Muscle Testing, Many Uses of

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The Many Uses of Muscle Testing

and how to make the process as accurate as you can

Over the years I have answered many, many questions about muscle testing, how muscle testing is used, how to make muscle testing more accurate, how people misuse it, and what things to pay attention to. This is a culmination of all those questions. Some people (like young children) pick this up and go with it yet others (usually adults) don’t have the confidence that it takes to use and rely on the muscle testing technique.

For how to do the technique itself, go to my muscle testing handout at:

Before using muscle testing, meditate or pray to be a clear channel and leave your ego out of the answers!

Dr. Denice Moffat tests during a medical intuitive consult

Denice Moffat, medical intuitive muscle tests products for a client.

How to get better answers from your muscle testing

These are some of the muscle testing questions I’ve asked over the years:


  • Do I have permission to ask this question?
  • Is this something I should let go of or participate in? (Wu Wei?)
  • Is this for me to become involved in?
  • Can I share this information?
  • Am I asking the right question?
  • Do I need to ask anything else?
  • Is this the best choice for my life purpose or soul’s progress?
  • Is this the best choice for all concerned?
  • Will there be any negative repercussions from following this guidance?
  • Is there anything else I should be asking?
  • Should I get a second opinion?
  • Is this reasonable and in alignment with my morals and values?

Ask yes or no questions—be clear and present when asking.

Ask only one question at a time.

Muscle test amounts of things.

In Healing Work I use muscle testing for:

  • Doing body scans for disrupted energy
  • Testing for vanishing twins (if there is one and if it is a male or female and the age they decided to depart in utero.)
  • To determine which disease is most plausible from a list of rule outs
  • Doing chiropractic adjustments
  • To determine the best treatments/healers for you
  • For emotional clearing work
  • Asking when to take certain supplements for best results
  • Determining which energetic fields are disrupted
  • Deciding which herbs to use
  • Testing for viral or bacterial drops
  • Asking whether a treatment is causing a healing crisis or if the body is experiencing something other than healing
  • Determining the percentage involvement of the different layers of disease
  • To ask which flower essences to combine for relaxation, immune building, serenity, etc.
  • To determine which emotions you have harbored over the years that cause you to keep smoking
  • What herbs/supplements to take and how much
  • Which crystals to choose
  • To determine how the crystals heal the body’s abnormal vibrations
  • Where to place the crystals for optimal healing
  • Asking how many days you need to fast and if it should be juice, water only, or with other foods and with or without supplements

Using Muscle Testing for Allergy testing:

  • What side effects are being caused by a particular drug? The body’s need for a substance will always override an allergy to the substance. You need to ask if any of your supplements are causing harmful side-effects. Some side effects are not harmful.
  • What grasses, bulbs, trees or pollens you are allergic to?

Miscellaneous Uses for Muscle Testing:

  • Testing who is visiting from the other side
  • Which clothes to wear for best health or to look the best in an interview
  • Testing the vibration of the speaker, group (Dr. David Hawkins work)
  • Backtracking the core cause of death
  • What part of the world to move to
  • Which gifts to pick for someone
  • Which card someone would like for their birthday

Muscle Testing for Organizing Things:

  • Prioritizing tasks to do each day and how much time to spend on each task
  • Writing a poem
  • Which sentences/topics to discuss and in which order

Muscle Testing in Pet Health:

  • Which foods to feed your pet and how much/day
  • How to name a pet–which name does the pet like best?
  • What is the best antibiotic to send home with a pet. Which one will work (especially if they can’t do a culture and sensitivity.)
  • Asking pets at the shelter what they would like for a home (kids, adults, pets, and environment)
  • Which foods to create a raw diet from and the amounts/batch
  • Asking if a pet would like a companion and, if so, what species, kind, size and age

Muscle Testing and Foods:

  • What emotions trigger you to eat certain foods (like chocolate)
  • Which spaghetti sauce to use
  • Power foods
  • Testing what foods you are allergic to or which ingredients
  • Testing which calcium supplement to take (Of the choices, is this the best one for me?)
  • Ask what foods are good for you

For Spiritual Issues:

  • Number of past lives
  • Number of lifetimes you have spent with someone
  • Tracking past lives. Where you were, what you were doing, which year did you die and how did you die, etc
  • Asking whether someone is in your soul-pod or not
  • Which prayer to use for special occasions
  • Tracking down the spiritual lessons to focus on with a person. All other lessons are just a distraction
  • Tapping into the Akashic records

In Helping with Environmental Issues:

  • Clearing/finding energy vortexes in a house
  • Dowsing to find water, minerals, vortexes

Muscle Testing for Books:

  • Testing the % truth of a book or chapter
  • Testing the truthfulness of a newspaper article, theory, or paper
  • Which books to purchase
  • Writing and organizing a book like I Am a Miracle. Putting the stories in the right order, asking if the chapter is complete, prioritizing the sentences in the introductory paragraph

In Plant Healing:

  • Figuring out where to plant plants in your yard and asking where the plants want to go
  • When to water your plant
  • Talking to plants-Asking what they want to be healthier (more sun, water, soil, micronutrients, fertilizer, drafts, etc.)

Helpful Links and References for muscle testing: