Spider Bites 1

Picture reference: https://petsmd.com

The brown recluse is a poisonous spider most commonly found in Midwestern and southern states of the United States. It is about one-half inch overall and has long skinny legs. The brown recluse is brown with a characteristic dark violin-shaped marking on its head. It is most commonly found outside in wood, leaves, or in piles of rocks. If a brown recluse wanders indoors they will go to dark closets, shoes, or attics. The brown recluse is a non-aggressive spider and will only bite when it is disturbed.

One woman in my practice had a brown recluse bite that had not healed on over a year. She had tried everything she could think of and many treatments her medical doctor recommended. We finally got it healed by treating it with slippery elm bark poultices, Willard Water (discussed in newsletter Feb. 2006) and Biting Insect homeopathic drops. Her bite looked like this except there was no yellow tissue in the center of the bite. It was just a deep, red hole which looked very similar to this photo:

Spider Bites 2
Typical Brown Recluse spider bite

Picture reference: www.peds.ufl.edu image 1_39

If you google pictures of Brown Recluse bites though you’ll find lots of photos that look WAY more damaging than this one. Homeopathic drops are essential to get these things cleared up.

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