NHT News. Vol. 1 No. 2 Nov 2005

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November, 2005  Vol. 1 No.2

In This Issue:

  • Health in the News *Canine Influenza
  • Case of the Month *Relationships *To Buy Files
  • What’s New on the Website? *I Am a Miracle book
  • Ask Dr. Moffat  *Strange causes of headaches *Parasites and menstrual cramps
  • Product of the Month *Blackstrap molasses
  • Media Reviews *Conversations with Animals
  • What’s New at Our House? *I Am a Miracle Book Blast

Health in the News: 

If you haven’t heard yet, your dogs and horses could use a little immune boosting.

SITUATION: University of Florida researchers report that outbreaks of Canine Influenza virus, which causes an acute respiratory infection, have been identified in dogs in shelters, humane societies, boarding facilities and veterinary clinics in Florida, predominantly in Broward, Dade, Palm Beach and Duval counties. It started out in the Greyhound community.

This highly contagious virus is a newly emerging respiratory pathogen in dogs and causes a clinical syndrome that mimics “kennel cough.” The incubation period is two to five days after exposure.

CLINICAL SIGNS: All dogs are susceptible and have no naturally acquired or vaccine- induced immunity. There is no vaccine for this, yet. There is evidence that vaccinating your pet for kennel cough may help a little bit. Vaccines should be given at least a week before exposure, and may need to be boostered as often as every six months. If you are going to vaccinate, ask for the intranasal vaccine. It works faster.

In the 80’s we used to use Feline Distemper shots when we ran out of the low supply Parvo vaccines and it provided some help for the dogs. Similarly, the Bordatella vaccines supply some help for this particular disease.

Virtually 100% of exposed dogs become infected. Nearly 80% come down with clinical signs. There are two general clinical syndromes — the milder syndrome and a more severe pneumonia syndrome. 

What you may see:

  • Soft, moist or dry cough that persists for 10-21 days despite therapy with antibiotics and cough suppressants.
  • Many dogs have yellow nasal discharge and a low-grade fever (that means a rectal temp. of 102.5-103.5 ºF.) The nasal discharge likely represents a secondary bacterial infection that quickly resolves with treatment with a broad-spectrum, bactericidal antibiotic.

Some dogs develop a more severe disease:

  • Pneumonia (viral and bacterial),
  • High fever (104°F to 106°F,)
  • Increased respiratory rate/effort.
  • Thoracic radiographs may show consolidation of lung lobes.
  • Supportive therapy and maintenance of hydration with fluid therapy may be needed.
  • Fatality rate is 1-5%

I suspect that the human Bacterial and Viral Immune System Stimulator homeopathic drops will work quite well. I’ve noticed that they work quite effectively and quickly for regular kennel cough by eliminating the secondary infection and supporting the immune system. 


  • Boarded animals
  • Doggie day care
  • Dogs participating in agility classes
  • Show animals (Dog shows)
  • Dogs taken to “dog parks” to play

Until such time as a vaccine is developed, a strong immune system will be your dog’s best defense against infection.

For those of you who would like to be prepared, I carry Pet Vaccinosis Nosode drops. These drops will help detox the negative aspects of all vaccines. The drops should be given orally for two weeks prior to vaccination and up to two weeks after being vaccinated. They can also be used for the treatment of many of the diseases that you are vaccinating for and as a substitute for vaccines (IF AND ONLY IF you give the drops once a week for the lifetime of the pet—that’s a big IF in MY book!) One two-ounce bottle costs about $24 plus postage/handling.

My concern is that scientists have determined that a strain of Equine Flu mutated and is the source of the dogs coughing.  Are we going to be seeing increased mutations with other viruses in humans as well? Maybe.

What’s the bottom line here? As Dr. John Upledger, father of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, tell us: “It isn’t natural disasters that are going to kill us. It’s the viruses.”

A strong immune system is going to be crucial for the existence of all on the planet in the decades to come. How do we accomplish this? Eat your raw foods, eat fewer processed foods, decrease stress load where possible, get involved in what you were REALLY born to do here on earth, and take some great preventative supplements. I use several. I take my own herbal Immune Stimulation Formula, Viral and/or Bacterial Immune System Stimulator Drops, and I take care of my adrenal glands with Drenamin, which is a protomorphogen/glandular.

