NHT News Vol. 12 No. 2 Sept. 2016

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NHT News Vol. 12 No. 2 SEPTEMBER, 2016

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In This Issue:  

  • Media Reviews: (Book) The Unquiet Dead
  • Ask Dr. Moffat: 14 Steps to achieving a weed-free garden
  • Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Life
  • Prayer of Protection.
  • Royal Lee quote
  • Client Testimonials: Help for TMJ—you were spot on!
  • Inspiration & Perspective: The top 10 things dead people want to tell living people.
  • What’s New at Our House? Rammed Earth Wall, Raisins, Harvest, Giant Pumpkins, Solar Shower
  • Congratulations: Introducing Tonya J Nichols, Intuitive-Empath-Energy Healer

(Please note that full names are never used in this newsletter or on my website without the full consent of the sender or client. Some cases also encompass groupings of cases with similar symptoms and suggestions for healing in an attempt to educate the general public.) 

Media Reviews: (Book) The Unquiet Dead

The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession © 1987 

People are often afraid of things they have no knowledge about. This book summary/review is an attempt to educate the reader on a topic that is very charged with fear. Edith Fiore has performed over 20,000 regressions in her life as a clinical psychologist. What I like about her approach is that it seems practical and is used in a common-sense manner. Each case she evaluated over the years she said was, “like an intricate jigsaw puzzle that we put together by picking up a random piece here and another isolated one there. When the last significant piece is pushed in place, there is an instantaneous cure.” 

The way I work with my guides to figure out cases is much like this. Even trivial little pieces of information come into play to put together that picture of someone’s health challenge.

Read more: https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/the-unquiet-dead/ 

Ask Dr. Moffat:

Question: How on earth do you keep your walk ways so clear of weeds… Please help me!

Answer: Well, this is not exactly a health question, but we get this question about weeds rather frequently from my clients who know that we try to grow most of our own chemical-free food and who are on Facebook with us, so here’s what we do (not in any particular order):


1) Water by hand: When we water by hand, which is almost all the time and see a weed, we pull it.

2) Double Digging: When we build a new bed sometimes we take the Michael’s ‘baby’ back hoe and heap up the topsoil disturbing the roots of the tenacious shrubs/weeds so they won’t grow back. We then either let that bed compost for a year or two or pull the roots and lay the soil back into place after this, till and mulching afterwards. .

3) Mulch immediately: If we spend time making a new bed or weeding a particular area, we mulch it with something the same day (because who wants to do that hard work all over again?)

4) Use the resources you have: We mulch with compost, ramial wood chips, chips, shavings, rotted straw (we purchase about 200 bales of barley straw each year) bags and bags of leaves (we have been known to haul in 1000 bags a year but this is slowing down now). We’ve also used cardboard, manures, and even sheetrock to help break up our clay soil.

5) Landscape cloth. When one area gets smothered we move the landscape cloth to another area and smother it. We have been experimenting with laying sheet rock pieces down in the areas that are really dry and not accepting water to change the structure of the soil. The sheetrock seems to be working but allows the mice to have a really nice, protected area where the cats can’t get to them. That’s annoying.

6) Black plastic (we move a big sheet of this from area to another as well). Black plastic never stays in one place for very long as it will heat up so much that it sterilizes the soil.

7) Cut beginning weed roots off at the soil line: I love my sheet rock knife. I get down on my hands and knees and cut those roots off with a 10-inch sweep. Plus, it makes the path smoother to walk on and then I cover it with sawdust or shavings.

8) Dig deep and get as much of the weed root that you can. Rake up the weeds afterwards so they don’t go to seed where they lay. Toss those onto a compost pile or hugelkulture.

9) Watering: Don’t water those areas you don’t want weeds to grow in.

10) Weed in the winter time or early spring or two days after a deep watering or deep rain when you can to get a jump on the season and when the weeds are much easier to dig.

11) Dedicate some time each day to conquering one tiny little bed or area of your yard so that it is weed-free.

12) Don’t let any weeds go to seed: Eliot Coleman says if you let a weed go to seed you’ll have five more years of weeding so. .

13) When things get out of control break out the weed eater: We weed whack the heck out of everything that is not a growing area and have two gas-powered Stihl weed eaters.

14) Ducks. They snarfle along the edges of the raised beds and keep the soil disturbed so that the weeds are easier to move and pull up plus it keeps the slugs/snail population WAY under control. We put the ducks into our hoop house for about 10 days in winter every year when there is snow on the ground to give them a job to do there too. We do have chickens but they trash the place. Some people say to let chickens out only an hour before sundown and they only go for the worms instead of your plants but they seem to scratch up lots of plants looking for those worms so they have their own very large pen with fruit trees and hidey spots in it and we feed them copious amounts of stuff every day so they won’t be bored.

