Mary Morrissey Quotes

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Mary Morrissey Quotes:

Jesus said: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” You are invited to experience that abundant life. You came into the world to bear witness to the glory of the One who indwells you. As you sit poised at the dawn of a new year, pledge to truly begin anew, to break free of the patterns that diminish you and embark on a deeper, more meaningful journey with God.    Mary Morrissey

“Just as a blade of grass will push through a crack in the cement, growing toward the light, we too are being pulled toward a fuller expression of ourselves. That pull, or calling, comes in many forms: in a dream, through a yearning, or from a desire to be released from an experience that has hemmed us in. How are you being called to greater aliveness?”      Mary Morrissey

“In Jeremiah, we read: I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. . .God’s great plan for your life reveals itself bit by bit as you honor the Divine nudges you feel. You may feel an urge to apologize, to love your spouse more fully or to show appreciation for a friend. What are you being nudged to do today?”       Mary Morrissey

“Nobody gets through this life without facing difficulty. You lose a loved one to disease. A relationship dissolves. You get rejected at work or by someone you care about. A dream you really wanted doesn’t happen. You may ask, if God is good, then why do bad things happen? There is good beyond what any of us can see at a given moment. Part of our journey in life is to become more fully awake to our eternal nature, so that we find a measure of peace in despair, and comfort in the midst of any circumstance.”      Mary Morrissey

“Focus on the circumstantial, and problems appear to magnify. Pay attention to that which is eternal and true, and problems take on a whole new appearance. No, our difficulties may not vanish, but our experience of them changes such that we see them differently, becoming open to ideas and aware of resources unknown to us before. Where does your focus lie right now?”     Mary Morrissey

“Commit to being a presence for Love in your workplace, and you will bless others in ways you cannot yet see. As Kahlil Gibran wrote, “Work is love made visible.” At your place of work, how does Love show up as you?”   Mary Morrissey

“Consider the work you do a sacred practice. Regardless of whether you cut hair, run a household or manage a corporation, do your job with enthusiasm. Share ideas, speak positively, and raise spirits. Not only will you take greater pleasure from your work, you will be heeding your Higher occupation, which is to labor for Love”.  Mary Morrissey

“No matter the size of your paycheck, the amount is a pittance compared to the income you generate from your greater labor of making Love visible. You are embarking on a life-long career to bring joy and blessings to others. This is God’s holy work for you. In what ways will you dedicate yourself to Love as you would a chosen profession?” Mary Morrissey

“Co-creation is placing our hands in the hand of God, taking a proactive role in making our world a better place, and trusting the rest to God. Opportunity is one side of the coin; responsibility is the other. What is ours to do? Teamwork with those of like mind multiplies and circulates God’s love in the world. Boundaries let us know what is our unique work, and lets us honor others for theirs. Letting go of all that does not serve God lets us truly be our Selves and do our work.”    Mary  Morrissey’s Life Keys Tape: Five Spiritual Laws of Ancient Wisdom-Fr. Leo Booth

“You hear that your company is downsizing. The doctor gives you a negative diagnosis. Or you are rejected in love, and it hurts. In any difficult situation, we may become frightened or angry. But in the midst of that, we can also feel a sense of hope and comfort, and that comes from our relationship with God. Through that connection, panic begins to recede and we recognize ourselves as blessed and loved, regardless of circumstances. How has that comfort manifested for you?”           Mary Morrissey

“The anxiety you’re feeling ends when you stop worrying about the future. Regret, blame, and criticism dissolve as you let go of the past. Remind yourself: There is no time like the present.”      Mary Morrissey

“Jesus didn’t see Mary Magdalene as a prostitute, but as a pure being. Through His seeing, Mary was made new. We, too, can be transformed. Our shame or hurt can vanish in an instant when exposed to the presence of God, whose Love is greater than any burden we carry. The most painful way we sell ourselves is when we sell ourselves short.”       Mary Morrissey

“We may think that success is getting our bills paid or getting into the right country club. We expect that when our desire comes to pass, then everything else in our lives will naturally fall into place. Only, genuine success doesn’t hinge on a particular outcome. Having a growing, abiding experience of being in relationship with God brings us success beyond our wildest dreams. How might you alter your definition?”    Mary Morrissey

“The evidence of God is everywhere. We can find God in nature, in art, or in silence. The venue doesn’t matter so much as our resolve to seek. As we practice being with the Presence, we find that the other details of life get handled in a way that sustains us far more than what we may have achieved through sheer will or struggle.”  Mary Morrissey

“Jesus told the disciples: “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” Exercising just a seed of faith right now, what would you bring forth? Would it be a great dream? A healing? A better relationship with loved ones? The mountain that stands between you and what you desire may look daunting, but it is no match for your believing.”   Mary Morrissey

“Every one of us has access to the Source that is God because we are a son or daughter of the most high. We couldn’t even be breathing on our own. We didn’t create ourselves. We’ve been called into being. We have an access point to that Source. But if it is filmed over or clogged up by distorted thinking, we look elsewhere for something to make us feel happy and fulfilled. In your life, what might you do to re-discover your access point to God?”     Mary Morrissey

“There’s a reality television show called “Extreme Makeover,” in which someone undergoes a series of plastic surgeries, with the results dramatically revealed to friends and family. The newly enhanced are always crying, “This is the me I always knew was inside!” What a sad commentary on our society. Certainly, we all want to look our best, but we’re seduced into thinking, “If only I could change my appearance. If only my body, my face, my life, or my relationship looked different, then my life would be perfect.” The truth is, a surface fix is just that. The change we’re yearning for can only come from within. Do you spend more time on your inner faith or outward appearance?”       Mary Morrissey

“Small children love a series of books called “Where’s Waldo?” Waldo, who wears a striped shirt, is present on every single page, but the illustrations are so busy and full of other characters, it’s often a challenge even for adults to spy the title character. You’ve got to look beyond the surface. But after several books, both you and the kids become more discerning and find Waldo that much faster. Consider “Waldo” your training wheels for spiritual practice. God is always present, even when we cannot find the Presence. Every page we turn in this chapter of our lives contains God.”              Mary Morrissey

“The Presence of God is sufficient for everything we need this day. The human mind scurries into the future or dwells in the dregs of our past. But God is inviting us: “Come here. Be with Me today. Let’s go through this day together.” Will you honor God’s invitation and be here now?”   Mary Morrissey

“When we say to the Universe, to God, that we are willing to make a shift, and we say it with conviction, we can then watch with awe as our lives begin to unfold in directions and ways we could not have imagined.“    Mary Morrissey

The Lens of our own Perception quote by Mary Manin Morrissey

“If you and I attend the same movie, we will not have the same experience because the movie isn’t on the screen.  The experience of it is through the lens of our own perception, through the data bank of our history, through the framework of our belief systems.  We experience the same things differently, based on what we think is real or valuable.  Our lives can be full of glory or empty with despair.  When we choose to open our hearts to Love’s presence, we open to the magnificence of Life Itself.”  —Mary Manin Morrissey