Random Acts of Kindness

Reading the book Random Acts of Kindness gave me more ideas to expand on what I was already doing. I noticed that when I asked someone what act of kindness they received, often they did not even to compare to what I was doing. This part of the site belongs to you. Tell me what you received as an act of kindness. Add to the suggestions below. Let’s start a wave of kindness together!

Your Wants and Needs Here

A page dedicated to connecting people to resources. Have at it and while you’re at it if you know of anyone who is a left handed gardener who wears gardening gloves I’d like to connect with them for a glove exchange. Thanks.

The Heifer Project

Since 1944, Heifer International has provided food and income-producing animals and training to millions of resource-poor families in 115 countries.

Share the Health

Often in a practice such as mine people get to me after they have expended all of their resources, and naturopathy is not covered by many insurance companies. I do my best to accommodate these cases often by tithing my own services for the exam process and phone consultations, but sometimes these clients don’t even have money to purchase the supplements they need. If you would like to donate any amount for people with these special needs, I have a special envelope I set aside with these funds in it to use when I feel the need is crucial.