NHT News Vol. 14 No. 1 March, 2018

In This Issue: From the Desk of Dr. Moffat: Any Silva Intuition Method Grads out there? Health in the News: Damaged Fingernails and Health What’s New on the Website? Posted my Permaculture Design Exercise (a 2-winter project finally completed) Case of the Month: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) Product of the Month: Extra Virgin Olive Oil an Interview with RoseAnne at Ruccello Oil Ask Dr. Moffat: Traveler’s Diarrhea in Dogs Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Life: Computer burns Client Testimonials: Kudos and Thanks for your support! Healthy Recipes: Stewed Mutton (We love this) Inspiration & Perspective: Moving forward in anticipation with Abraham

List of Contact Lenses

So what are the best contact lenses for your eyes (if you wear them that is). Here is a list I use for testing purposes. Contact Lens Types Acuvue 1 Day Acuvue 1–day Trial Acuvue 2 Acuvue 2 Colours Acuvue 30 Day Acuvue 90–day Acuvue Advance Acuvue Bifocal Acuvue...

Working with the Seasons on the Farm

Cycles/Seasons of the year:
Over the years we’ve figured out that there are optimal times to be most effective and times when you’re just wasting extra time doing things “out of season” for example, “Post Hole Digging Season” starts around mid-April and extends to mid-June. During this time it takes me about 6 minutes to dig a 34 inch post hole unless I hit a few rocks. If you dig outside this time–soon and the ground is too wet so the mud sticks to the post hole digger tool and it takes too long to get the muck off. If you dig after the optimal time, it takes about 30-40 minutes to dig a post hole. What a waste of time. We need to keep within our cycles to make best use of our hours. Here are some of the cycles we try to comply to:

NHT News Vol. 13 No. 4 Nov. 2, 2017

In This Issue: 7th Annual Black Friday Special postcards are going out. Updated List of Fish/Seafood and the Black Friday Special page. Gymnema for Sugar Cravings. Prayer Therapy, Coconut oil causing dry skin and acne. Effectiveness of Reiki. Cob Oven so far. Nut orchard going in. •Local Events: Pumpkin Bashing at the Moscow Co-op