Cranberries Fermented in Honey

Cranberries fermented in honey is a recipe I grabbed then modified off the internet in 2019 when we spent a year experimenting with fermented foods high in natural pre and probiotics. We were specifically searching for some recipes we could add to our diets on a regular basis that were appropriate for our blood type (not sauerkraut). This one is appropriate for all blood types but not a recipe to use if you have any issues with Gout. We loved it so much that this year we made several batches.

Bread-Sourdough French

SOURDOUGH BREAD, FERMENTED   (Makes 2 loaves) YOU WILL NEED for making this Sourdough French bread:  Bowl of water to dip hands/scrapers into Bowls to hold pre-measured flours, salt, water Chef’s knife Cooling Rack Dutch Oven x 2 or Bread pans Gram scale Hand towel to...

Bread–Black Bran Rye Recipe

I’ve been trying for years to make black Russian Rye bread after I fell in love with it at the Three Girls Bakery in Seattle at The Pike Place Market. It’s still not as elastic as I like, but at least this Black Bran Rye Bread is not the latest “Duck sinker” I call it. A Duck sinker bread is one that is fed to the waterfowl and as they eat it they visibly sink deeper and deeper into the lake. Now I know you’re not supposed to do that anymore yet I still make loaves that could sink a duck more often than I’d like. I got this recipe off the back of a Bob’s Red Mill Rye Flour bag. 

Yogurt from Raw Milk

I made a leap in 2015 and started purchasing raw milk from a neighbor’s dairy in an attempt to support their farm. What I didn’t expect is that the phlegm I usually produced drinking homogenizes, pasteurized and ultrapasteurized products never happened! It was like a miracle. After a few months I tried yogurt from raw milk and also raw cheese from her dairy. It was kind of bland but I had read a few books on raw milk and found that it contained natural bacteria that would kill off any bad bacteria.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is teeming with all kinds of minerals that are highly absorbable for the system. Molasses is also an excellent source of manganese, calcium, copper and a very good source of copper, potassium, magnesium, B6 and selenium.