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Including: 150+ Cheap, Easy, Fast and Effective Gems You Can Incorporate Into Your Life Today for Better Health Tomorrow!

I’m hoping this report will give you some great information to get you started or keep you moving toward your path to health. Using these techniques, tips, and tools could potentially eliminate any illness or dis-ease you currently have. I use the term dis-ease because when your body is out of balance it does not function with ease. Now some people think they need to have a name for their dis-ease, but sometimes, if you name it, you live it. Often this is not healthy to do. Most diseases are here to teach us lessons. When we learn the lesson and accept the gifts our participation in the process provides, then we no longer need the dis-ease and can let it go.

This information can also provide you with a greater sense of well-being, a better quality of life and can potentially slow down the aging process. Heck, who wants to be old and crippled . . . Do you want to lie in a nursing home or hospital bed hooked up to a bunch of life support devices that keep the physical body alive for years? Who wants to live that way? And I hear lots of people say that retirement is not what it’s cracked up to be. They never expected to feel so bad that they couldn’t enjoy it.

Well, I think you should enjoy every day to its fullest, but there are some things you need to do to be able to fully participate in life.  Even our older bodies should be strong, flexible, full of life and energy and have great stamina to do whatever it wants to do to enjoy life. And I’m going to tell you how to do it.

So, what are we trying to accomplish with our health? A healthy body should be full of energy and vitality. What are the signs of a healthy body? Well, a healthy body should not stink—no strong body odor, no bad breath, no foot odor and the urine and stools should not overpower you with their scent. A healthy person sleeps soundly so they can fully take advantage of the sleeps rejuvenation process. A healthy body has no skin rashes, no dry skin, and no dandruff. It should not be overly stressed or depressed. Its immune system should be strong enough to rarely be affected by colds, flu, or other immune dysfunction. And it should not have heartburn, aches, and pains or need to take any drugs to overcome dis-ease symptoms.

There’s a phrase I’ve always loved that I think about when things don’t go right in my life. It goes like this:

  • If you always do what you’ve always done,
  • You’ll always get what you’ve always got.
  • And you’ll always do what you’ve always done
  • If you always think like you’ve always thought.

At one point in my life, I was NOT a healthy person. Even now I strive to stay on that path to health. And in our day and age, with all the environment hazards we are exposed to, it is not always easy. Our grandparents had no where near the exposure to the amount of toxins that we have today. If most of us keep on the path that we’ve always done, our bodies will continue to deteriorate to the point that we cannot enjoy the aging process. If I don’t do things to make my world safer and my surroundings more in alignment with health, then I’ll just get what I’ve had in the past . . .dis-ease and illness. So, I’ve committed to keep reading and shifting and changing as necessary to keep my body working as smoothly as it can.

It all seems so overwhelming. Where do you begin? What can one person do? Well. . . here’s my take on it, and it’s working for myself and my clients.

  • Take the first steps to building your healing team.
  • Detoxify the body to remove existing toxins.
  • Stop, or reduce the toxins going into your body.
  • Fortify the body with superior nutrients so that it can rebuild happier, healthier cells. My motto has always been, “If you give the body what it needs, it will respond accordingly.”
  • Create an alkaline environment within your body. Most diseases cannot survive an alkaline environment.
  • 150+ Things You Can Incorporate Into You Life For Better Health.

Now, here are some specific things you can do to address each of these areas. I’m going to list a bunch of them. It’s not a complete list. These are just things that can be done to tempt and assist the body to heal using its own innate wisdom.

Please don’t be overwhelmed and don’t think you have to do every item—although that would be a great goal. Go with it, incorporating the easiest things for you at first, and then keep adding more of the suggestions until your lifestyle habits shift.

Some of you will be gung-ho and others will be very slow. Whatever steps you take in a positive direction towards health are great. It took me several years to get these incorporated into my life. I’d make a New Year’s resolution to adopt three new things each year. The thing is, I committed to doing them and I stuck with those items until they became part of my life.

Take the first steps to building your healing team.

This team should have a wide variety of education, experience and perspective.  I’ve listed gobs of categories and some reputable practitioners in my website under Links: Healers. You may not be able to find a practitioner listed in your area, but at least it will open your eyes to what’s out there. Then you can go into your local phone book and health food stores and inquire into finding reputable people who have lots of experience and good reputations.