I don’t take these supplements all the time, but only at a time when I’m exposed to colds/flu/or other things that surround me. Oh, and I definitely try to cut back on the sugar. Sugar will suppress your immune system for about 4-8 hours after you eat it, so for those of you who eat sugary things throughout the day, your immune systems are definitely in jeopardy.

Case of the Month:  

I’ve been seeing lots of relationship challenges this month. Of course my theory is that we need to understand that: 

  1. Men and women are just different.
  2. We each have some male and some female tendencies.
  3. We are here to work through lessons, so sometimes it just helps to know what your soul contract is with your partner. I also like testing out how many lifetimes you have spent with each other. It helps to put things into perspective (or not for those of you who don’t believe in reincarnation! Hey, My Father’s House has many mansions.)
  4. Relationships are where it’s at, no matter how “busy” we keep ourselves,
  5. If you don’t learn it in this relationship, the lessons will be repeated until you “get it.”
  6. And…Love is all that really matters. 

A couple of tricks I have found over the years that really help: 

Find out what really pleases your mate and commit to do at least three of these things on their list of 10-15 items each day to build up that emotional bank account. Why? Because someday you will inadvertently make a withdrawal on that bank account and you don’t want to be overdrawn! I guide my clients to download my relationships exercise /CoachingCorner/relationships1.htm and make one copy for each person in the family unit. Post your completed lists on the refrigerator. It helps to keep you focused. It’s not what makes US happy we should be doing for our partners. It’s what makes THEM happy. And don’t be pushing buttons when you know what severely displeases your partner. That is not playing fair. 

The other technique that works well at our house is that we each have a “To Buy” file. In this file we put in pictures of what we want to have, write down titles of books, places we want to go or workshops we’d like to experience, etc. Included is a wide-range of items with an equally wide range of prices. Sometimes I even include “honey do” stuff that I’d like to see get done around the house. 

Now, when a special occasion arises (like Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays), I just go to my husband’s “To Buy” file and pick out a few things that are within my predetermined budget.  

And if you are like me, I find that I sometimes spend more money for other people than I should, although I purchase a Christmas present or two each month throughout the year. So when someone asks me what I want, I used to automatically say, “Oh, I don’t need anything,” or I’d tell them I wanted something cheap (which I really didn’t want) because I didn’t feel like there was any money to spend. Now I say, “Look in my “To Buy” file.” 

Giving is good, but one also needs to accept and receive gracefully as well. This is a way of asking for what you really want. Let the person who is buying for you decide how much they can afford. They love you and want to please you. Don’t take that pleasure of giving away from them. Let them pamper you. You deserve it. 

What’s New on the Website? 

I’ve updated my Frequently Asked Questions (/AboutUs/faq’s.htm) section so that it is more. . .me! 

I’m also working on a system to take payments online, a sign-up form for the newsletter, and adding a few fun things including a way to tell what the time difference is when you call in for your appointments.

Sixty four of you have opted into this newsletter, so I had one of my favorite clients research out the best and most professional way to get it to you. (Thanks Mark!) I may have to send out an invitation for you to fill in your name and the email address you want to use to receive the newsletter. I’ll let you know if I need that and THANK YOU! 

Please feel free to forward your newsletter to a friend. 

I’ve completed an e-book on 77 Techniques to Release Anger called, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” that is linked up as a Bonus Gift for our I Am a Miracle book blast November 1st (more on that below). 

If you have a website and would like a link to mine, let me know. I love supporting people who support me! 

I checked my statistics last Monday and was floored to see our website had 33,303 hits on it last month! Wow! Thank you all for visiting! 

Ask Dr. Moffat:  

Question:  Why am I getting a headache? I don’t usually get them.

Answer:  The “I don’t usually get them” was the key for me. For this client, I believe her headaches were associated with world shifts and changes, specifically earthquakes. Her headache coincided with the Pakistan disaster. She is a world-vision oriented person. I advised her to keep track of the headaches in the future. Headaches such as these usually come on 2-3 days before the disaster (depending on how severe it will be) and leave after the event happens. I instructed her then to look in the newspapers or turn on the news to see if we are correct in narrowing down the core-cause of her headaches. I muscle-tested the other potential core causes, and only stress came up. 

