Testimonial for TMJ

you hit the nail on the head again! Another Home run! At my last checkup you said, “Terri, I’m picking up that you have TMJ!” I realized, “Wow, yes I do.” I had forgotten and yes it was there and had been bothering me. You advised I see my chiropractor to adjust it for me, with your cute little giggle. Now I realize what the “little giggle” was for. It hurt! Wow did it, and boy was it inflamed and out of whack!

The Unquiet Dead

People are often afraid of things they have no knowledge about. This book summary/review is an attempt to educate the reader on a topic that is very charged with fear. Edith Fiore has performed over 20,000 regressions in her life as a clinical psychologist. What I like about her approach is that it seems practical and is used in a common-sense manner. Each case she evaluated over the years she said was, “like an intricate jigsaw puzzle that we put together by picking up a random piece here and another isolated one there. When the last significant piece is pushed in place, there is an instantaneous cure.”
The way I work with my guides to figure out cases is much like this. Even trivial little pieces of information come into play to put together that picture of someone’s health challenge.

Hello from Heaven

An After Death Communication (ADC) is defined as a direct one-to-one experience involving the person in this dimension making contact with someone in another dimension. No intermediaries (like psychics, mediums or hypnotists) are involved in ADCs. ADCs happen spontaneously. The deceased loved one chooses the time, place and method of communication. There are no rituals, séances, Ouija boards, crystal balls or other devices used. . . A woman walked up to Elisabeth in the hallway outside her office. Elisabeth recognized the woman as a former patient who had died, yet she was present and talking to Elisabeth. The woman said, “I had to come back for two reasons. Number one, I wanted to thank you and Reverend Smith once more for what you have done for me. But the real reason why I had to come back is to tell you not to give up your work on death and dying. Not yet.” Well, Elisabeth was thinking that nobody would believe her, she knew she wasn’t hallucinating, so she shrewdly looked at the woman and said, “You know, Reverend Smith would be thrilled if he would have a note from you. Would you terribly mind?” The woman knew what Elisabeth was thinking. The apparition took out a piece of paper, wrote a message and signed her full name to the paper then walked out the door and disappeared.

The Touch of Healing Book Summary

The Touch of Healing: Energizing Body, Mind, and Spirit with the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu book review/summary. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese practice that balances your body’s energy by using the fingers and hands. The technique was lost for centuries until a sage named Jiro Maurai came along. He noticed that subjects within spiritual and devotional paintings placed their fingers and hands in certain positions. He dedicated his career to figuring out what these hand positions meant. His research ultimately revealed that each one of our fingers affects 14,400 functions within the body.

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