On my own health team I have other naturopaths, veterinarians (of course), chiropractors, massage therapists, iridologists, holistically open medical doctors, dentists and nurses, energy workers, herbalists, aroma therapists, dowsers, ministers/pastors/reverends/priests, homeopaths, and health advocates. I have a chiropractor that adjusts my neck when I need it, another one that adjusts by back and ones that do alternative techniques like kinesiology, activator methods, NeuroLink and “squawk box” adjustments. I’ve just found what works best for my body and I’d drive a couple hundred miles to get what I need to keep me healthy.

I seek out “mavens.” A maven is someone who is an expert in their field. For my team, it’s important for them to be positive, offer hope, options, education, and not bad-mouth each other and each other’s treatment protocols. I like them to be able to work as a cohesive unit (or at least keep their negativity to themselves and be professional in the way they handle things.)

All healers provide some benefits; have certain types of things they are really good at; have some therapies that work better than others and have different perspectives on how to treat the same situation.

You will find the people that are exactly perfect for you at the time that you need them. If you need a person with a big ego, you’ll find one. If you need direction and can’t make up your mind about what to do, you’ll find a practitioner to tell you what to do. If you need options and lots of education, you’ll find someone like me that will provide that information.

I try to keep in mind that all the people on my team are angels in my life here to help me. Even though I occasionally get some advice that I’m not in alignment with, I honor each person’s approach and focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. We all have some of each. We all align with some clients more than others and there are times when we do a better job (because the timing is right for that client or they are more open to hearing what we have to say.)

Great practitioners are passionate and dedicated to their profession. We keep up with continuing education and are always open to learning new things, read constantly and get really great feedback from our clients.

Consult with your healing team on a regular basis—even if you are not experiencing annoying symptoms. An occasional spinal adjustment, health check, a balancing of the supplements and a massage will keep you moving and feeling great.

If you have insurance, check with your company and inquire if they have a FLEX plan which covers alternative medicine services. Some companies allow you to pay for alternative services with pre-tax dollars.

Ultimately it is up to you to take responsibility for your own health. You may be discouraged at times, but don’t give up! There are huge resources available to you. If you search long enough for a solution to your health challenge, you will find it.

Detoxify the body to remove existing toxins.

Getting those toxins out of your system (and everybody has at least some) will increase you energy level, help you to lose (or gain) weight so that your weight is normalized, help you to have a happy continence and overcome depression, anxiety and it will stop, clean up and reverse dis-ease processes in your body. You can start the process by Doing a total body detox. There are lots of cleanses on the market, but here are the systems (in the correct order) of how they should be cleansed:

The Total Body Cleanse

First cleanse the bowel. If you can’t get this system moving, any toxins you mobilize will have a difficult time getting out of the system. This may take one month, or it may take three. Whatever time it takes is the time it takes. Read about healthy bowel habits in my Enema Handout to get some ideas on how to clean the bowels.

When the body absorbs too much of its toxic waste it leads to what is known as autointoxication. Signs of an unhealthy bowel are skin disease, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers, obesity, yeast infections, sugar cravings, blood in the stool and more. Increasing soluble and insoluble fiber sources in your diet are a must. If you don’t want excessive gas during this process, I’d recommend eating for your blood type. You can explore that at

I recommend a routine parasite cleans during this time as well. I personally worm myself twice a year with Pyrantel Pamoate. This is a “real” drug used to treat roundworm infestation in people and pets. Your holistically-oriented doctor may write you a prescription for this, but if they don’t you can usually pick some up at a feed store. Trade names in the animal world are Nemex II, Strongid-T, EquiPhar, Pyratabs, D-Worm, Evict Liquid Wormer, Sure Shot, Antiminth. This particular product is so safe that you can take 40 times the dose with no serious side-effects. People take the same dose as a dog (in weight pound for pound). If you have an itchy anus, bowel problems, are a serious gardener or live in a windy area and breathe in lots of dust, you may want to repeat the dose in 7-10 days to kill off the new parasites that may have hatched after the first worming.

Now, if you eat lots of lettuce, watercress, raw fish, and rare meat, you may also need a tape wormer. You’ll have to get a safe wormer from your medical doctor or use a natural wormer (not the best choice, but you do what you must!)

There are lots of natural wormers on the market. Frankly, they don’t work very well. I include them in my diet though, knowing they are not that effective. And when I crave lots of cloves, I know I need to be wormed.

