good on a regular basis. I would support my partner in doing that, though. I’m not that big into exercising (except when it’s with my dogs and training them.)
  • Noon to 10 p.m. is my best time although I do get up earlier than that. I keep going in the morning with a couple cups of flavored coffee.  I need my sleep. I like it quiet in the room, but a night light or reading lamp doesn’t bother me. I sleep a bit on the cold side, so like to snuggle.
  • I enjoy an occasional beer and party, but don’t like to get drunk on a regular basis or every night. Too much alcohol scares me. I also don’t do well with addictions such as gambling, drinking, hard drugs and the like.
  • I like presents and celebrating holidays (especially with food) but I often forget important dates because my mind does not do well with numbers. I would gratefully accept a prompt to remember those important events because I really strive to please my partner.
  • Christmas is for kids mostly. I don’t usually put up a tree for me. I do it for others. I can be fairly flexible with traditions and go with the flow there.
  • I like bold, bright colors (except purple.) I really don’t relate to pink or pastels, but neutral colors are OK. I just love the 70’s colors.
  • I like most music with the exception of country western which depresses me. I play the violin occasionally, but don’t like dancing.
  • I’ve come to terms with God. I’m not a religious fanatic and would not be attracted to anyone who is, but I encompass many paths to God and am open to most ways of worshipping. I have a bit of a hard time with religions that do not empower women.
  • I want someone who is self-assured, has their own transportation, can be independent and self-supporting to some extent. I would be happy with a 50-50 split of duties in regards to housekeeping, but if the woman were to have a job out of the home that was somewhat demanding with a good salary, I could embrace the role reversal concept and be a stay-at-home dad and be in charge of all the household duties if that need arose.
  • I like kissing, cuddling, snuggling and just spending time with and being with my partner. Public displays of affection would, however, be a stretch for me although holding hands is a go. I can be flexible with birth control methods, but do not have any sexually transmitted diseases, so do not want to get into a relationship with someone who has them. I love sex and believe I will be sexual my entire life. I also love women and the clothes they wear. I’ve been known to occasionally dress up in women’s clothing. I also have my tongue pierced.
  • I appreciate a clean and good smelling body, but perfumes and lotions are offensive to me. I have an excellent but super-sensitive sense of smell.
  • I put the cap on the toothpaste and the toilet seat down after I use it. I’m kind of private in the bathroom and would appreciate that in a woman as well.
  • I have started a retirement fund and do have some long-term goals, but money is not of extreme importance to me. It’s more important for me and my partner to be happy. I’m a happy person and have a happy outlook most of the time—especially when I’m doing the things I love to do.
  • I currently have a full-time, steady job which I love and am committed to. I also work part-time as a disc jockey. I’m a bit of an entrepreneur. My buddy and I have been selling a few things on EBAY to bring in some extra money. I love my job and am not willing to relocate at this time. I have family here and love and am very close to my grandparents (who raised me.)
  • If I had gobs of money right now, I would purchase a small ranch in the Lewis-Clark Valley region and have a housekeeper come in occasionally. In the future I may take more schooling in Business Management and would like to get a Minor in Communication. I believe in advancing both education and character, but would prefer to do these things with enough time to advance and nurture a loving, lasting relationship at the same time. A balance of time spent on our relationship is a must.

Seeking a woman with these physical and personality/lifestyle characteristics:

  • Shorter than 6 feet tall
  • Slender to medium build
  • Preferably with red hair and green eyes
  • Age range: 21-30 years old
  • Has good hygiene habits, shaves her armpits and legs
  • Does not wear perfumes or strong-smelling substances
  • Has no offensive addictions that would stress out a relationship
  • If free of all sexually transmitted diseases
  • Has a mouth that turns up at the corners (is optimistic)
  • Has long legs—longer than her torso (built to sit and is not that athletic)
  • A nose that angles up a little (is trusting and has a good believable reputation), is slightly large (good with money), has flared nostrils (high self-reliance)
  • Big lips (likes sex)
  • Eye spacing is not too close (not too perfectionistic) but not too wide apart either
  • Is a Blood Type O (it’s easier to cook for each other that way)
  • Has rounded outer ears (appreciates music)
  • Low-set eyebrows (likable and likes people—is not critical)
  • Wants a long term relationship
  • Loves animals of all kinds, especially dogs
  • Wants children
  • Is a High School graduate or above
  • Is Monogamous and honest
  • Wants a home of her own and is willing to work towards that goal financially
  • Enjoys the Lewis-Clark area and wants to stay here
  • Has some cooking ability or is open to working on that
  • Likes to try new foods
  • Loves to talk and communicate and work through issues verbally if necessary
  • Is fairly neat and tidy, but not anal about it
  • Loves sex and being close
  • Is open-minded
  • Likes TV, Movies, and Music
  • Likes to take short trips
  • Enjoys family and building better relationships
  • Is somewhat independent and self-supporting
  • Is good with a checkbook and has a balanced attitude towards money

5/5/10 Note: James found a wonderful woman and is now a father as of last year. Keep going for what you really really want as dreams really do come true.

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