From Goal Setting to Life Purpose and finding out what drives you. Everyone needs a little encouragement and direction sometimes. Actually, I feel the most important thing in our life is to do the gifts we were programmed in our DNA by God to do and to build relationships. The busy work we do at the other times of our life is just that. . . Busy work! Making money so that we can survive and pay our bills is necessary, but why not make money and get OUT of survival mode by doing what we LOVE to do? 

Here’s a rundown on the handouts in this section. Use them and share them. Let’s make our world a better place! Namaste. Denice 

2007 Accomplishments: I know, most of you don’t like making New Year’s Resolutions because you can’t keep them. But, have you ever just CELEBRATED what you have accomplished the previous year? We do. Every year we have a mocha at Starbucks and grab our appointment books and calendars and make our accomplishment lists. 

Action Plan: For chronic or recurring problems this handout may help you to focus. For my clients, I muscle test the priority. 

Affirmations: When clients call and schedule a reading I ask your guides and angels if you need a personalized affirmation. If the answer is affirmative I build an affirmation for you, identify the order in which it should be said and test how many times/day you will need to say it to make a difference in your life. 

Attracting Perfect Customers: Most of us know what we DON’T want in a customer, but wouldn’t it be more effective to know what we DO want? Also, how much we are willing to give to the people who we love and to who help us pay our bills…and even the sales people we associate with. 

Brian Tracy Delegating/Communicating: These are notes from a Brian Tracy tape I ordered from Nightingale-Conant which discusses 19 reasons for failing in the delegating and communicating areas. 

Brian Tracy Setting Priorities Notes: Easy for some, difficult for others but Brian Tracy, a self-made millionaire has got the process of setting priorities down pat. Here are the principles he follows in creating success in anything you do. 

Children and the Internet: It always made me feel uncomfortable getting those emails where you fill out your favorite everything and then forward it. Here’s one reason why… 

Culling Negative Energy: I had asked, as payment, for a percussion instrument to be brought back for me from Africa, where the client went with her church. I envisioned a large, hand-made drum. What I got was a rattle. The owner bragged how she had only paid a nickel for it. Every time I saw that rattle I “rattled” off that story. And I had that rattle several years! One day it dawned on me that I had effectively cleaned my environment of everything having to do with any negative emotion except that rattle. When a client picked the rattle up. . . 

Do You Want To Live?: Men resist this exercise and often feel anger and resistance in doing it. When queried, “Did you do the exercise?” many of them will not have completed the process at home. Women often can’t get through the sentence the six times it takes to do the exercise. They start to cry (and they act so surprised that tears are coming out.) 

Face Reading: Michael L. Robison combines face reading with personology and life purpose coaching. Michael’s gift is to help people live more prosperous, fulfilled and happy lives doing what they were meant to do. 

Face Reading Form: We’ll need to know some details about you to do a reading. Here’s the place to put in your mug shot and send us your payment information for this very detailed report that we think you’ll love. 

Getting Clarity (A Woman for James): It always made me feel uncomfortable getting those This was an exercise I helped a friend with in manifesting a woman. It’s a great example of getting very specific on what you want. Because if you can do that, the Universe will align your wishes a lot faster. Hope you find benefit from this information. 

Goal Setting: Goal setting is actually a part of finding your Life Purpose, because if your goals are not aligned with your Life Purpose… 

Help! Life is Happening to Me! : Four days after we moved, my husband took off.  He left without anything. . ..the clothes on his back and a paycheck.  I was concerned about suicide as he has been very depressed and his family has a history of suicide.  I eventually found him. . ..he went back to the state we were living previously to his old job that he hated, saying that was all he had (he has pushed everyone away. . ..families, friends, etc.).  He said I was better off without him and had a chance to start a new life that he couldn’t screw up, etc., etc.  As if moving wasn’t stressful enough! 

Juice Fast Blog: Ever wonder what you’d experience if you undertook a 40-day Juice Fast? Well, here are my notes on the experience. My husband Michael’s comments are in purple. I hope it entices you to try it because it’s definitely worth it.  

Juice Fast Musings: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this whole Juice Fasting experience and have come to some 20 conclusions about doing a 40-day fast . . . 

Life Purpose: We each have a special and unique purpose for our lives chosen before we were born. We need to learn how to access that information. Here is an exercise that will enlighten you and a fabulous picture of my husband partaking in his life purpose–PUMPKIN growing. 

List of Affirmations: When clients call and schedule a reading I ask your guides and angels if they need a personalized affirmation. If the answer is affirmative, I build an affirmation for them, identify the order in which is should be said and test how many times/day they will need to say it to make a difference in their lives. 

Master Mind Groups: The purpose of a Master Mind group is to get 4-10 like-minded, positive, proactive people together who want to make a difference in their lives and other people’s lives using the power of prayer. 

Master Your Time: One of the ways I learn is to take notes. These are some notes I took while listening to one of my favorite self-made millionaires, Brian Tracy. 

Moving Away Values: Now you have really crossed the line…I quit! There is a reason for this type of action. It’s because the person you are associating with is not in alignment with your morals and values. You try to distance yourself as fast as you can… 

Moving Toward Values: Do you understand why you are drawn to certain people and want to nourish the relationship? It’s because they are in alignment with your morals and values. It gives you energy just to be around them… 

My Perfect Client (See Attracting Perfect Customers above.) 

Positive Affirmations: The subconscious mind does not have a sense of humor. One of the ways you can enhance your chances of living a healthier, happier, more prosperous, fulfilled life is by repeating positive statements, known as affirmations. Written by my husband, Michael Robison. 

Relationships Exercise: It’s the first 6 months of your relationship. You believe you’ve found your soul mate. Everything is going great, but you are committed to keeping it that way. How do you do that? Here’s one way… 

Things We Say That Cause Disease: Question: I’ve recently heard that we create certain health problems with what we say and think, is this really true? Can you give me some examples? Answer: It is absolutely true. Where the concentration goes, the energy flows. If you think more negative thoughts about what is happening to you and your body than positive ones, the negative ones win! For example, I had a client who once used the metaphor, “Let’s go eat our Saturday triple-bypass breakfast.” That is exactly what he manifested within a year. 

To Buy Files: How do you know when you’ve picked the perfect gift? Do you wait for a smile? A romantic inflection of the voice? A warm hug, and a big thank you? Isn’t that the ultimate goal? To please the people you love the most? What if there was a way to always pick the perfect gift? Well, there is… 

Transform Your Life: One day, in about 1995 I woke up and said, “Darn…I’m still here.” That was the beginning of my journey. This is what I did…