Holographic Organs

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Replacing Holographic Organs*

*(Another “Wild and Wooey” Technique)

*You will need to know the process of Muscle-testing to complete this technique.

1. Ask, “Are there any Holographic organs that need to be replaced?” Yes/No If the answer is yes; the easiest way to find the organ is to scan the body. You can narrow down your search by asking:

2. “Is the organ in the thoracic cavity?” Yes/No “Is the organ in the abdominal cavity?” Yes/No

3. “Is the organ on the left side of the body?” Yes/No “On the right side?” Yes/No

4. Now start narrowing your search through muscle testing directly on the body. If you don’t know correct anatomical placement of the organs, there are basic anatomy pictures on the back of this sheet. You can also ask questions about individual organs such as, “Is the liver displaced? The bladder? The right kidney?” and so forth.

5. Once you have determined which organ is energetically displaced you want to determine how it is displaced. Ask:

“Is it displaced in the front of the body?” Yes/No

  • “Is it displaced behind the body?” Yes/No
  • “Is it rotated to the left?” Yes/No
  • “Is it rotated to the right?” Yes/No
  • “Is it tilted forward?” Yes/No
  • “Is it tilted backward? Yes/No

6.  Then ask, “How far out of the body is the organ displaced?” For this you must test inch by inch until your fingers come apart starting with touching the body over the displaced organ then moving away from the body as you muscle test. It will usually be from 1-6 feet out of the body. I’ve noticed most organ displacements are situated in front of the body so the patient/client usually lies on their back.

7. Once you have determined the details, with focused intention gently guide the energy of the displacement back into the body’s plane.

8. Next, either visualizing or by manipulation, torque or push the organ into its proper placement. 

Note: This is one of those techniques you can’t totally explain that seems “far out” to me, but it can be so effective. I have to admit it flat out works, so I just accept it for the gem it is.

The technique was modified from an Ener-Chi Technique, and a Sacro–Occipital Technique taught at professional seminars. My personal experience with it was through an adjustment over the phone! I actually felt the organ move inside me as the practitioner visualized the manipulation. Now that’s focused intention!

Helpful Links and References for Replacing Holographic Organs: (Updated 3/4/23)