Stress Strategies and Nerve Rings

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Nerve Rings in the Iris

Nerve rings in an iris

Stress nerve rings or cramp rings in an iris

Nerve Rings in the Iris (also called Cramp Rings):

When an animal comes in with nerve rings in the iris (see the circles around the outside of the iris?), I know there is a lot of stress in the household. Usually, the person bringing in the pet also gives me clues as to who is the nidus of the problem as many humans in the house will show similar iris signs.

The person causing this symptom in the pets and other people in the house is usually a screamer. These cases are sad because the people/animals exhibiting the stress lines are holding it all inside while the person causing the stress is attacking anything in their path with verbal abuse and sometimes physical abuse as well.

My theory? Treat the whole house with supplements and foods that will help repair the nervous systems of everyone involved. At the same time, work on techniques like building self-esteem and developing boundaries in hopes to overcome and manage stress in acceptable ways. It would be nice to get rid of the source of stress as well!  This is a big topic though and most of the website is teeming with ideas on how to change thinking patterns.

Here are some nutritional options for stress:

B-Stress Formula with Siberian Eleuthero (ginseng) by Nature’s Way™ is one of my very favorite anti-stress secrets. I’ve taken it for years and if I don’t take it, I can get kind of bitchy. Needless to say, it is in my maintenance nutritional program. I’ve tried other combination B-Vitamins, but this one seems to work for me.

Some other brands I’ve tried have caused me to be urinary incontinent. I wonder how many women have incontinence caused from things they are eating, or from supplements or medications they are taking?

Livaplex® by Standard Process labs™: Stress often manifests itself as anger. People who are predisposed to weight around the bottom of their rib cages will want to read more about this product, because this is the body type that is predisposed to liver disease. What I like about this product is that it both detoxifies the liver and rebuilds better liver cells at the same time.

Livaplex® is known as a protomorphogen, which is a non-allergenic extract of cellular components made from liver.

My vegetarian clients won’t usually take these supplements, but they have no idea what they are missing, because these types of supplements are AWESOME for repair of sick organs. Livaplex® also contains some copper, Vitamin A and Prolamine Iodine. These days I am seeing huge amounts of sub-clinical thyroid cases, so every little bit of bioavailable iodine counts.

Liver RET drops by Professional Complementary Health Formulations are a combination of homeopathic drops that clean the liver and flower essences that calm the body and help to release the anger (within minutes I’ve noticed!) I just love these drops, especially for children who are bottling up anger for certain reasons (like a divorce process in their parents.)

Another flower essence I recommend for stress and grieving is Bach Rescue Remedy. Two to three drops every few minutes as needed does wonders for calming the nervous system. I especially like the Bach Rescue Pastilles.

Whole grains contain many natural B-Vitamins. I’ve noticed over the years that the more animal-based protein consumed, the more anger is manifested. While my vegetarian clients may have anger challenges, anger rarely manifests in them. Then again, my vegetarians are rarely Blood Type O. Blood Type O people do better with a little red meat in their diets. They are the “hunter/gatherer/worker bee” types of people that do well with aerobic types of exercise. Other blood types come from farming ancestry, according to Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s work involving eating for your blood type.

Green Vegetables are essential for calming the nerves and preventing stress build-up. Green is the color of healing. It feeds the heart chakra. Green vegetables are full of natural minerals which are essential in calming the body. They are also very alkalizing, so are essential in the detoxification and repair of the body. Green vegetables keep the body alkaline. Eating raw fruits and vegetables is another emotional stabilizing technique in its own right. This technique, alone, can reverse mild depression within a week.