Cell Salts

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Schuessler Cell Salts

Dr. Schuessler observed that the human body, when reduced to ashes contained only 12 minerals in the form of cell salts. His research, eventually called the Schuessler’s Biochemic Theory, integrates the knowledge of the human body’s cellular structure and the use of mineral salts, or cell salts as a system of medicine to fortify or energize the individual cells of the body.

These cell salts are vital nutritional elements of the cell and lacking any one or more of these minerals will prevent the cells from up taking the proper nutrients supplied by digestion and the blood. This imbalances the body chemistry opening it up to the diseased state.

Each cell is made up of three classes of materials: water, organic materials which include sugars and fats, and inorganic matter (minerals). Even though water and organic matter make up a greater portion of living cells, inorganic matter is vitally important in many biochemical functions within the body. Actually, the creation of new cells depends on the presence of minerals. And mineral deficiencies inhibit the proper functioning of living cells. This is where cell salts can be effective in the healing process.

Cell salts, also called mineral salts or tissue salts, are in homeopathic doses which means that the mineral salt is diluted so many times it contains only the vibrational frequency of the original product. In homeopathy we find that the more dilute the substance, the more powerful effect it has on the body. Weird, huh?

An X after a number means it has been diluted one part product to 9 parts sugar or some other substance. So 2X means one part of the 1X has been diluted with 9 parts sugar (actually 1/100 of the original dose) and so on. You can see that a 30X product would be diluted so much that there would be nothing left of the original substance.

Cell salts are in ionic form–very digestible. By putting the cell salts substance under your tongue it bypasses the digestive juices and goes directly into your bloodstream in this ionic form. The cells recognize this form as useable and immediately suck it into the cellular membrane. Once enough of the cell salts have been accepted and the body is balanced, an intake of more cell salts will do us no harm and be excreted from the system. This is not like an herb, drug or nutritional supplement where the body has to expend energy to rid the body of the excess.

Cell salts doses available to you in the health food stores are usually 6X to 30X dilution. I used the Hyland’s Brand (https://www.hylands.com).  Muscle test which ones you need and in what amounts. If you muscle test that you need over 9 tablets, it is recommended that you dissolve cell salts in about 4 oz. of water and sip this solution every 15-30 minutes until gone. The 6X to 12X doses are used for less acute cases. The tablets can be taken every 2-3 hours and dissolved on the tongue. The stronger strengths, 30X to 200X doses are for chronic cases. These are taken just once daily and usually dispensed by a homeopathic practitioner.

There are 12 Cells Salts contained within the human body:

#1 Cell Salts–Calcarea Fluorica (Fluoride of Lime)–

Calc. Fluor. is found in enamel of bones and teeth, elastic fibers of the skin, connective tissue and in the blood vessels. It is used for bony tumors; sluggish circulation; cracks in the skin, loss of elasticity; rough, loose and sensitive teeth; delayed dentition; relaxation of tissues and blood vessels causing in flabby flesh; varicose veins; hemorrhoids and displacements of organs. 

#2 Cell Salts–Calcarea Phosphorica (Phosphate of Lime)–

Calc. Phos. is found in fertile soil, new blood cells, bone, gastric juices and dentin of teeth. It is used for growth problems; broken bones; cramps; spasms; numbness; cold feelings in the body and head; sluggish circulation; susceptibility to colds and mucous; spinal curvature; sore breasts; chronic tonsillitis; cracks in the skin and night sweats. 

#3 Cell Salts–Calcarea Sulphurica (Sulphate of lime)–

Calc. Sulph. In nature occurs as gypsum, alabaster, selenite or commercially known as “plaster of Paris”. Present in connective tissue and in liver cells. Used for cellular regeneration; infection due to pus; pimples, sore throats, colds, pancreatic, liver and kidney disturbances; frontal headaches with nausea; excessive sensitivity of nerves as well as cravings for fruit and acids. 

#4 Cell Salts–Ferrum Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Iron)–

Ferrum Phos. is found in all cells of the body but primarily in the hemoglobin of red blood cells and in the muscle cells of the blood and lymph vessels and in hair cells. Used for acute phases of disease. Increases body development; regulates the bowels; improves the appetite and relieves debility and listlessness. Also used in vomiting of food and blood; nosebleeds; teething fever; inflamed hemorrhoids; retention of urine in children; excessive menses; congestion, inflammatory pain in general, high temperatures, increased heart rates, insomnia and congestive headaches. 

