Testimonial for TMJ

you hit the nail on the head again! Another Home run! At my last checkup you said, “Terri, I’m picking up that you have TMJ!” I realized, “Wow, yes I do.” I had forgotten and yes it was there and had been bothering me. You advised I see my chiropractor to adjust it for me, with your cute little giggle. Now I realize what the “little giggle” was for. It hurt! Wow did it, and boy was it inflamed and out of whack!

Stella the Great Dane — Trusting the Process

Then came along my co-worker and friend Sheralynn, who had mentioned Dr. Moffat to me and recommended her, as she had used her with her nine month old daughter ten years ago for an illness she too could not get an answer for. She swore by her, and said she worked and was so thankful for the change in quality of life for her daughter that not a day had passed where she wasn’t thankful she had called her. I did some research on her, and of course was sceptical, as was my partner. We are both science driven, like results that have sound explanations, and are something we can measure and fully understand. With that said, I also recognized that that wasn’t working for us, and what was the harm in trying? We had already spent over $7,000, what was the harm in spending significantly less than that, and perhaps getting some sort of answer, or, better yet, getting Stella back to full health?

Client Testimonies and Stories

“A brown recluse spider bit me on the leg 3 years ago and I’ve had an open sore there ever since. Nothing worked until I went to see Dr. Moffat. I did what she told me to do. I didn’t have anything to lose. The hole healed up within 2 months.” (Treatment: Biting Insect Mix and Blood Type O diet with more raw foods.)