How to Choose a Juicer

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How to Choose the Right Juicer For Your Needs

By Dr. Denice Moffat

What to look for in a Juicer:

There are a number of important factors that will influence your decision in purchasing a juicer. The importance of these factors will vary depending on your individual needs. For example—for some, the cost of a juicer may be the most important thing. For others the time taken to prepare the juice and clean up may be a more important.

What do you want to juice? If you are only juicing citrus fruits, you can get a citrus juicer. If you want to do wheatgrass, you will need a juicer that does a good job of this. For regular juice fasting, you will want something that is heavy-duty enough to juice the variety of fruits and vegetables that you will want to experience. My Braun juicer will not juice broccoli, asparagus or coconut very effectively. You can still get the benefits of the harder vegetables by making the Potassium Broth with them.

How easy is the juicer to use and to clean up? You won’t want to use it if you can’t just pop it apart and clean it easily.

How big is the hopper or opening? The bigger the opening, the faster you can get the juicing done.

How much heat does the juicer produce? If so, you will be destroying some very nutritious enzymes.

Does the juicer give a high juice yield and leave the pulp dry to get the best use of the produce? The cost of the juicer may be cheap, but if it leaves lots of juice with the pulp, you will be paying extra in the long run for all the extra produce you have to purchase.

Is the machine strong enough for your needs? If you are only going to juice occasionally, you can probably get by with a cheaper juicer. If you are really into it, you will want a motor that will last. Cheap juicers also may have short warranties and parts that break easily.

How loud is that bugger anyway? Some are definitely louder than others.

You will have to research and pick a juicer that you can both afford and that will fit your lifestyle and needs.

Champion Juicers are an excellent choice if you can afford one. They run $200-350.00.

The Vitamix juicer makes juice, soup, gelés and all kinds of neat stuff.

We have a $110 Braun juicer and we love it. I bought a back up juicer at a yard sale–same brand and it had looked like it had never been used for $10 just in case this one breaks down for now. I’ve toasted two juicers in my life trying to nourish an iguana back to health by juicing broccoli and asparagus, so I don’t put those through my Braun. I also cut really tough rinds off pineapple and melon fruits before I juice them and I pull off the stems of the fruit. Often you can pick up a good used juicer at a thrift store. People use them for awhile or purchase one for use as a cancer therapy but well. . .too little, too late!

We used our Braun for a 40-day juice fast this last summer which really put it to the test and we were very impressed. It works for us. We hope you find one that works for you!

Braun Juicer

The Braun Juicer.

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