Natural wormers include, cloves, wormwood, black walnut hulls, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, diatomaceous earth, garlic, cilantro, betel nut, polyporus mylittae, rhizoma rhei, tillandsia and mint leaf.

For Giardia and other protozoal parasites which are often the core cause of irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, chronic diarrhea and leaky gut syndrome, you’ll want to add Bowel Pathogen Nosode. This homeopathic does a great job on those cases. Read about HOMEOPATHIC medicine and how it works.

Lots of people seem to do well on Total Body Detox drops added to the water or taken under the tongue for 2-3 months.

Second cleanse the liver and gall bladder. Toxins built up in the liver causing it to be imbalanced are responsible for allergies, glaucoma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anger issues, cancer, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and weight above the belly button. One indication you can easily see to assess the liver is to look at your fingernails. If they have red rims at the tip of the nail, you’ve got liver stagnation. Bile that stagnates in the gall bladder can cause gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, hiccoughs, burping, nightmares, wandering back and chest pain (mimicking a heart attach). You have to get the toxins out of the liver and gall bladder by first opening up the bowels.

There are herbal combinations out there to support the liver, or you can do a liver-gall bladder flush. It’s gross, but it sure does get things moving. There are all kinds of techniques for that you can find on line. You’ll also want to add in lots of dark leafy green vegetables. You’ll want to do this for 1-2 months depending on how stagnated your liver is and how many dis-ease processes you currently have that are liver-related.

Now, this is important: As your body kicks in and starts to heal and you are in a good place with your diet, you WILL have side-effects start to occur with any prescription drugs you are taking. It is only a matter of time. Drugs and surgery simply address symptoms, not the cause of illness and disease. So, please make sure that you have the inserts to any medications and know what the side effects are. You will want to work with your doctor on eliminating those drugs one at a time. For some drugs, you will NOT want to discontinue them without a several month wean-off program. Hormones, thyroid drugs, antidepressants, blood pressure medications and heart medications will need a wean-off period. Work with your healing team and doctor on this.

Third, you’ll want to support and flush the Kidney and Bladder. Signs of dis-ease in the kidney and bladder include: fear, doubt, anxiety, whining, body odors, weight gain below the belly button, heavy thighs, fluid retention, urinary incontinence, having to get up to urinate more than once every night, bladder infections, kidney stones, yeast infections, and more.

I’ve found that supporting the kidney with emotional remedies really helps with anxiety, fear, doubt, dread. Emotional remedies are homeopathic combinations of natural substances and flower essences taken under the tongue as needed or for up to 4 weeks at a time to shift your negative emotions that influence organ health.  Read about the history of HOMEOPATHIC medicine and how it works.

You’ll also want to get a great liquid vitamin and ionic mineral supplement that is easily assimilated. I’ve used this company’s brand since 1985. It’s awesome and it works for osteopenia cases because it’s so bioabsorbable.  Read about Ionic Minerals

Kidney people don’t process water efficiently or handle calcium supplements very well. Because of this, natural diuretics and foods high in bioavailable calcium are excellent. Watermelon is a great diuretic fruit for the kidneys. Asparagus builds great kidney energy and parsley is very high in natural calcium and trace minerals. All three will help with edema problems. If you are a stone former, you’ll want to add some Hydrangea root to your supplement protocols as well as that dissolves the stones. Hydrangea is taken in capsule or tea form.

Concentrated sugar-free cranberry juice is great for bladder problems. Chase the cranberry juice with some water and it will actually taste sweet. You can read more about the different types of fruits and vegetables and how they benefit your body by checking out the Juicing Handout.

This cleansing process will take from 1-3 months depending on how strong or weak these two organs are. There is no use taking diuretics if you don’t get the toxins out of your system. The weight is there because the toxins won’t move. The body is trying to protect the organs by attracting the fluids you drink and keeping them in the areas that are toxic.

Forth, you will want to support your lymph and circulatory system. Dry brushing is great for this. It’s do-able and there are only good side benefits. You can read about the process of Dry Brushing here.

Great herbs to add for lymph and circulation are cayenne, ginger, parsley and poke root. I also support the circulation with Cardio Plus and Vasculin whole food supplements from Standard Process Labs and Lymph Liquescence drops from Professional Complementary Health Formulations.

