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Alkalize your Body Do you cry often? Have skin problems such as acne or psoriasis? Stiff Joints? or blurred vision? You might have an acid body. How to self-diagnose and repair an acid body with foods.

Auras: I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the years wishing I could see auras and spending money on videos, books, and really cheapo (but expensive) blue glasses so I could learn how to see the aura consistently, but I have not been able to see auras consistently as of yet. The one thing I did notice when studying all these materials was none of the resources really provided a full list of the colors and how to interpret them. That really bugged me, so I took a few days and gleaned the internet finding resources on the color combinations.

Breathing and Meditation How do YOU meditate? What works for you? What do you feel in your body? I know I’m not the only one to admit that I have a difficult time meditating. Here are some answers I received from the above question on an interactive Conscious Evolution site. I hope one of these methods will help you on your meditative journeys.

Cell Phone Safety: Is Your Cell Phone Safe? Are you Safe from EMFs and 5G? Some research on cell phones suggests increased risk of brain and mouth tumors and behavioral problems in children from the use of cell phones.

Chakra System The Chakra System is comprised of a series of swirling energy fields. Each chakra influences our body and the diseases it manifests. Sometimes chakra work is the key to the underlying cause of disease.

Chlorine Hazards By showering in chlorinated water we are directly exposing ourselves through the skin and respiratory tract with a concentration of chorine equaling up to 50 glasses of chlorinated water a day! Just one more major chemical we are exposing ourselves to. It is important to get and use a good shower filter! You can purchase a good one for about $40.

Coffee Enemas Now why would anyone want to do an enema, let alone a coffee enema? Well. . . Coffee enemas are used routinely in the process of detoxification to stimulate the liver, control pain, nausea, general nervous tension and depression. To make enemas the most effective, the patient should lie on their right side with both legs drawn up close to the abdomen. . .The caffeine is absorbed from the fluid within ten minutes through the hemorrhoidal veins directly and is then transported directly through the portal veins and into the liver. This stimulates the production of bile and gets that elimination system moving.

DAMNIT Scheme for Diagnosis This is a diagnosis scheme taught to us in our veterinary radiology class. We’d stand in front of X-ray viewing boxes for hours looking at radiographs saying “DAMNIT, what could this be?. . .D is for degenerative, disorders, developmental”. . .duh. . .until our eyes blurred or we just didn’t care anymore! Of course I’ve added a few extra terms you don’t need when looking at radiographs, but you get the general idea. It covers a lot of ground.

Detoxification Tips and Tricks Disease happens through poor eating habits, overwork, stuffing your emotions, eating too many cooked foods, too much sugar, salt, caffeine, drugs, vaccines, tension, depression, lack of proper rest, lack of exercise, environmental contamination of the air/water/food and the retention of metabolic wastes (constipation). The only effective way to “cure” disease is to eliminate the causes. The body should be cleansed in this order: Bowels, liver, kidneys, blood and lymph.

Enema Tips and Tricks Herbs, oils, juices, teas—what to put in an enema and why. Enemas best suited for various diseases like cancer, AIDS, malabsorption and other chronic diseases.

Far Infrared How do we derive the benefits of sunshine when we are not in it? The use of far infrared products is one answer.

Fingernail Analysis :  A good practitioner of this art can look at a patient’s nails, tongueeyes, skin and even (if they are really good) shoe wear and the pattern of moles and freckles and be able to tell which organs are weak and which are healthy.  Since the nails are the last to receive oxygen because they are the farthest from the heart, they are often the first to show signs of disease processes.

Glandulars , Protomorphogens and Cytosol Extracts  Glandulars are whole organs that are dried at low temperatures and ground up then put into capsules. They are given for general support of various organs. Protomorphogens are bits and pieces of cells that have a special affinity to sick cells and work to repair the RNA/DNA templates to make happier, healthier repaired cells over time.

Healing Crisis or Herxheimer Reaction: What is a Healing Crisis, healing crisis symptoms, How to tell the difference between disease and healing crisis, how to get through it faster, exercise and case study.

Homeopathic History A homeopathic remedy is an extremely diluted dose of a mineral, animal, or chemical which stimulates the body to react to it by excreting that same thing out of the body or balancing the body in some way.

Homeopathic Use Instructions for taking them, storing them, the do’s and don’ts of using this type of healing modality called homeopathics and when to ask for help.

How to Choose a Juicer You will have to research and pick a juicer that you can both afford and that will fit your lifestyle and needs. Here are some things to look for to help simplify your decision making process.

Ionic Minerals Every day you don’t get your minerals you are chopping off a few hours or a few days of your life. There is no such thing as “eating right.” If the minerals aren’t in the soil where the food is grown, they are not in our foods.

