Verbal Emotional and Spiritual Abuse

Signs of Verbal, Emotional and Spiritual Abuse: •Do you feel like you just can’t win or do anything right no matter what you say and how you act within your relationship? •Do you cringe and have to reach for stamina when your mate comes home? Do you walk on eggshells in your home? •Has your self-esteem and self-confidence eroded—at times to the extent that you wish you wouldn’t wake up to live another day? •Does your partner minimize, trivialize and undermine the essence of your being? •Does your partner demoralize you? Are you often the brunt of your partner’s jokes to make him/her look better in their own eyes? •Do you feel isolated and afraid with nobody to talk to that seems to understand? Fear not. There is support for you within a safe system on these pages and through the Free From Verbal Abuse forum.

Identity Theft

It’s a new low in identity theft. Latest statistics reveal that nearly 2.5 million deceased Americans have their identity stolen each year. Thieves use the information to open credit cards, apply for loans, get cell phones or other services—and even sell the information to those who want to enter our country or change their own bad history. At one time Michael and I managed a manufactured home park. Part of our job was to run credit checks on incoming applicants. One applicant had purchased a social security number that was being used by 14 other people. This showed up on his background check.

New Years Resolution Alternative

I know most of you don’t like making New Year’s Resolutions because you can’t keep them. But have you ever just CELEBRATED what you have accomplished the previous year? We do. Every year around this time we have a mocha at Starbucks and grab our appointment books and calendars to glance through to find our accomplishments.

Face Reading (Personology)

The art of face reading, coupled with the science of Personology, provides a wonderful and powerful tool to create understanding and openness. It is a gift that enables you, the subject, to deepen your understanding of yourself and how you relate to others.

Random Acts of Kindness

Reading the book Random Acts of Kindness gave me more ideas to expand on what I was already doing. I noticed that when I asked someone what act of kindness they received, often they did not even to compare to what I was doing. This part of the site belongs to you. Tell me what you received as an act of kindness. Add to the suggestions below. Let’s start a wave of kindness together!