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Product of the Month 

Please note: I don’t sell products to people who are not clients. To do this you need to schedule a full consultation and I have to be able to help you–or I won’t take you on as a client. It has to be a good match on both sides. Some of these products are sold through professionals only. I like to make sure the product is the one you need, the dose that vibrationally works for your body, that it’s charged and prayed over and I keep records on the products and how they work for you. Refills are handled the same way (even if you choose not to have another appointment to recheck your supplements. I can’t do this additional service by selling to just anyone. BUT, you may be able to find these products elsewhere and the website is yours to learn from. I just may not be able to answer any questions you have regarding products if I can’t see your history in front of me. Sorry for that inconvenience. Dr. Moffat 

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