2013 Christmas Letter

So, a year in review for Michael and I. . .thought I’d include pictures since this is going out in email form this year. Please include me on your Christmas card list. I love reading about your lives and consider you my extended family. We decorate our house with the Christmas cards we receive. They really give us warm fuzzies. . . and we do decorate our house with the cards you send us each year.

About Michael Robison

Michael’s Water Consultations and Face Reading Services tie in perfectly with a website on natural health. There are SO many issues having to do with water these days with toxins and chemicals being commonly misused on our planet. And as we focus on you getting to know YOU better, you are more able to gift our world with your special talents. Michael can help you come to know yourself better by reading your face.

My Perfect Client

Well, whatever you think about is what you create. Here’s my personal list. I mentor many other healers and people who want healing practices so I hope my list triggers some processing for you and ideas as to what you want to accomplish for YOUR business. This exercise taken from the book, Attracting Perfect Customers by Stacy Hall and Jan Brogniez

*Denice Moffat’s Mantra, Goals, Mission

For me, I had a manila folder in my desk drawer that I kept adding clips and sentences of values and beliefs I felt really meant a lot to me. I kept adding to this folder for two years before deciding to take it with me to a spiritual workshop. In between speakers I walked on the grounds. Here I found a huge Buddha statue where I sat on a bench and roughed out my mission statement together over a period of two days. I fine-tuned it after letting the rough copy sit for a week or so. I still like it.

I review my mission statement 2-4 times each year to see if I’m still on track. Because I’ve written out a set of Beliefs, I also read that. It’s amazing

Our Permanent Location as of 12/24/08

It’s been quite a year for us. In April we moved to Deary to a 4500 square foot 5 bed/5 bath rental home. Too big. And after several years of pulling maps out in search of our dream property in Idaho exploring and re-exploring Deary, Harvard, Genessee, Moscow, Nez Perce, Plummer, Riggins, Cataldo, Sandpoint, Kooskia, Kamiah, Peck, Lenore, Coeur D’Alene, St. Maries, Bonner’s Ferry, Santa, Troy, Weippe, Cocolalla, Cottonwood, Elk City, Harrison, Hayden, Juliaetta, and Kendrick for that perfect spot, we looked at the center of our vision board and noticed the “You are Here” symbol before realizing that almost everything we’ve ever wanted in a piece of property was right where we were in Deary (Avon to be specific, which is a subdivision of Deary).