Near Death Experience

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The Near Death Experience and Depression

Do you ever wonder why so many people are depressed these days? There are many reasons for depression, but one reason that the medical field may be overlooking- is the Near Death Experience (NDE.)

There are many good books on the market about life after death and NDE’s, but the one I find most useful in my practice is Beyond the Light by P.M.H. Atwater. The reason I like the book is because it answers a lot of questions on why people say, act and feel as they do after an NDE.

P.M. H. Atwater interviewed thousands of people who had experienced an NDE and categorized the subjects by frequent physiological aftereffects. The probability of having an NDE may be higher if you are older and have had surgery using ether.

I remember many near deaths in the veterinary field when I was in my early teens. The phrase, “We almost lost Fluffy (or whoever)” was common. Have you ever had a surgery where the doctors told you or a family member the same thing? Well, what it really means is that you were dead on the table and they brought you back to life with drugs. Interestingly enough, some people do not remember their experience. Maybe that’s a blessing–read on.

Some common physiological after effects of a Near Death Experience:

  • We are never bored. Life takes on a new meaning, like that of a child.
  • We laugh a lot and are creative.
  • We are more sensitive to light (especially sunlight), sound, and noise.
  • We like chimes/bells and classical music. (I feel like taking a bat and smashing the radio when acid rock comes on.)
  • We are more accepting to the new and different.
  • It takes less of any substance for full effect (alcohol, drugs, food).
  • We prefer light, no curtains, open doors and windows with no locks.
  • Sometimes we have boundaries issues.
  • Synchronicity becomes common place.
  • It’s like you can hear animals and plants talk. They like us.
  • Watching a plant not do well is agony.
  • You may be able to hear music in the air when there is none.
  • We use multiple senses and have an acute sense of smell (sometimes down to the molecule I’m told)
  • We become electrically sensitive so our bodies interfere with light sources, electronic equipment and security systems. Sometimes I feel like a mechanical incompetent!
  • We can sense changes in the weather better than others.
  • Allergies increase especially to chemicals, food preservatives, perfumes.
  • Experiencers choose homeopathy, herbs or other alternative methods over allopathic medicine.
  • We are attracted to the metaphysical, psychic and hands on healing fields so make great healers, ministers, artists, musicians, intuitives, therapists and innovative inventors.
  • The experiencer might have memories of “alien” existence, UFO dreams and alien encounters.
  • One annoying thing for me is that most watches stop on my wrist.

There are a few things I have picked up on my own that I would like to share.

It seems NDE’rs crave lemon. I think this is due to the natural lithium, which acts as an antidepressant.

Also, it would make sense if the experience was a good one that on the anniversary of the NDE you subconsciously trigger those good feelings and want to go back to the other side because it is so fantastic. So, for those of you who are chronically depressed, have you ever had an NDE that you can remember? If you put yourself into situations of danger where you almost lost your life or have tried suicide, was it at the same time of the year as the NDE occurred?

One thing is for sure. When it is your time to leave you will be able to, but it may help you to understand that if you still have a job to do here, if you focus on that job, the depression is not as bad.

Sometimes drugs are necessary for depression, but sometimes it is better to find the core cause of the depression. Hooking into your Life Purpose is a must in overcoming this root cause of depression. You will also do better if you are in total alignment with your Moving Towards Values and run from the upsetting Moving Away Values.

I hope this expands your options. Get the book, Beyond the Light . It may just save your life.

If you would like to read about my own personal death experience, go to my biography. It changed my life. I’m sure if you have had one, it has changed yours.

In-depth interview with P.M. Atwater about the Near Death Experience: