Vertigo-What is causing it?

Ask Dr. Moffat: Hi, Denice…I forgot to mention that since my surgery, and also several other times during the year…perhaps during allergy times, but sporadic, so I haven’t seen a correlation to anything specific yet, I have been experiencing strong vertigo…when I lay...

Raw Dark Leafy Greens

Ask Dr. Moffat: Amounts of raw dark leafy greens to eat Dr. Moffat: I always feel so happy after we speak! (Your healing energy.) You’re very encouraging and you always seem to help me remember, “You’re doing okay”. I forget this notion when left to my own head! And...

Allergies and Food Additive Detox Drops

Ask Dr. Moffat: Hi Dr. Moffat, I read the following from you: “Homeopathics: I carry Food Additive Detox Drops with me wherever I go as I experience heart arrhythmias, nausea, upset bowels, and asthma after ingesting sulfites and MSG. If you have similar problems, I...

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