*Medical Intuitive Consults What I Do, How I Work

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Medical Intuitive Consults–What I do, how I work

Dr. Denice Moffat Medical Intuitive

Dr. Moffat, Medical Intuitive, consulting via the telephone with a client.

What is a Naturopath and Medical Intuitive?

A naturopath is a person who utilizes any and all alternative methods of healing including but not limited to diet, reflexology, kinesiology, massage, homeopathics, acupuncture, chiropractics, drumming, herbs, exercise, glandulars, emotional release work, prayer, energy work, crystals, affirmations or whatever else it takes.

A medical intuitive is a person with psychic intuitive abilities that gets in touch with the energy fields of the body through sight (clairvoyance), sound (clairaudience), and feeling (clairsentience).

Mostly what I do is by feel. Occasionally I hear auditory input come in from my right ear (I call it my God voice or my “still small voice”) and occasionally I have been empathic (feeling the symptoms of the person by just touching them). I consider myself a facilitator of healing showing you that there are many tools out there to use in addition to traditional medicine.

Originally I didn’t start out as a medical intuitive. I really didn’t know what to call what I do. From my reading, a medical intuitive often did not really know too much about medicine and I have quite a bit of knowledge there and a few degrees in it to boot! But I didn’t want to call myself a psychic. I’ve read that psychics are at best only 45-50% accurate. I wanted and needed more accuracy than that if I was going to be called a nut by my colleagues. Oh my clients love me, don’t get me wrong, but my veterinary friends don’t really know what to do with me.

For those who have never experienced a medical intuitive exam,

I follow (at least initially) a series of steps to get a baseline reading. . .

Here is a general overview of the Medical Intuitive consultation process:

The initial medical intuitive phone consult

This takes about 90 minutes, costs $385 for your first medical intuitive consult (not including supplements which are extra and optional) and consists of tapping into the energy field of the body (human, animal, or plant) and asking what is wrong with it. I test about 250 different acupuncture points (also called Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) points, AK (Applied Kinesiology) points or TBM (Total Body Modification) points) to see where the subject weakens. These weak areas give us clues as to what the core cause of the health or emotional challenge is.

Sometimes when people use drugs or follow recommendations without really listening to their own body they are doing a “hit and miss” treatment. It’s kind of like when you were smaller and you set up a bunch of dominoes on end and knocked the first one over to see the rest of them fall. Well, when you don’t have the right treatment you are knocking over the dominoes from the center of the group and the real cause (the first domino) is still the issue for the disease and is left standing.

If you don’t knock over the first domino, the challenge never gets healed completely and you end up putting Band-Aids on it forever. We can figure this out for you with a medical intuitive consult.

Allergy and Nutritional testing:

After a history is taken we find the core issues and causes using muscle testing and medical intuition. I ask the body if there are any allergies to food chemicals, seasonal allergies, specific foods, environmental allergies, etc. I test what kinds of heavy metals may be left energetically in the body as well.

We then determine with medical intuition and muscle testing if the diet being eaten is balanced for the body in regards to vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, essential oils or fatty acids and if the client is eating enough raw fruits and vegetables. I give recommendations on specific foods to eat or incorporate into the diet and test how much to eat per day or per week.

During this time I test thousands of items necessary to determine what is best for your body’s vibration at the time. The process is fascinating and very accurate. I’ve got oodles of allergies myself and am also multiple chemical sensitive, so I know a lot of “bike tricks” to getting the answers to what you are allergic to. Medical intuition and the process of muscle testing has literally saved my life.

Dr. Denice Moffat tests during a medical intuitive consult

Denice Moffat, medical intuitive muscle tests products for a client.

Next I determine if there are any chakra imbalances, phobias we need to deal with immediately, or energy meridian imbalances.

I build an affirmation if necessary. An affirmation is a phrase or series of sentences you say out loud with the intention of programming your mind to believe what you want it to. I muscle-test how many times a day it needs to be repeated out loud for your nervous system to accept it. The affirmations are personalized and I believe God and the person’s higher self and their Guides help me with this because the affirmations are so specific to what the person needs to hear. I use affirmations from Master Mind Journals, Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life and other books and resources like Creating Money: Keys to Abundance by Roman Sanaya and Duane Packer.

