Fat and Toxin Metabolization Activation Technique

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The Fat and Toxin Metabolization Activation Technique

Here’s a Wild and Wooey technique for all of you who know how to muscle test. Before you start, I just have to tell you a couple of stories about this technique. When I first learned of this technique at an Ener-Chi seminar I thought it was just too weird and far out. There were about thirty of us in class. We all did the technique on each other. My appetite was actually suppressed for six days. I thought it was a placebo effect, yet I really didn’t believe in the technique, so how could that be? 

I started doing the technique on my clients. I had several Mormon clients come in over a period of six weeks. Many of them would come up with programs having to do with heavy metals. I started to ask more questions. As it turned out, all of them had come from around Provo Utah. Mrs. Mills finally came up with the answer for me. There was a film producing plant in the area. The clients were getting exposure to heavy metals via air pollution. (I determined that Carob Powder does a great job at getting rid of heavy metals in the body.) 

Another client came up with radioactive programs in the testing process. We tracked it down to the house he was living in. He purchased a radon test and was amazed to find that high amounts of radon were coming from the dirt in the unfinished basement. (I gave that client the homeopathic, Radialgin.) 

Subconsciously I believe we know what kinds of toxins we are exposed to throughout our lives. That may be the reason why this technique works. By saying the names of the “programs” out loud we are triggering subconscious memories of times gone by. 

I really can’t explain how techniques like this work. It blows my scientific left brain, but they do. For me I think it’s the process of building faith. We don’t always have an answer for everything. 

So, Here’s the Technique:

Step one: Activate the Fat and Toxin Metabolization Point by rubbing just above the top part of your sternum, also called the sternal notch. 

Step 2: Say out loud, “I will now download the following programs into my physical, psychological, and somatic regions.” 

Step 3: Muscle test the following items. When you come upon one that you need to download the “program” into your body by saying the name the program (out loud). Then, with four fingers of one hand thump or tap the heart chakra which is also called The Perfect Awareness Point. Tap this point once for each program you want to download. 

Here’s the list of the individual programs to install into your body.

  • Accumulation of dead cells
  • Accumulation of dead tissue
  • Accumulation of negative emotions directed at self
  • Enlarged cells
  • Enlarged toxic cells
  • Calcified tissues
  • Calcified thought patterns
  • Calcified dead cells
  • Calcified dead parasites
  • Calcified water matter
  • Dead tissues or chunks
  • Dead fat tissues
  • Dead waste tissues
  • Dead waste
  • Dead rancid fats
  • Dead stored poison tissues
  • Dead toxic tissues
  • Rancid fat cells
  • Rancid toxic fat
  • Live parasites
  • Dead parasites
  • Dead parasitic waste
  • Parasitic waste products
  • Toxic waste products
  • Toxic fat
  • Toxic matter
  • Stagnated energy patterns having to do with excess weight
  • Stagnated water
  • Stagnated toxic water
  • Stagnated rancid fatty tissues
  • Stagnated energy in meridians
  • Stagnated poisonous waste fluids
  • Excess waste
  • Excess calcified waste
  • Excess debris
  • Excess water retention
  • Parasitic debris
  • Debris
  • Fungus
  • Mold
  • Candidiasis
  • Chemical sensitivities having to do with abnormal weight patterns
  • Over populated fatty cells
  • Over populated white fat cells
  • Over populated brown adipose tissue
  • Cellular waste products
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Lack of circulation to various body parts
  • Hormonal utilization dysfunction inducing fatty metabolism error
  • Testosterone as a fat metabolizer
  • Progesterone as a fat metabolizer
  • Estrogen as a fat metabolizer
  • Adrenal hormones as fat metabolizers
  • Other hormones as fat metabolizers
  • Water dysfunction in catalytic conversion
  • Lack of fatty metabolism
  • Two-point to other organs (No, I don’t know what this means)
  • Stored inorganic minerals
  • Stored metals and fat cells
  • Metal poisoning in fat cells
  • Rancid metal toxicity
  • Fat from metal calcification
  • Metal formed intracellular debris
  • Accumulated chemicals stored as fat waste
  • Accumulated metals stored as fat waste
  • Accumulated metal becoming rancid fats
  • Dead fat cells from metals
  • Debris stored as residual fat
  • Unclassified debris
  • Bound water waste
  • Nonessential bound water
  • Nonessential bound rancid fluid wastes
  • Radioactive body fat
  • Radioactive stored fats
  • Radioactive excess fats
  • Radioactive dead cells
  • Radioactive debris
  • Radioactive nonessential waste products
  • Radioactive rancid fats
  • Radioactive stored rancid fat cell poisons
  • Fat cell negative memory
  • Negative emotions associated with food and childhood memories
  • Metabolic cell safety mechanism
  • Carbon monoxide as sludge
  • Carbon monoxide as stored toxic waste
  • Carbon monoxide as toxic poisons
  • Carbon monoxide as stored rancid toxins
  • Carbon monoxide as stored rancidities
  • Waste gases
  • Trapped waste gases
  • Trapped poisonous gases
  • Trapped toxic gases
  • Trapped emotions
  • Oxidized rancid gases
  • Oxidized waste gases
  • Oxidized toxic gases
  • Wasted space
  • Any and all non-essential gases stored as intercellular or intracellular toxins and/or poisons

Step 4: Now ask, “Is there anything else?” If so, tap the Perfect Awareness Point one more time and say, “Add that.”  

Step 5: Now say, “I command these programs be installed into my body’s metabolic computer and to have them run for ______hours/days and one second.” (Muscle test what time period your body will run it for.) 

Step 6: Thump or tap the Perfect Awareness Point. 

Step 7: Say, “I will now change my body’s metabolic rate by increasing and amplifying it by ______times normal.” (Muscle test to get the amplification. Start out with 1x normal, 2x normal, 3x normal, etc. to get the answer your body wants.) 

Step 8: Say, “I now activate my Appetite Suppression Center to run ______ hours/days and one second.” (Muscle test how many hours or days your body will let the suppression run.) 

Step 9: Now rub the bumps just behind your earlobes and a little to the back of the head (the mastoid processes), and then thump or tap the Perfect Awareness Point one last time.  

Step 10: Now say with conviction: “I command my body to empty all debris from this programming process through my lymph nodes, lymph fluid, lymph channels, lymph ducts, lymph centers, through my heart, liver, and kidney circulation, through my urinary and bladder systems, through my small and large intestine, through my sweat glands, salivary glands and lungs.” 

Step 11: Now slap your sides just below your rib cage and say, “SET!” 

That’s it. Pretty weird, huh? The program is now “installed and running”. The process can be repeated as necessary. I muscle test occasionally asking, “Do I need to run this program today?” If I get an affirmative, I run the program from step one through eleven.

Make an Appointment with Dr. Moffat– We can do this over the phone. Step 1: Read my Bio https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/medical-intuitive-consults-what-i-do-how-i-work/

A few times I have run this technique on people and have found carbon monoxide in their systems. I sent them to the hardware store to purchase a carbon monoxide detector (wondering, “Does this stuff really work or am I sending them on a wild goose chase?”) Sure enough, their house has a leak and more than once I’ve been thanked for saving a life! Bizarre. 

Helpful Links and References for the Fat and Toxin Metabolization Activation Technique: 

This technique was adapted from Drs. Randy Robirds (Las Vegas, Nevada) and Russell Loveland  (Utah) who once did Ener-Chi Seminars. If you are interested in learning more healing techniques like this one, please call their offices. You can reach Dr. Robirds at:  https://randallrobirds.com/