Itchy Ears in Pets

If your animal is shaking its head, scratching at one ear, or has gotten an attitude problem recently (especially when you are rubbing their head), PLEASE have the ear canal checked by your local veterinarian. Grass awns (also called foxtails) can easily penetrate the...

Lemon Rind to Smoothies

Lemon Rind to Smoothies: Adding 1/3 Lemon with the rind to your morning smoothie will cut the bitter green taste of the veggies. Lemon peel also contains rutin (a Vitamin C) that will help to make the blood vessels stronger so that it cuts down on bruising (an issue...

Building the Habits of Health

Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Life: Building the habits of health Even in times of dearth there are things you can do to step closer to your health goals by: Choosing to believe in the process even when you think your program is not working (law of attraction) Doing...

Color Blindness Correction

Are you color blind? Well, if you haven’t heard, there’s a new game in town to help you see the red and green colors as everyone else sees them. In the United States alone, 8-12% of all men and 1% of all women are color blind. Enchroma glasses work by shielding your...

Food Poisoning and ACV

Food Poisoning and ACV Hi Denice. I’m experiencing some lower GI distress. Wondering if I picked up a bacteria, a virus or am just dealing with nerves/emotional exhaustion or kundalini symptoms. So much deep wound healing going on lately! Anyway, wanting to know if...

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