#5 Cell Salts–Kali Muriaticum (Potassium Chloride)–

Kali Mur. has a special affinity for fibrin and is useful in diseases causing blisters. Indicated in all inflammatory or catarrhal conditions such as chickenpox, measles, burns and scalds, leucorrhea (white blood cells flowing out of the system via diarrhea), jaundice, acne and asthma. It is also used for sluggish conditions, sore throat, white colored tongue, light colored stools, coughs and colds.

#6 Cell Salts–Kali Phosphoricum (Potassium phosphate)–

Kali Phos. is in all cells, especially the gray matter of the brain , nerves, muscles, blood cells and plasma. All oxidation processes use this. The exchange of gasses in respiration and breakdown of fatty tissue depends on it. It is natures’ great “antiseptic” hindering decay in the organism. A remedy for offensive secretions and excretions, for nerve depression or excitement, sexual impotence, nervous headaches, lack of pep, ill humor, skin ailments, occasional sleeplessness, timidity, tantrums, loss of nerve and mental power or after great mental and bodily strain, and for nervous giddiness and squinting. 

#7 Cell Salts–Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium sulphate)–

Kali Sulph. is found in epidermis and epithelial cells. Carries oxygen to the cells. Used for hot flashes; chills; weariness; heaviness; giddiness; boxed in feelings; stomach catarrh; inflammatory conditions; eruptions of the skin; shifting pains; palpitations; anxiety; fear; sadness; toothaches; headaches and pains in limbs that tend to increase indoors especially in warm and close rooms or in the warm air of the summer; yellow/slimy catarrhal discharges; dandruff; psoriasis and diseases of the nails (rough or ribbed). 

#8 Cell Salts–Magnesia Phosphorica (Magnesium phosphate)–

Mag. Phos. is contained in beer and cereals. Note a craving for beer may mean a deficiency of Mag. Phos. It is a constituent of bone, teeth, white matter of brain tissue, nerve, muscle and blood cells. Used for headaches with darting stabs of pain, muscular twitching, rheumatic pains, throat spasms, muscle cramps, hiccoughs, squinting, teething, hypertrophy of the prostate gland, colic, asthma, spasmodic palpitation of the heart, spasmodic yawning, menstrual pain, stomach cramps, flatulence, neuralgia, sciatica, insomnia from brain exhaustion and in profuse sweating. 

#9 Cell Salts–Natrum Muriaticum (Sodium Chloride)–

Nat. Mur. is a constituent of every liquid and solid in the body. A salt craving is indicative of deficiency, but the molecules of table salt are so big they cannot attach to the cells. It is the most important cell salt of the body as all the other cells are dependent on it for their distribution. Used for delirium tremors, eyestrain, vomiting of watery mucous, hay fever, low spirits, heartburn, toothaches, craving for salt and salty foods, weak eyes, either excess of heavy sleep or insomnia, falling hair, early morning headaches, headaches with constipation, chronic constipation due to dehydration, rapid pulse intermittent with palpitation, hangnails, cracked finger tips, numbness of the hands and feet and greasy skin. 

#10 Cell Salts–Natrum Phosphoricum (Sodium Phosphate)–

Nat. Phos. is found in blood, muscles, nerves and brain cells and in intracellular fluid. Converts lactic acid into its byproducts. Used for gout, stiffness, swollen joints, lumbago, inflammatory rheumatism, high cholesterol, acid blood, headaches on top of the head, sour breath, pain over and inside the eyeballs, red blotched tongue coated yellow at the root, nausea, loss of appetite and habitual constipation.

#11 Cell Salts–Natrum Sulphuricum ( Sodium sulphate)–

Nat. Sulph. is found in the intercellular fluids (the fluid between each cell). Draws water out of the cells helping them to breakdown to be recycled. Used for influenza, humid asthma, malaria, liver ailments, vesicular eruptions containing serum, herpes, twitching of hands and feet, constipation, liver and kidney disorders, gallbladder troubles, earache, burning in nose and mouth, brownish green coating of the tongue, bitter taste in the mouth, enlarged prostate and awakening at night with asthma attacks. 

#12 Cell Salts–Silicea (Silicic acid or silica)–

Silicea is found in connective tissue and in the brain. Found in bran, egg whites, hair, nails, epidermis, and in connective tissue. Used for fatigue, greater mental than physical strength, over- sensitivity to noises, absentmindedness, crankiness, headaches from nape of neck to top of head settling in one eye, nausea, nervous exhaustion, falling hair, sties, floating spots before eyes, red tip of nose, violent sneezing, thickening of nasal mucus membranes with congestion, intensely painful hemorrhoids, large abdomen in children, uric acid deposits in urine, smelly feet and armpits, pus formation, boils, tonsillitis, stomach pains, brittle / ribbed nails with white spots and weak ankles. 


Bioplasma is a combination of all the cell salts. Most people don’t really need this.

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