When these things happen, I feel irritable, weepy, and sometimes can’t sleep. People who have had Near Death Experiences often pick up these energies. I’ve noticed that quite a few of my clients have had at least one NDE, so this may be a clue as to why you feel the way you do at certain times when you can’t find any other explanation. 

Question: I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting menstrual cramps the last few months and I don’t usually have them. Can you tell me what you think it is? Answer: It’s that time of the year to be worming both your pets and yourselves. The safest, cheapest, easiest, most effective way to do that is to go to the local feed store and get a bottle of horse roundwormer—Equi-Phar, ProTal, Strongid-T, and Nemex are all trade names of Pyrantel Pamoate. Make sure it says Pyrantel Pamoate on the label and nothing else added. If you have ANY questions, please do call me. 

Use 1 ml/5 pounds of bodyweight for dogs and humans and 1 ½ ml/5 pounds for cats. One dose is all it takes. In layman’s terms that is 1 teaspoon per 25 pounds.  I do it twice a year for myself.  The worms will be dead within 20 minutes. You won’t feel anything and should have no side-effects. No, you won’t likely see them pass in your stool. 

How do you get worms? We pick up worms from some of the things we eat, from the dirt, and from the dust we breathe in (especially for open-mouth breathers).  Eating dirt is a sign of iron deficiency. We should talk if you are doing that… 

Most adults (pets and people) have enough enzymes in their mouths to break down most of the eggs coming in, our stomach acids break down even more, but some will get by both of those back-up systems. 

How do you know if you should take a wormer? Signs of roundworms include, fevers, cough, wheezing, abdominal cramping, appendicitis, gas, bloating, increased cramping (menstrual), pain in the lower right quadrant that comes and goes (spasms in the ileocecal valve), constipation, diarrhea, itchy anus’, dry lusterless hair with split ends, pica appetite (often for sugar), clear mucous strands in the stool (yes you should be looking at it each time you go! And yes, I will ask you what it looks like when you visit.)

Product of the Month:  Blackstrap Molasses

 Blackstrap molasses is teeming with all kinds of minerals that are highly absorbable for the system. How do you know you need it? If you are craving sugar, are vegetarian or vegan, or have a tan area below your cheek areas or on your chin you are low in minerals—specifically iron. Most likely you will just be totally drained of energy by the time the chin is tan. When I see a tan chin (and I’ve been seeing a lot of those this year,) you are just about at that stage where you will need to go to the doctor. They will then put you on iron pills (which are very constipating and sometimes cause nausea…and I see lots of clients who don’t take all the pills.) 

 Most likely, if you need the minerals, you will like the molasses. You should be able to get it at your local health food store or Co-op. I use Plantation brand, but when I can’t find it, I will opt for Karo Dark Syrup. Some of my clients prefer to actually purchase Fluoridex, which is a natural liquid iron supplement you get in the health food store as well. It just seems outrageously expensive to me. Very effective though. 

Media Reviews: 

Conversations with Animals: Cherished messages and memories as told by an animal communicator by Lydia Hiby with Bonnie S. Weintraub, website: www.LydiaHiby.com  and phone (661) 269-4647.  There is lots of useful information in this book for those owners who know that pets have feelings just like we do. They also know a LOT more than you give them credit for. Lydia tells about one cat, Boo, who had stopped using his litter box (like none of us have ever had that problem, eh?) 

Boo was using the bathmat in front of the litter box to urinate on. The owner was, of course, frustrated and sought out Lydia to find out why this was happening. Boo said, “The bathmat is new and I don’t like the odor of the rubber backing (Cats mark offensive odors with their urine. They will mark other ammonia smells—like marking windows after they have been washed with Windex. Fabric softener sheets are also an offensive odor to cats—so clothes and bedding dried with these sheets are a favorite.) Boo continued, “I like my new uncovered litter box. I liked my old litter better, though. The new scented litter gives me a headache.” 

