Do You Want To Live?

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Are you engaged with life?

Do You Want to Live?

I often start my naturopathic or medical intuitive exam out this way to insure the body is in alignment with the brain. Before I did phone consults and when I was first starting out 35 years or so ago, I would have the client hold their arm out. As I tested the resistance in their muscles, I’d have them repeat after me, “I want to live.”

If the arm drops, the body is not in alignment with the brain. This is called being psychologically reversed. Most times there is a way to fix that with an easy exercise.

Here it is:

Lightly tap on the backside of each hand, between the ring and little fingers and centered between the knuckle and wrist. Got your bearings? Now repeat this phrase out loud three times as you tap the points on both hands:

“I totally and completely accept myself, with all of my problems and all of my shortcomings.”

That’s it. Now check your work.  Have the person whose arm has dropped hold their arm up again and say, “I want to live.” The arm should stay up and the muscles should be able to resist the pull on the wrist downward.

Repeat the exercise 3-5 times a day for about a month.

Oh, just one tip.  Men resist this exercise and often feel anger and resistance in doing it. When queried, “Did you do the exercise?” many of them will not have completed the process at home. Women often can’t get through the sentence the six times it takes to do the exercise. They start to cry (and they act so surprised that tears are coming out.) Offer a tissue and do it anyway. It’s often a major step in the healing process.

So, what if the body never comes into alignment with the brain? Bad deal. You will need to make some choices. One of my cancer patients, Virginia, was like that. No matter what I offered she found an excuse to not comply. She couldn’t eat raw foods, prepare meals, take supplements on a regular basis, take a daily bath, or change her attitude. She forgot to make appointments with the massage therapist. She did not drink her water.

About the only thing she continued were homeopathics and her Rife machine treatments—and coming to see me because I listened. The lumps started coming back in force. Some days, not one positive thing would come out of her mouth. Her husband was with her all the way, although she found much fault with him. It must have been difficult, at best.

Life is part of a cycle. There is a time to live and fight and a time to release and die. It was time for Virginia. She had completed her lessons and had been present for the soul lessons she signed up to help others complete in this life.

One day I just said, “It’s time to change my focus on your case.”

“Are you giving up on me?” She asked tearfully.

“Heavens, no! I’m just changing my focus. It’s time for me to support you in the process of dying.”

And that’s what I did. As transitions go, it was nearly perfect. We discussed the dying process, what she would experience and what she should focus on. We discussed pain killers, and when to take them. We discussed the side effects of drugs, and I worked with her in determining when she should let the medical system take over (which she had resisted most of her life even to the point of refusing a mastectomy—one breast had just rotted off.)

We talked about God, religion and the philosophy of life. She was able to take short day trips with her husband and be out-of-doors. She stopped denying herself the foods she loved and ate what she wanted to. She spent the last days with her family—mending emotional fences and making peace with her father. Hospice provided her with the perfect volunteer, who had the same religious beliefs as she had.

The most amazing thing was that after living with cancer for almost 10 years, she died pain-free. I occasionally feel her energy around me. She’s kicking up her feet and very busy on the other side, doing all the things she was not able to do on this side for so many years.

Until we meet again Virginia. It was an honor to be of service.

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