Spiritual Lessons:

I also muscle-test if the person needs to pay more attention to any particular lessons such as loving themselves, patience, worthiness, etc. We have a tendency to surround ourselves with friends, family, and other relationships that force us to pay attention to certain lessons in our lives. If this fails, I’ve noticed that God brings them a pet often with the same disease process or lesson.

Checking existing supplements:

I muscle-test each supplement to determine which supplements vibrate favorably with the body and also how many per day are needed.  I want you to have ALL your supplements in the room with you at the time of your consult so we can build a To Do List together.

I also test if the supplements will cause any side effects. This works for human medications as well, but it is illegal for me as a medical intuitive to tell you to discontinue any medications. You need to work with your medical doctor on that issue.

Recommending just the right foods

And sending home just the right products puts your hard-earned money where it will be effective instead of blowing it on things that will not work for you and eats up money and taking up precious time in the healing process.

As a medical intuitive and naturopath, I am an “integrative practitioner” which means that I do believe there are wonderful drugs out there that could help certain conditions. We recommend whatever works for YOUR body. My goal is to get the healing and medical communities to work together to individualize treatments that work for the individual vibration of each body.

Our job is to integrate and find ways to work with what you are already doing with the medical system and not exclude its knowledge and recommendations. If you are not using the medical system and are against it totally, then we need to find lifestyle changes and nutrition that will fix what ails you.

I end up testing thousands of different supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, essential oils, and other miscellaneous products before I make my recommendations. Having a health food store or food co-op nearby is a plus, but is not totally necessary. I’ll do what I can as a medical intuitive and personally to match you up with resources for products you may need. Many of my clients purchase some supplements online or just use special foods to replace a deficiency.

Dr. Denice Moffat, medical intuitive, stocks Starwest botanical herbs.

Dr. Denice Moffat, medical intuitive, stocks Starwest botanical herbs.

I used to stock many different lines of products, but found that what people needed was not always what I had so it was not cost effective for me. Believe me; my vegetable garden is teeming with the nutrients from expired supplements I have composted with over the years!

By the time I’m done if the client has never been exposed to a medical intuitive they have had their eyes opened and they are usually pretty tired.  My consult times were way shorter before I became a medical intuitive–then things just got out of control. Oh well, I figure you’re paying me big bucks so I want to give you all I’ve got.

I do see my share of clients that have been to big-name diagnostic centers and have come to the end of what the medical system can do for them so as a detail-oriented person I just do the best I can to enlighten the client on anything the medical system has missed.  That’s why I usually max out at four consults/day. Even after we get off the phone I’ve got lots to do to get the case completed and sometimes I even perform an energy session the next morning during my meditation which doesn’t really have anything to do with medical intuition–this is usually all energy work.

I double-check my work by muscle testing to see if I missed anything. Many times I can test out the core cause of the challenge or challenges, which gives insight to the multiple causes of the dis-ease or challenge that the body needs to deal with in the future. I also test whether the recommendations made will correct the body’s weaknesses.

Is a medical intuitive exam accurate?

Well, I leave that up to my clients to validate what I’ve told them. I think a medical intuitive exam is way more accurate that 45-50%, but it takes your input to be the most accurate. If you are using me as a psychic  (just to test me) or you are in denial and will not accept that your body is doing something that you are afraid of  then your Higher Self respects that and only gives me the details that it can without disturbing your Spiritual progression.

My motto is that the truth shall set you free and that it’s all good! The more I know, the more I can pass onto you, so I’m open to reading lab results and helping you to understand in many ways what is actually happening with your body, whether you can heal it, control it, manage it, or let it go. Whatever that takes. I’m there.

Note: I do not diagnose (label diseases) for humans. No medical intuitive, unless they are a medical doctor, is able to legally give you a diagnosis. If you come in with a diagnosis, we can work with what you or the medical system thinks it is.