Is Fasting Safe? Before fasting you should have a thorough understanding of all the steps involved and you should become acquainted with a practiced practitioner who knows what they are doing (and has done a fast of the duration you would like to do) that you can call to ask any questions if necessary.

Juice Fast Tips and Tricks How to prepare and what to do for the most efficient juice fast.

Lab Result Meanings Lab result interpretation for dummies–well, not really, but at least you can understand most of it!

Magnetic Therapy All about magnets, how they are used, health effects of magnetic field disruption, contraindications for using magnets, temporary symptoms associated with their working and personal experiments and stories.

Muscle Testing. Several methods to empower yourself. Tips and tricks to increase accuracy, what you can use it for and what you can’t.

Muscle Testing-Its Many Uses:  Over the years I have answered many, many questions about muscle testing, how it is used, how to make it more accurate, how people misuse it, and what things to pay attention to. This is a culmination of all those questions.

Shoe Wear Analysis: Get a pair of your own old flat-soled shoes from the closet and tell me where the wear marks are. The shoes should have been new when you got them and not worn for any period of time by anyone else (or we will be testing THEM instead of YOU!) If you wear orthotics, shoe inserts, or custom-made shoes, you may have a bit of a challenge seeing your weaknesses, but just get an older pair of your soft-soled slippers or flip-flops to look at.

Sleep Sleep statistics, common sleep problems and 16 suggestions on how to overcome them.

Sweating & Hydrotherapy The skin is sometimes referred to as the third kidney and is our largest eliminative organ. When healthy, the skin should eliminate 30% of the body’s waste through perspiration. Sometimes sick, sedentary bodies do not perspire as efficiently as healthy bodies. This is where different types of heat and hydrotherapy are effective.

To Vaccinate or Not? How would you feel if you decided not to vaccinate your child and he/she came down with polio? I have several clients with Post-Polio Syndrome, and let me tell you, their life is constant and unending pain. Granted, you may have a bank account large enough to overcome a case of Parvo in your puppy (if it survives,) but is it worth it for the puppy to have to go through that? Or Feline Leukemia in your cat? Vaccines are cheap and effective insurance for these deadly and debilitating diseases. Now let me give you some other options. . .

Tongue Diagnosis and AnalysisA normal tongue is pink in color, medium thickness, no cracks, ulcers, no teeth marks and with a light white moist coat (with root) on it. It has a look of aliveness and is supple (not stiff). There is no movement (quivering, trembling, side-to-side motion, curling or shifting to one side.) A healthy tongue looks like a piece of freshly killed meat.

Tooth Chart: Which teeth in your mouth are having problems? This could be why certain body parts are having problems. Each part of the body is integrally associated with other structures in the body. All these systems communicate with each other.

Urinalysis Interpretation. The urinalysis measures the presence and amount of a number of chemicals in the urine, which reflect much about the health of the kidneys, along with cells that may be present in the urine.  We try to identify crystals, bacteria, yeast, red cells, white cells (indicating infection), something called a cast (which is a clump of sloughed cells from inside the tiny renal filtration tubules), sperm and even the occasional parasite. This lets us know if we are dealing with infection, diet or metabolism disorders, and what part of the urinary system is in trouble.

What Causes Disease? Disease is a breakdown of your body’s cells optimal function making your body “fertile soil”. This happens through poor eating habits, overwork, stuffing your emotions, eating too many cooked foods, too much sugar, salt, caffeine, drugs, vaccines, tension, depression, lack of proper rest, lack of exercise…

What is a Normal Bowel Movement? With every new exam I ask the question. . .“How many bowel movements do you have each day? Do you see any mucous, blood, diarrhea or constipation?” Feces, crap, stools, shit, poop, manure, BM, #2, dung, droppings, and bowel contents are all the same thing. I use all these terms as sometimes my clients don’t know what feces or stool is. If I can’t communicate with my clients, I can’t help them.

What is a Rule Out? I just had lab tests done and am trying to read the results with the help you have listed in your website (Lab Result Meaning.)  What exactly do you mean when you say “Rule out”?  Does that mean to test further? Thanks!

Which Alternative Techniques are Best for You? After many years of exploration, I have learned that there is something good to learn from everybody. Don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water” if you don’t vibrate positively with a certain healer. Glean what works for you and move on. Don’t be afraid to explore new healing modalities. Shifting and returning to practitioners you have not seen for several years also helps. As you grow, so does your lens of perspective and understanding. What one practitioner says to you today may mean something totally different to you years from now.  What you don’t understand, put on the “Cosmic Bookshelf.”

Yin Yang Concept Personally, I don’t think Oriental philosophy should be so daunting but it sure seems to be! I think everyone should work towards understanding each other’s cultures so we can integrate and utilize information better and with more clarity. I like using whatever works, no matter where it comes from and I think we can integrate all kinds of techniques. This is what I have gleaned on the Yin/Yang philosophy so far…