Michael and I love the Redbor and Winterbor varieties best. I noticed that insects in our no-spray gardens don’t seem to recognize the red plants as quickly so leave them alone—so Redbor is my all-time favorite. Other varieties include Dinosaur (Lacinato or Tuscan), ornamental (Salad Savoy) and Red Winter (Russian Red) kale. The Red Winter variety attracted more aphids than the green Winterbor varieties this year.

Coumadin and Vitamin K Foods

Can you eat greens while on Coumadin? The trick is to be consistent with what you eat and if you can’t eat a salad or greens every day then you must accommodate with an appropriate dose of natural blood thinning agents. My suggestion would be to always use high quality and, if possible, Standardized products (Nature’s Way brand makes a standardized dose of Gingko biloba and Horse Chestnut). And watch for symptoms of overdose on the blood thinning agents.