My Favorite Treatments:

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Some of My Favorite Treatments:

Acid Reflux: This one is most always easy. Most all of my clients have resolved this with eating for your blood type. It is a dietary issue. I recommend the book Eat Right 4 Your Type  by Peter D’Adamo. Helpful supplements include Betaine HCl, Papaya Enzymes, Zypan, Multizyme, not drinking large amounts of fluids with the meal, increasing raw fruits and vegetables, and some aspects of food combining.

Aneurisms: Calsol, Cataplex E2, Cataplex B, Chezyn, Cholacol II, Viral Immune System Stimulator Drops, +/- Myrrh Gum Caps, for three months. Also increased raw fruits/veggies to alkalize and detox system. To read more about this disease:

Arthritis: Increase raw fruits/veggies, juicing, appropriate supplements–Integrative Therapeutics Brand Glucosamine sulfate, MSM, Burdock, Yucca, Knox Gelatin, Old Dog Formula, Source Natural’s Joint Factors, Frankincense, Celery Seed Powder (for bone spurs), determine core cause, correct diet, determine allergies, detox body of heavy metals.

Bad Breath/Halitosis: Determine core cause and repair. See my handout on

Epilepsy in dogs: Liver detox, heavy metal detox, increase raw fruits/veggies, a bit of bacon grease each day, Standard Process Min Chex or Min Tran or Neurotrophin PMG as needed.

Gingivitis/Periodontitis/Pyorrhea:  I’m not so sure about White Oak Bark and receding gums though. People keep asking about that. I think gum massage is better for that condition.

Gout: Determine core cause, dietary changes–eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad. Add concentrated Cherry Juice daily to supplement protocol. For a complete list of the foods to eat and avoid, see my Got Gout handout.

Headaches/Migraines: Determine core cause. Some allergies to certain foods will produce a headache up to 36 hours after ingesting them. For a complete list of these foods and help in determining questions to ask so that we can help you determine what’s causing your headaches, go to my headache handout:

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension: Often we can get this under control with Lifestyle and Dietary changes and by getting your cholesterol to come down. An excellent product for the cholesterol reduction is Chitosan. Click on the link to read all about that product, and for a complete list of all kinds of things to do for High Blood Pressure:

High Cholesterol: Chitosan if flat out the best product out there. Also helpful are Metagenics brand Metastitosterol and Solaray brand Red Rice Yeast. Note though, as of 2019 the FDA decided that Red Rice Yeast worked WAY too well for high cholesterol so now they make the companies remove the component that binds the cholesterol so maybe your best bet is the meta or betastitosterol.

Hot Flashes: Phytopharmica’s AM/PM Menopause Formula works well. Also eliminate or minimize alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and food additives like sulfites and nitrates. And increase your raw fruits and veggies.

Infertility: Detoxify (both partners), eliminate as many negative things from the environment that are harming the egg and sperm as you can possibly incorporate into you life, eat raw hulled pumpkin seeds every day, take wheat germ oil pearls, do emotional release work to eliminate anything emotionally holding you back from being a parent, treat the underlying cause of infertility. To read my extensive handout on that,

Detoxification handout

Nail Fungus, mild: Vick’s Vapo Rub every night until the nail grows out–approximately 3 months.

Prostatitis/Increased PSA test: Increase raw fruits/veggies, eat 2 Tablespoons raw, hulled pumpkin seeds daily, prostate massage technique, Saw Palmetto, repair nutritional deficiencies, determine core cause and treat it, do emotional release work to release all negative emotions keeping the body from healing. For a more complete handout on this,

Sinusitis: Hot/Cold Alternating Soaks, 5 day water-only fast, liver detox, homeopathics for specific allergies, increase raw fruits/veggies, Neti Pot for severe cases (many of my clients swear by it.) Hot/Cold Alternating Soaks:  and  water fasting: 

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Increase raw fruits/veggies and cooked veggies, sesame seeds or Halvah (about 1-2 tbls./day). This treatment is awesome for Blood Type O and A people.

Thyroid problems: This disease is really tough because there has to be permanent lifestyle changes and if you’ve been on thyroid medicines, you may have to stay on them. We can help with integrative therapies, but this is one disease that needs to be managed for a lifetime (unless it’s thyroiditis which can be often resolved with natural medicines) To read more on thyroid tips though, go to:

Yeast infections: 5-day, Water only Fast, Myrrh gum powder capsules, Mycological Immune System Stimulator drops, get rid of the “parasites” from your life that are sucking the energy right out of you, repair nutritional deficiencies. For a complete handout on symptoms and treatments: