Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS

It’s most annoying to people who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for people spraying herbicides and pesticides who ignore ‘No Spray’ signs posted outside of the client’s property. These sensitive people end up having to stay inside their house because they are in agony and can’t get out of bed for a few days. The lucky ones get out of town for a few days to a pre-established “safe house” usually of a friend or an understanding family member. The offenders are not knocking on the MCS person’s door to check out the results of their ‘experiment’. They just assume they can spray whenever they want and not take responsibility for their actions. As one of my patients aptly put it. . .“If only the person spraying could spend just ONE day in my body and feel what I’m feeling after they spray. Maybe they would understand.”

Food Allergies

Food allergy responses affect all the organ systems of the body and can include specific symptoms. Food allergies symptoms include itchy eyes, mouth tingling, itchy gums, swollen lips, blood blisters under the tongue, blurred vision, dizziness, digestive cramping, hives, hemorrhoids, asthma, chest pain, nose bleeds, runny nose, dry or tight throat, hoarseness, hives, swelling, fever, coughing, wheezing, breathing problems (including asthma and the life-threatening anaphylaxis), vomiting, diarrhea, headache, loss of consciousness and irregular heartbeats or a raise or lowering of the blood pressure or pulse just to name a few.

Facial Twitch

Facial Twitch: You know. . .every time I do something long distance like that I am so amazed at what the power of mind and intention will do! It utterly blows me away! And when two people are working on it at the same time, that is extra nice. So glad you felt it. There are lots of supplements out there for nerves and nervous ticks but the ones we tested your body for are the only ones it wants at this time so until we meet again. . .But then of course you may not need them by that time! Good for you on the chiropractor referral but if you still need me in two weeks you let me know.


        Isospora—Isospora is a member of the Coccidia subclass in the family Eimeria , which also includes other medically important organisms such as Plasmodium species, Toxoplasma gondii, Cryptosporidium species, and Cyclospora species. Isospora belli can be...

Morgellon’s Disease

Apparently the entomologists have been seeing the most cases of this Morgellon’s syndrome. They’ve spend a lot of time as a group trying to help people with this disease and even speak about it at their conventions. The conclusion (much to the relief of the entomologist I talked to for about an hour) was that they should send these people back to their doctors, that they can’t do anything about it and are wasting their time, that some people actually DO have parasites on their bodies (this entomologist found a cockroach egg in the samples I brought to him which I almost had to force on him to take a look at under his microscope). He did share with me that there was a medical doctor who had received a grant to study this disease but he couldn’t remember her name

Tapeworm-Taenea saginata

The beef tapeworm Taenea saginata can be up to 12 feet in length (see picture on the right) once it reaches adult stage. Here’s how this works: A cow or pig eats vegetation infected with the egg or proglottids (a piece of the tapeworm). One of the immature stages of the tapeworm embeds and migrates through the tissues of the animal. A human comes along and eats the undercooked or raw meat and the immature parasite matures in the intestinal tract of the human.