Shingles-Is There Natural Help?

Natural Help for Shingles  Hi Dr Moffat, my mom is not a patient of yours. I wanted to ask if you sell anything or recommend any vitamins that might help with my mom’s shingles. She is 75 years old. She did have the shingles vaccine. She is on week three and most of...

My Computer Caught Fire and Burned Me

My Computer Caught Fire and Burned Me! Help!’ Dear Denice, I am a bit embarrassed to write this note to you, but I might need your advice. Last Saturday I was looking up cotton clothing on the computer. I was sitting in bed cross-legged with the computer on my...

Coffee Enemas-How Often?

Ask Dr. Moffat:   Hi Denice – Yay! I ‘just’ did the coffee enema — woo-hoo! Today I was feeling low energy and concentration, but now I feel GREAT — as if I am not even fasting! I can see now why you recommend them, they’re pretty amazing! So, the question is, may I...

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