Urinary Incontinence Technique

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Help for Urinary Incontinence:

(For Dropped Bladder/Kidney and Pelvis Subluxation)

I show this technique to the people (usually women) who have leaky bladders and urinary incontinence. Often it helps quite a bit in alleviating the problem to some extent. It’s better to know how to muscle test, but you can also do this technique by following the step by step process below:

Step 1: Have the patient lie on their back with shoes off.

Step 2: Ask: Is there a problem this technique can fix?  If yes, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Muscle test what wants to be fixed first.


The pelvis point (where the urethra is)

The bladder point (on top of the bladder)

The left kidney point (one inch over and one inch up from the umbilicus on the left-hand side of the body.)

The right kidney point (one inch over and 1 1/2 inches up from the umbilicus on the right-hand side. The right kidney and ovary are always a bit higher up anatomically–unless your organs are reversed which is rare.

Step 4: Have the client bend both knees with feet flat on the table, toes pointing straight ahead.  Tell them to take a deep breath.  As they slowly breathe out have them slowly slide both legs flat on the table.

Now at the same time, cup the outside edge of your hand (like a karate chop position) under either the kidney or the bladder, whichever you muscle test to fix first.  Push the side of your hand into the body so that it sinks about 1-2 inches into the table.  This should never hurt.

As the client breathes out and slides the leg flat, gently give three gentle pushes or tugs toward the head with the intention of putting the kidney or bladder back up where it should be.

Step 5: Double check your work. Ask, “Did we put the kidney/bladder where it belongs?”  If you muscle test “yes” repeat steps 3 and 4 to put the next organ into place, if there is another to be corrected.

The body will tell you in which order to fix things. When you fix one thing, retest all the points. If something else wants to be fixed then it will muscle test weak.  Fix the second weak point then retest again. Fix the third weak point and so forth.  When you think you are done ask and muscle test: “Am I finished with this technique?”  You should get a yes answer.

The corrections can be safely repeated at home without hurting anything and even without muscle testing. Just show the client where to cup the hand to put his or her own bladder or kidneys up.

Many times I’ve gotten instant results.  Other times the technique needs to be repeated over a period of days or months.

The Pelvic Adjustment

This technique should never cause any pain. If pain occurs please contact your medical doctor or chiropractor to find out why.

Step 1:  Have your client lay flat on their back, shoes off, knees bent and held together, with toes pointed straight ahead.

Now try to pull the legs apart by placing your open palms on the inside area of each knee.  You will be trying to pry the legs apart.  Your client will be trying to keep them together with a good amount of effort.

Do this for 20 seconds.  Have your client relax 5-10 seconds. This will put the pelvis back into alignment and reset the largest butt muscle called the gluteus maximus.

Step 2:  Now, have the client point their toes inward (pigeon toed), legs together, knees bent. Repeat the outward pressure with your hand placement on the inside of each knee pulling outward as before for 20 seconds.

Step 3: Repeat the process with the client’s toes pointing outward.

This technique should align the pubic symphysis (where the two pelvic bones come together at the vagina or base of the scrotum).  It also serves to get the lymph in this area to recirculate so that bloating and edema can start to reside.

Alternative Pelvic Adjustment:

At home, have the client use a large ball, rolled up sleeping bag, or firm pillow to resist against by placing the item between their knees.  This technique works well for the people who are very weak or want to repeat the pelvic adjustment at home.  Follow steps 1 ,2, & 3 above.

Urinary Incontinence can be very tricky as it can have many causes.  The technique above will help many people though.

You can also ask other questions to narrow down the other components to this challenge. Knowing the possible causes can many times cue the patient’s conscious and subconscious connections so they know what to do themselves or where to go next for help. 

Here are some questions to ask for urinary incontinence.


What else should I be attending to so that I can fix or help control my incontinence? (Now muscle test asking these yes or no questions so you can muscle test the answers).

Is the incontinence related to. . .

  • Allergies?
  • Something I’m eating?
  • Something I’m drinking?
  • Something I’m breathing?
  • Is part of the problem diet related?
  • Is something I’m eating exacerbating the problem?
  • From what I ate today?
  • From what I ate yesterday?
  • Something from breakfast?
  • Something from lunch?
  • Something from dinner? If yes, then narrow it down by muscle testing everything you ate for the meal you weakened on.
  • Is there an anatomical problem in the:     Bladder?     Kidneys?       Ureters?       Urethra?      Sphincters?
  • Is there also an infectious component?
  • Is it associated with: Bacteria?         Yeast?         Virus?        Parasites?
  • Does it also have to do with a root chakra issue?
  • Is there an organ displacement?
  • Does it have to do with emotional issues?
  • Does it have to do with mental issues?
  • Spiritual issues?
  • Do I know what causes the incontinence?
  • Do I know how to fix it?
  • Does it have to do with sex?
  • Does it have to do with the way I wipe myself?
  • Are there life lessons I need to learn from this?
  • Do I have any meridians imbalanced?
  • Are there implants I need to deal with?
  • Is it also stress related?

Also, ask anything else that comes to your head. Many times when you are asking the client questions they will offer things for you to muscle test as they start to understand the process.

This is about tapping into you or your clients inner knowing. It is an exciting time when guides and angels can help you by communicating to you through muscle testing.

So now you have an idea of the core causes of the incontinence.  The next step is to ask how we can help.  Muscle test again asking,

What would be helpful in resolving the incontinence?

Acupuncture?        Affirmations?       Flower Essences?      Dietary Changes?  Associated with?        Proteins?          Carbohydrates?         Fruits?                            Vegetables?            Amino Acids?         Minerals?           Vitamins?                           Water?

Start broad then narrow it down.  Pretend you’re playing a 20-questions game. For example, do I need more/less protein? Less beef/chicken/eggs/protein in general? What about:

Chiropractic Adjustments?       Counseling?          Forgiveness of other or myself?         Over the counter drugs?         Reflexology?        Relaxation?           Reiki?              Massage?            Nutritional Supplements?             Over the Counter Drugs?

“Real Drugs”?  (You may have to read some on each drug used for urinary continence to rub consciously knows which one(s) will work for you.  The  more you educate yourself about incontinence the more accurate you can be in your testing and the more modalities for healing you can educate yourself about, the more options you will have.

Here is a list of healing modalities I test from: https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/list-of-treatment-modalities/. Don’t be discouraged that one healer can’t cure the entire problem.  This is a process for both you and your healer.  It involves lessons of wisdom, trust and discernment, self-love, stress/anger resolution among others.  It’s okay for you to trust yourself and ask for second, third or fourth opinions.  You pick and choose what works for you.

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