If you feel you must have a name to attach to your disease to heal, then you will have to go through the medical system. We just tell you how to heal what you are experiencing by finding the “core cause” of dis-ease which is different than a diagnosis. I also do not prescribe medications, deliver babies or do surgery on humans.

The Onion Theory (# of Layers to the Healthy Core):

The body is like an onion in that it has a healthy core. We build layers of dis-ease on top of that healthy core until sometimes we can have as many 8 layers of disease. These people are REALLY sick. Most of us don’t have that many layers. The body innately knows how it wants to be healed. The trick is to listen to the body’s wisdom. When the body wants something fixed in a specific way, sometimes it will not let the body know the deeper or less important causes until the major—most important ones—are attended to first.

For example, if you have a heart problem and your heart is about ready to go into a coronary spasm and you are concerned with and came in for an acne problem, the body says, “Good grief, fix the heart first—we’ll worry about the acne later!” and the testing will always bring up heart instead of the cause of the acne. Even if you tried to treat the acne with something, most likely the body would reject the treatment because it is not in the proper sequence. Isn’t the body a wonderful thing? So much innate wisdom within us!

% Life Force

This tests your vim and vigor to get up and at each day.

I routinely recommend information such as books/tapes or videos, and healing techniques I may not do myself that would be helpful for the body. Many times I can recommend a resource for that information, but sometimes the client will have to do some additional research if they want a deeper level of understanding in some areas.

I used to do an emotional clearing technique I call Dr. Moffat’s Technique on Emotional Clearing (DMTEC). Using a modification of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), I would test out the core crippling emotions of the health challenge and clear them out with a process of tapping and vocalizing. In doing emotional release work the body will only release what it is ready to.

Now days I refer this work out because it was just wiping me out energy-wise. I guess some techniques that are good for the healer are not the gifts they should be doing for others. It’s a good lesson.

How much does a medical intuitive consult cost?

My basic fee is $385 for the first exam and $350/hour after that (prorated). This initial exam takes about 90 minutes. Rechecks are charged out at $350/hour which usually take 10-30 minutes.

I do not charge for “chit chat” unrelated to your case. I accept payment via, Visa/MasterCard or Discover cards at the time of the consult. I do not bill. I just don’t have that extra time to do office work that isn’t absolutely necessary.  Some FLEX insurance plans pay for the medical intuitive consult and/or supplements. I will send you an itemized receipt so you can turn that in for reimbursement but I don’t process the claim for you.

You may tape the call or have someone else listen.

I realize that I talk fast and give out lots of information. It’s OK to ask questions. In fact, your healing depends on taking an active part. I encourage you to email me with questions about your medical intuitive consult the first two weeks to get you on the right track. This is included in the exam price.

Email is the best way to get a hold of me as I check it twice a day unless I am out of town on short trips. My email address is: drmoffat@NaturalHealthTechniques.com

How many sessions will you need?

Sometimes one medical intuitive consult is all the body needs to get on the right track and no more exams are necessary. Other times the body needs to work with an individualized recommended protocol for a time before we can give a new set of recommendations. I’ll ask your body how long it wants to do the first set of recommendations and write that down for you. The client is in charge of emailing me for a follow-up appointment. I don’t book in advance for that. You know what you need.

Although I can test how many layers your body has to work through, your percentage of health, and how much life force you have with the medical intuitive consult, it doesn’t always correlate with the number of exams you might need.

My job is to facilitate and lead the client so they have confidence in themselves. I consider myself part of your healing team. I am your employee and a coach on your team. It’s important to formulate a team of healers with various backgrounds. We are here to experience relationships and to work together to figure things out.

I send a copy of the medical intuitive consult results with each “exam” and any educational handouts that are pertinent.

Work Schedule and Hours:

I don’t take emergencies. I do like chronic stuff and especially cases where the medical profession has given up and told the client to “live with it”. I work from 10am to 6pm Pacific Time. I do not work on weekends or after hours as I have lots of other things I need to accomplish for my life, house, yard and my community. Balance is important in life and I strive to walk my talk.

Helpful Links and References for your Medical Intuitive Consults: