My Favorite Products

Over the years I’ve thrown literally thousands of dollars worth of fad supplements into my compost pile. These are the ones that are tried and true–products that really seem to work on lots of people. Hope the list helps you!

Supplements I Currently Take

I personally take a variety of homeopathic remedies: Food Additive detox drops (for my sulfite, pesticide and herbicide allergies), Sick Building Detox Drops (for my petrochemical, phenol and formaldehyde allergies), Viral and Bacterial drops (as needed after being exposed) and add other specific homeopathics and remedies as needed. I especially love the Lawn and Garden Detox drops as I occasionally feel some fibromyalgic-type pain when exposed to herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and green peppers.

Which Supps. Are Best for Me?

I really can’t tell you which products are best for you without evaluating YOU and what genetic predispositions you have, what kind of a diet you are attracted to, what stressors you have in your life, what dis-eases you are trying to overcome–and the list goes on. I feel it would be unethical to give out specific information without some kind of evaluation on what your body really wants and needs (also taking into account that you may be taking some kind of supplements or medication already and that my answer may influence the usage of them.)

*Products We Carry for Clients

Your body knows what it wants. It doesn’t care what the latest protocols are and it usually doesn’t like it when you load up on 20 different supplements for “prevention” of disease. It also doesn’t like to go out of its order—your own innate wisdom knows that order. Through muscle testing we explore what your body wants and give it the supplements, homeopathics and herbs that it wants TODAY. Following the body’s wisdom, in my opinion, is the best way to heal. I love these products and the homeopathics I carry because they are effective, high-quality (and reasonably priced). Let us help you design the game plan you need to get well. We love what we do. If we can’t help you before we take you on as a client we won’t let you be a client but will try to give you at least some help, a referral, techniques, or resources to get you going in the right direction.

*Medical Intuitive Consults What I Do, How I Work

Medical Intuitive Consults: The body is like an onion in that it has a healthy core. We build layers of dis-ease on top of that healthy core until sometimes we can have as many 8 layers of disease. These people are REALLY sick. Most of us don’t have that many layers. The body innately knows how it wants to be healed. The trick is to listen to the body’s wisdom. When the body wants something fixed in a specific way, sometimes it will not let the body know the deeper or less important causes until the major—most important ones—are attended to first.