Opening a Coning

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Opening a Coning with Machaelle Small Wright

The Medical Assistance Program (MAP) Coning is a “wild and wooey” technique that integrates involutionary input of nature with man’s evolutionary development. The healthy being is a balanced combination of these two dynamics. Intent, sincerity, and commitment to a balanced body during the process is essential for an effective coning. It is for those who feel their present medical support–whether traditional or alternative– is not enough. Conings are for general health balance, regular health issues, extra ordinary health issues, and assistance during expansion experiences. A coning is a vortex of energy that includes nature intelligence’s, the medical team and you. Within the coning, nature is able to stabilize on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) with the White Brotherhood.

The first coning is a scanning session. Anyone who should be part of your Medical Team for positive purposes will automatically be included when the team is forming. 

Devas are bright, shining good spirits in Hindu Mythology. The Deva of Healing is responsible for the architectural force, its order, organization and life vitality which creates the physical structures found within all human healing.

Pan is the traditional name for the nature spirit who oversees and coordinates the full nature spirit level. He is the CEO of the nature spirit level who takes the blueprints of the Devas and builds them. Pan can work with anyone on the planet anytime they call on him to help.

The White Brotherhood is a large group of highly evolved souls dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality, principles, laws and patterns through all planes and levels of form. They hold the major patterning and rhythms now being utilized for the shift from Picean (Parent/child dynamic) to the Aquarian (teamwork dynamic) era. They assist in the forward movement of evolution. They exist beyond time and history. They are not some white supremacist organization. They include males, females and souls beyond both persuasions and are of all colors. “White” is used to signify ALL the rays of the light spectrum and “Brotherhood” signifies all people and all life.

The head CEO of the Medical Assistance Program is a spirit called Lorpuris.

Steps to Opening a Coning:

1. State: “I wish to open a coning. The purpose of the coning is to give my higher self guidance in the areas of __________________________________________.”

2. Say:

  • A. “I would like to have the deva of ____________________ in the coning.” Devas can be the deva of healing, deva of nature, deva of relationships, deva of abundance, etc.
  • B. “I would like to have Pan in the coning.”
  • C. “I would like to be connected with the appropriate members of the White Brotherhood Medical Team working with ____________.” Members of the team can be internists, chiropractors, dentists, specialists of any kind. For non-medical problems ask to be connected to the New Aquarian Dynamic.
  • D. “I’d like my higher self to be connected to the coning. Pause about 10 seconds in between steps A-D to allow connection. You may feel an energy shift, their presence around you, or you may muscle test they are with you.
  • E. Now say, “Please add to the coning the appropriate nutrition, homeopathics, glandulars, flower essences or other appropriate items necessary to complete the coning process.”
  • F. Now tell your team exactly what you want, what is bothering you (in detail) on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual). The more you let them know you know about your situation, and that it may be connected to the problem you are having, the more doors will open to finding a resolution to the problem.

3. Ask how long it will take to complete the coning process. . .______days, _____hours and/or _____minutes. Muscle test to get the answer.

4. Say: “Thank you for your assistance in these matters. When the coning is complete I would like it dismantled.”


  • A.  “At the appropriate time, I would like to have my higher self disconnected from the coning.”
  • B.   “I would like to have the Medical Assistance Team disconnected from the coning.”
  • C.   “I would like to have Pan disconnected from the coning.” And,
  • D.   “I would like to have the devas disconnect from the coning.”

Things you may feel during or after the coning process: Nothing, gentle body movement, floating sensations, electrical currents throughout your body or specific body parts, pain, emotional released, insights surfacing, crying, tiredness, sleepiness, other.

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