The Life You Were Born to Live

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The Life You Were Born To Live: Book (c) 1993 by Dan Millman

Book review by Denice Moffat

The Life You Were Born To Live: A Guide to the Thirty-Seven Pathways of Life and How to Find Yours. © 1993 By Dan Millman, (author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior, a much awaited movie starring Nick Nolte.

Could it be that we all fit neatly into one of 37 major groupings? I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve added the numbers of someone’s birth date up and shared their “not so personal” pathway with them and it was right on target.

Some people are just gifted with Spirit moving through them. That’s the help I think Dan had when he wrote this book.

I believe that Life Purpose is what living in a human body is all about. Those people who have chronic autoimmune diseases, depression, fibromyalgia and even cancer don’t seem to be following their dreams, goals and visions and have not followed them for years.

Information from The Life You Were Born to Live is one of many tools I offer to get people back on track. Coming to terms with and finding your alignment with morals and values is also a step in determining your very special gift to the world. If you are going to a job and stuck in survival mode this book may be an eye-opener.

Dan’s book discusses the traits of a person who is not on their life path the same person that is. I’m going to use myself as an example.

I’m a 29/11. You get your number by adding up your date of birth. So. . . 5/10/1958 is my date of birth. That’s 5+1+0+1+9+5+8=29 then, 2+9=11, so that adds up to 29/11.

29/11 People are creative, confident, have lots of integrity and wisdom, love cooperation and seek balance.

When I’m feeling a bit off, I look at Dan’s “Working in the Negative” definition of me as a 29/11. I don’t like it, so then I look at the positive version and try to redirect my behavior to fit THAT definition instead!

Here’s the epitome of one of my crappy days—like say when I’m shorted on sleep for more than a couple of days in a row, a rarity since I’ve been working on setting boundaries in my life!

Denice Working in the Negative: Outwardly insecure and inhibited, or aloof, subdued, and seemingly self-assured, these individuals feel haunted by a sense of inferiority that manifests as competitiveness and a fear of losing. Dominant and opinionated, they seem to have a chip on their shoulder and a need to prove something. Stubborn and resistant, bossy and highly opinionated, they have a hard time letting go. Their illusory inferiority inhibits creative risks that would make their life exciting. Lost, without a real sense of themselves, they alternate between bouts of fitful energy and periods of collapse. Their pent-up energy generates addictive or abusive behaviors, and their lessons about spiritual law (especially about actions and their consequences) often get delivered in a court of law.

(I’m only competitive against myself!)

Denice Working in the Positive: These individuals exude depth and charisma based on their heartfelt trust in Spirit working through them. With their balanced, compassionate wisdom, they have also learned to trust Spirit in the form of other people and in the form of Life’s circumstances, which, no matter how pleasurable or difficult, they experience as teachings. Although their needs are often met, even in adversity, they feel thankful for the lessons they receive. They make natural leaders who teach by example. Committed to service and expressing universal wisdom rather than rigid opinions, they help inspire others through their integrity and their attunement to higher laws. Maintaining a feeling connection to the higher will within them, they effectively serve others.

Some famous 29/11 people include: Wayne Dyer, Harry Houdini, Jack Benny, and Bob Hope.

We have all come here with a special purpose. Isn’t it time we get on with it? So, read the book and check out the Coaching Corner on our website to do some of those exercises to get you back on track for YOUR life purpose!

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