Prayers of Gratitude

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Prayers of Gratitude. . .

Do you pray with beseeching prayer or prayers of gratitude?

I guess I had never been exposed to prayers of gratitude. Most of my life, prayer had been associated with fear, anxiety, and doubt. “Oh God, If only you will let me pass this test. If you do that, I promise to…blah, blah, blah.” I thought it was better praying like that. Maybe I thought I had more control over life that way.

I guess, when I was ready, a teacher appeared. I had heard about Mary Morrissey from a massage therapist that rented a room in my practice years before I actually listened to one of her tapes. She offered me a tape. I refused it. I wasn’t ready.

When I did listen to a tape of hers, I though (as most people do after they are exposed to these concepts and are ready to hear them), “Where was this type of thinking while I was growing up?” How come I had never been exposed to these principles before? Gee, I kind of felt ripped off.

I noticed an immediate shift once I started praying prayers of gratitude. My life started to look a little better. I saw a glimmer of hope shine through. Prayers of gratitude follow the Universal Law of Attraction which states that whatever you think about is what you create.

These days, my whole day is centered on prayer. I give thanks for everything and every moment. I spend so much time looking for things to be grateful about that negativity is no longer in the realm of my reality. Instead, it’s all a perspective.

I once locked myself out of the car. After the shock had passed, I gave thanks. I urged myself to find 10 reasons to be grateful for the situation.

“Thank you God”, I started.

  • Thank you so much that it’s not raining.
  • Thank you that my shopping is done and that there is nothing frozen that will melt while I work this out and check this nuisance off my “to do” list.
  • Thank you for the fact that I parked in a protected space and that it is still daylight hours.
  • Thank you for the fact that I could walk home and not be stranded.
  • Thank you that I’m close to a phone and that the page is not torn out of the phone book that lists locksmiths.
  • Thank you for blessing me with the funds to be able to pay a locksmith.
  • Oh, and thank you that it is not after hours for them and that it’s not Sunday.

You get my drift. And then I realized that only a year ago I would have handled this totally differently, so I gave thanks that I had come so far emotionally that I could actually look at my being locked out as a neutral thing.

My world is blessed. I guess it has been all along. I just did not realize it. And I’m a better person for recognizing that fact.  One of my daily prayers?  “Spirit, I’m here to be of service. When you feel I am ready for another gift, lay it on me. Bring me an Angel to show me the way.”

I have some fairly unique gifts. I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I know that if I focus on using them for good and that I work towards unconditional love that God will gift me with more. I focus on that.

Dr. Denice Moffat