Gosh, that’s all I can think of for now. Michael says the only way of really overcoming a weed challenge of any kind is the application of persistence. I know it’s a lot of work initially, but we started close to the house and then worked outward bit by bit every year starting from the central location (we call this Zone I) and going outward again into virgin territory every year. 

Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Life


After consulting with more than a few healers on this topic of protection and then reading a series of books on the topic of entities, earthbounds and spirit releasement, I ended up working with some very gifted people and came up with this prayer of protection that seems to work well for us and for my clients. Read the Prayer here: https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/prayer-of-protection/


Quote from Dr. Royal Lee founder of Standard Process, Inc. “That is one of the biggest mistakes that medical science has ever made: to provide drugs to people who are starving. A starving man doesn’t need drugs. He needs food. And if he gets food he recovers. If he gets drugs, he doesn’t.”


Dear Dr. Denice, you hit the nail on the head again! Another Home run! At my last checkup you said, “Terri, I’m picking up that you have TMJ!” I realized, “Wow, yes I do.” I had forgotten and yes it was there and had been bothering me. You advised I see my chiropractor to adjust it for me, with your cute little giggle. Now I realize what the “little giggle” was for. It hurt! Wow did it, and boy was it inflamed and out of whack! Read the full testimonial: https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/tmj-testimonial/

Inspiration & Perspective:  

Loved this TUT: The top 10 things dead people want to tell living people are: 1. They’re not dead. 2. They’re sorry for any pain they caused. 3. There’s no such thing as a devil or hell. 4. They were ready to go when they went. 5. You’re not ready. 6. They finally understand what they were missing. 7. Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of the moment you arrive. 8. Don’t try to understand this now, but life is exceedingly fair. 9. Your pets are as crazy, brilliant and loving, here, as they were there. 10. Life really is all about love, but not just loving those who love you… In their own words, The Universe

Thoughts become things… choose the good ones! ® © www.tut.com ®

They also wanted you to know that they really do show up as orbs in some of your photos, but so does water. Quite a talkative bunch. 

What’s New at Our House? 

Ahh rain for the first time in quite a while. I worked on my rammed earth wall this morning for about an hour but it was getting too slippery so I came inside to finish the newsletter and will be plucking grapes off the vines to make raisins tonight.

Rammed Earth Wall 9-19-16

I’ve been finishing up the 5th layer on my Rammed Earth Retaining Wall.

We’re still harvesting at our farm. Picked most of our Delicata squash, luscious nectarines and Suncap peaches last week; we dug potatoes, picked cabbage, onions, leeks, kiwi, Stanley plums, Honeycrisp apples and tomatoes for our 3 farm families; I lopped off the heads of ripe Sunspot sunflowers (for seed and for the chickens), plucked green beans, picked artichokes(too late—they were tough) and we still have a few pea pods to sneak off the vines. There are Red Anjou pears to harvest for the first time and we sure hope the watermelon has time to ripen before we get frosted out. We’re still waiting to harvest some of the later apples, President plums and sweet potatoes. There is WAY too much celery. Next year we’ll be planting those foods that we, as Blood Type O people can eat, closer to the house so it’s easier and faster to harvest.

Michael’s giant pumpkin looks to be about 350 pounds at this point. Mine bit the dust when I tried sneaking some sand under it. It molded and died on the vine so I’m leaving the other smaller ones to grow out and will offer them to a neighbor’s pigs as our chickens won’t eat the giant pumpkins (they prefer the sugar pumpkins and the Magic Lanterns).

I attended the Inland Northwest Permaculture conference last weekend and learned how to make an outdoor solar shower. I also met some really cool people—one of which worked with Mike Reynolds on the Earthships, so got to ask him about my rammed earth retaining wall and how to apply the papercrete to it next year.

Solar powered shower making

Learning how to build a solar-powered shower at the Inland Northwest Permaculture Conference 9-21-16.

I’m going to learn how to make cheese in a couple of weeks so I’m excited about that. It’s our goal to make, grow and eat more of the food that comes from our land as the years pass.

Congratulations to Tonya J Nichols, Intuitive-Empath-Energy Healer for finishing her website and hanging out her shingle. I’ve been referring to Tonya for a couple of years now for people who need emotional release work. By trade originally, she is a pharmacist, but over the years I enticed her to do my form of emotional release work and she’s really good at it. Read about her and her story on her website: https://tonyajnichols.com/about/

Tonya J Nichols, Intuitive-Empath-energy Healer

Tonya J Nichols, Intuitive-Empath-energy Healer.