Then, you’ll need to do some clean up work after you’ve got all those channels moving. For example:

Heavy Metal Cleanse: If you have amalgam fillings, are around welding, drink water from pipes that have lead solder, have hobbies such as stained glass or pottery, work on cars or live in an area that has air pollutions spewed into the environment or in a place that mines metals, you should do a heavy metal cleanse. Some primary sources of heavy metals are: Petrochemical and gas fumes, old paint, smoking (active and passive), tools, cadmium in paints, dental amalgams, large consumption of some kinds of fish (mercury), cookware (non-stick aluminum), antiperspirants (especially sprays that are inhaled), antacids (Tums has aluminum in it), tap water.

There are various ways to do this. Oral chelation is definitely not as effective as intravenous chelation. Often insurance will pay for the intravenous chelation if lab tests prove you have heavy metal toxin signs and symptoms.

I have found that carob powder and homeopathics do a wonderful job of removing heavy metals from the body. I’m really in to cheap and effective when I can get away with it—especially if the products are high-quality.

Yeast Detox: Symptoms of yeast are many and can be quite surprising in the way that yeast affects each system of the body. One does not necessarily have to be diagnosed with vaginal yeast. Some of the most obvious signs of yeast are: allergies to molds and mildews, environmental chemical sensitivities, hypoglycemia, red rashes, vaginal yeast infections, hang nails, depression, thoughts of suicide, cancer (yeast is a major core cause of cancer).

If you’ve ever taken antibiotics or have had a yeast infection, you’ll want to read my Yeast Tactics handout under Diseases on the website.

The best way to do a yeast detox (after doing the other detox exercises above,) is to do a 5-Day Water only Fast and follow it up with 2-6 months of Myrrh Gum Powder or Mycological Immune System Stimulator drops. Here’s the link on Water Fasting.

If you do the water fast before getting all the systems up and smoothly running again you will experience some serious die-off reactions when the yeast die and your body won’t handle it well. You really don’t want that. This is known as a Healing Crisis or Herxheimer’s Reaction. Here’s how to deal with a Healing Crisis.

Prepare for the fast by alkalizing your body and getting your bowels, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and bladder functioning optimally first.

Vaccinations: If you have been vaccinated or have to have vaccines for your job or career, I would definitely get some homeopathic nosode detox drops to remove the mercury and other harmful components that preserve the viral particles within the vaccines.

Stop, or reduce the toxins going into your body.

I’ve listed over 150+ tips on how to do within the body of this report. Please do not underestimate the importance of any of these tips. Every tip you can incorporate or sneak into your lifestyle will help. Awareness and education is often the key to overcoming dis-ease.

Fortify the body with superior nutrients so that it can rebuild happier, healthier cells.

You will need to provide your body with great-quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and supplements to support the weak areas of your body. Each person is an individual and needs different supplements. Some really great, high-quality brands of supplements are: Standard Process, Professional Complementary Health Formulations, Planetary Formulations, Source Naturals, Nature’s Way, Nature’s Sunshine, Solaray, Biotics, NutriBiotic, Frontier Herbs, Starwest Botanicals and some miscellaneous network marketing products (one or two products in each line usually.) I’ve listed products that I know work well for the greater population over the last 14 years of my practice here in My Favorite Products

Some of our favorite products are listed in the 150+ tips below.

Create an alkaline environment within your body. Most diseases cannot survive an alkaline environment.

So, how do we create an alkaline environment? Well, you. . .

  • Eat more raw fruits and vegetables and more lightly cooked vegetables. Eating more raw foods because the have lots of live enzymes in them which speed up the biochemical pathways within the body up to 10,000. That means the body detoxifies faster.
  • Minimize animal-based proteins.
  • Drink more pure, non-chlorinated water and fewer cups of coffee, processed juice, soda and alcohol.
  • Minimize emotional stress by either changing the situation or changing your attitude about it.
  • Exercise to move stagnated toxins and keep your lymph system in optimal working order. Walking is a really great exercise well-suited for all blood types.
  • Think pure, positive thought and work through and eliminate every negative emotion that you possibly can. If you can’t change the situation, then change your attitude towards it.

