2023 MasterMind for Healers

2023 Mastermind for Healers: Develop Your Healing Business Using Successful Business Models with LIVE Interactions from Seasoned Healers; Eliminate Competition by Attracting Clients That Love and Value What You Do. Here’s what we will be focusing on. . .

Workshop-Double Chamber Cob Oven

A cob oven is affordable, fireproof, inexpensive, beautiful and sustainable. You can build them yourself, incorporating unlimited creative hand-formed durable shapes. A popular backyard project made of earthen clay, sand and straw, these ovens can be built in a day or two. They burn scrap wood and can bake all day starting with pizza then moving to bread, roasts, stews and ending up with drying fruits/veggies and herbs or making a batch of yogurt. Erica says they make heavenly scones as well! We’re looking forward to trying that. This workshop course for our double camber cob oven will cover: •A lecture/demonstration on Fire Science
•Planning the cob oven •Designing the cob oven Constructing and installing a double chamber cob oven (the base will be in place before the workshop) •Building a sand mold for the double chamber cob oven
•Mixing and testing cob (monolithic adobe) and earthen plaster •Applying three layers of cob onto the sand mold

Usui Reiki Class

Dr. Moffat is a Nationally Board Certified Naturopath, Medical Intuitive and Veterinarian. She has been teaching Reiki for 14 yrs. and is a Karuna Reiki Master. She has attuned over 85 students over the years.