This is a do-it-yourself  technique any person with thyroid disease–especially hypothyroidism can do at home. They don’t need this special pack (but it’s really nice.)

How to do the thyroid hot pack technique:

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Often my clients will have thyroid issues they have not yet discovered. As they are walking their thumbs point more towards their hips with the back of their hands facing forward. This is a typical thyroid stance. By forcing yourself to walk with your thumbs facing forward (this feels like a challenge initially) you can redirect the blood flow back up the thyroid meridian. Using a thyroid hot pack for a few minutes each day also helps to increase blood flow to the thyroid gland so that it can heal.

Image from the Mayo clinic website.

Image from the Mayo clinic website.

Iodine deficiency is the second major cause of hypothyroidism. The first cause of iodine deficiency is diet. So why not eat fortified table salt? Well, these kinds of salts are highly processed. All the natural minerals are extracted leaving only Sodium, Chloride and Iodine in inorganic form, which is not bioavailable. The body will use it if there is nothing else. The thyroid gland will store this iodine until it needs it, but it doesn’t use inorganic forms as efficiently and effectively as organic forms. To get around this problem, use Celtic Sea Salt, which comes from the ocean, is not refined, is gray, moist and is surrounded by organic “Mother Liquor”.

High consumption of raw soy products (soymilk, soy cheese, soy yogurt, and soy flour in protein drinks), flaxseed, and corn products all have cyanogenic glycosides in them. These plants produce natural goitrogens. Cooking and fermentation disables these goitrogens by breaking down the phytate components.

Phytates are the mineral blocking product of the food making the calcium, magnesium, manganese and copper unavailable. In the East, where they use soy, they always cook it. Americans are finding more ways to use uncooked soy products and it shows by the amount of thyroid disease we are generating.

Note: Cooking does not breakdown cyanogenic glycoside in corn syrup and corn syrup seems to be hidden in everything these days. Also, sugar of any kind is also known to suppress the immune system for several hours after it has been consumed.

Soymilk is especially bad for babies. If they can’t have regular milk, use 75% Goats milk plus 25% Carrot juice (to replace folic acid, which is low in Goat’s milk) as a wholesome, complete milk and formula substitute.

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