Useful tips. Believe them. After 30 years of being around veterinary medicine, inappropriate urination is one of the most interesting yet time-consuming problems I see. 

Another tip is to advise new pet owners to immediately take a picture of their pets and make up a “Lost Pet” poster to keep in their pet’s health file JUST IN CASE. What a great idea. Who has the time to search through hundreds of pictures trying to find a good picture of your pet when you are in a state of panic? I also believe microchipping is an excellent thing to do. It is usually available through your local animal shelter for very reasonable rates, but many veterinarians also chip. We charge $15 at the shelter in Lewiston (www.lcshelter.com). That’s a great deal.  

Thanks, Shantell, for gifting me with a copy of the book. I loved it and have already referred a couple of clients to Lydia. Lydia says she doesn’t work with lost pets though. She referred us to a woman named Hillary who does that kind of work. Hillary’s number is (206) 782-7815.  

What’s New at Our House? 

As some of you know, since January, 2005 I have been working on a book with a ten-member team of Miracle Mastery participants. Michael and I have been working with the Miracle Mastery group for four years now. Every January we head over to Portland, Oregon (or wherever the conference is) to affirm our yearly goals and vision, listen to great speakers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, Marianne Williamson, Maria Nemeth, and our favorite minister, Mary Manin Morrissey who spearheads the Miracle Mastery program. 

The book, I Am a Miracle is a compilation of 81 miraculous true stories and poems. The book has 12 full-color pages of art and comes with a 70-minute uplisting music CD. Each story demonstrates one or more of the conditions of creating a Miracle, from Dr. Michael Abrams book, The  The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle . 

I volunteered in January to be on the editing team. Yep. I was just walking by and noticed a group of Miracle Mastery members having some kind of meeting. I thought I was missing out on some juicy details for the Newsletter I created for the group. Well, things kind of got out of hand in a big way after that “happenstance” meeting. 

As it turns out, I have had lots of help collecting songs, stories, and pictures for the book.

What I didn’t expect was somehow finding myself doing everything in between, like the table of contents, keeping track of all the authors, musicians, and artists, developing and collecting all the releases, keeping everyone current on all the steps of the book through the newsletter, writing dedications, forewords, biographies about the authors AND the book team, writing intros to each chapter and organizing all the Miracle stories as to which chapter they belonged in. 

Then there was the index, the editing, and re-reading for typos and mistakes (eight times now!), collecting endorsements and a bunch of other detail work!  I was totally blessed to have a friend of mine, Jana Ostrom, there to help me do the editing. We spend many a weekend on the phone to each other deciding where to put commas, what to keep in, what to cut out, and how we could make each story perfect without damaging the individual personality of the story. 

I personally asked several people to write stories and emailed requests to “flesh a story out” here and there to make them more engaging and personal. Michael (my husband) wrote a story about how we found our house and I wrote two stories and a poem (with the help of my Guides). 

On top of that, we’ve built a website for the book and formed the I Am a Miracle Foundation to distribute funds generated from the sale of the books. I am the Vice-President of the Foundation. We are all donating our time.  All the authors and artists have donated the music and stories. You can see a picture of our cover, listen to the songs, and read about the authors and the team on our website: www.IAmAMiracle.com 

Our motto is: People together in service uniting writers, artists and musicians in projects that create miracles in the world. 

It feels SO good to finally see all of our hard work in print. We will have 5000 copies in hand by November 3rd. Our marketing guru has organized an Amazon.com book blast to kick off the sales. The book is great, and the music is awesome. I hope you will purchase one on November 1st because there are a lot of great bonus gifts you will receive when you purchase a copy that day. 

If you would like to help me by sending out the invitation to take part in this awesome process to your friends/family/database, please let me know and I’ll fix you up with all that you need to make it fun and professional. 

And if you’d like to do some early Christmas shopping, keep us in mind. 

Just to let you know….I’ll be heading for the Beach this Sunday and won’t be back until Wednesday evening. Taking a bit of a vacation with my mom. I won’t be checking in or concerned with emails until I get back. . .It’s a vacation! 

Whew. That’s it for this month. Can I slow down now? 

Be Healthy!  Dr. Denice Moffat

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