Prayer of Protection

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Lay on your back on the ground:

Mother-Father God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Earth, Father Sky, our Guides and Angels, Archangels Michael/Ariel/Rafael/Gabriel, The Great White Brotherhood and the Rescue Squad—

We gather here today laying upon our mother asking for universal love, light and compassion to be restored and expanded within our lives, the lives of our families, our extended families and families through marriage, our animals and birds, insects and fish, the plants/soils/crystals and rocks on our farm, our automobiles and the places we frequent. We also bless the visitors who come into contact with us.

We ask that you remove anything from our bodies, our auras and our environment that is unlike the pure love that we have come here to be. We ask that you fill the rents and spaces where negative energy has been removed with healing, golden white light and love.

All healing techniques, remedies, healings and prayer moving through us are of the highest and best vibration for the highest and best good for all concerned.

We ask that you confine and embrace any negative energy and do what you need to do to convert it to neutral and loving energy. Return what you cannot convert to its proper home. We ask that all earthbound entities that are controlled by dark energy be released from same and that the earthbounds find their way to heaven with the help of the Rescue Team.

We seal our home and farm with protection in the ways that we know how (saging, crystal wand, black tourmaline, selenite, white candles, essential oils, Reiki and prayer) and ask that you fill in the blanks where there is ignorance at this time—now and for eons into the future as our souls live on.

Turn over and lay on your stomach

White light, love and compassion flows in, as and through us now from the heavens moving deep into the center of our earth and out through our Universe releasing any blocks, healing any illness and enlightening us to see all that is good.

We affirm and give thanks that this is done. Amen.

Lay on your backs for a couple more minutes to let the essence of the prayer sink in.