How to Fill Capsules with Herbs

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Learn All the Tricks and Tips on How to Fill Capsules With Ease.

Dr. Denice Moffat  demonstrates how to fill capsules  two ways including suggestions on how to make the capsules fairly standardized.

Link to the video on how to fill capsules:

I fill herbal capsules when I have a custom formula I want to send home, or I let my clients fill their own and just sell them the bulk herb and some gel or vegicaps.

There are two ways to fill capsules with herbs that work for me.

1) You can fill capsules with herbs one by one. This video shows you the tips and trick on how to do that and it works just fine, especially if you only have a month or two of the custom formula to take. You don’t need fancy equipment for this method.

2) Method # 2 used to fill capsules with herbs involves purchasing a small plastic apparatus called the Cap M’ Quik machine. I like this neat little do-hicky. You can fill 50 capsules at a time fairly easily, but there are some tricks to using this thing which I’ll show you as well.

The most important things are to keep your herbs stored in a dark, cool place and when you handle them, do it with a happy countenance as you are instilling that energy into the formulas as you fill your herbal capsules which ultimately affects your healing as well.

Helpful Links and References for how to fill capsules with herbs:

If you have any additional tips on how to fill capsules please let us know. I’ll post them on the site.  Thanks!