Checking your body’s pH can be kind of tricky. I prefer to go by signs and symptoms of an acid body. I’ve found that some of the pH paper is not that accurate. Here are some of the major signs and symptoms of an acid body:  Appendicitis, back/disc disease, blurred vision, chest pains, continuous mucous, corneal ulcers, crying spells, deafness, elbow pains, estrogen imbalances, finger pains, gallbladder problems, hardening of the arteries, hemorrhoids, herpes, hip pains, hot flashes, joint pain, nasal drip, numbness in legs, osteoporosis, rectal itching, rheumatic pains, ringing in the ears-tinnitus, sensitive skin, sensitive stomach, skin breaking out, stiff joints, swollen ankles, tense shoulders, tired legs, ulcers, and weak spells.

If you’d like more education on this alkalizing your body, here’s my Alkalize Your Body handout.

150+ Cheap, Easy, Fast and Effective Things You Can Incorporate Into Your Life for Better Health

These are ways to modify your environment, eliminate toxins, ways to change your habits and eating patterns and work through the physical/mental/emotional aspects of your dis-ease. My husband Michael and I use most all of them and it shows in our life.

  1. Add more soluble and non-soluble fiber to your diet. Make your own granola with organic grains. Here’s the recipe I use—it’s listed under the recipe section of my website. Granola Recipe.
  2. Antibiotics and hormone additives cause hormone, reproductive and Candida problems. Seek natural alternatives and choose and purchase organic meats. Minimize dairy products unless purchased from a health food store.
  3. Ask yourself what the gift in the situation is from the dis-ease you are experiencing.I often ask my clients this question when they are telling me their traumas and dramas. One thing I’ve noted for sure is that if you keep falling into the same scenarios, there is either a lesson or a gift in the situation. There is a silver lining to every dark cloud. By attracting the same energy brought to you by different people (I call them Angels), are you learning patience? Are you learning to stand up for your rights? To overcome a sense of worthlessness? Are the situations pushing you into being a better person or into getting a project completed that will make the world a better place? Is the situation helping you to get so mad as to overcome a fear that is holding you back? Only you can figure that out, but it is a common occurrence. Often, the gifts we receive from experiencing darkness in our lives make difficult times the best things that every happened in our lives. If you add them up, often the good from the experience outweighs the bad.
  4. Avoid dietary toxins: Dietary toxins to avoid include non organic foods, tap water, acidic liquid or hot foods stored in soft plastics that leach chemicals such as (take out containers, Styrofoam and polystyrene, cling wraps.
  5. Avoid making contact with clothes that have been dry cleaned. These chemicals are quite toxic and increase the risk of chemical sensitivities. I know one woman who is so sensitive to environmental toxins that she has to purchase everything used to make sure it has been washed many, many times and that it has been thoroughly degassed.
  6. Beware of “cheap” vitamins and supplements. If the supplements contain man-made minerals or vitamins, they are sorely lacking in nutrients and are not very bioavailable to our systems. Instead use whole food based supplements. Our bodies know them and accept them easily into our systems. Ascorbic acid is NOT Vitamin C. It is only one molecule of the Vitamin C. No wonder we get a gut ache when we take it.  I once had a client that worked for the IAM’s company. A grain truck pulled up one day to deliver its load. The inspector looked into the truck and saw mold on the grain. “Take it away, we don’t want it,” he said. So the driver delivered the grain to the bakery down the street!
  7. Beware of man-made Vitamin E. It is derived from petroleum products. Always make sure you purchase all-natural Vitamin E. Look for mixed tocophorols, and d, l tocophorol. Never purchase D, L alpha tocophorol. This is the one that is made from petroleum. Natural food sources for vitamin E can be found here.
  8. Build a positive support group for yourself and meet a minimum of two times each month. These are called Master Mind Groups. You can read about them on my website under Prosperity, Master Mind Groups.
  9. Build Healthy Boundaries. Sometimes we make ourselves sick so we don’t have to do what we don’t want to do. We can’t say “no.” This is serious. It can cause cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia and a host of other horrid diseases. If you’ve never read a book on boundaries, I’d recommend: Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin by Anne Katherine. It’s a short, but effective little book.
  10. Buy a juice machine and use it. We purchased two juicers recently at yard sales. One was really used and cost $5.00. We bought it as a backup for our own. The other, a Braun, was never used and in the original box. We bought it for $10 and the price tag on it said it was originally purchased for $99.95! Read more on Juice Fasting and to read about our adventure of completing a 40-day juice fast, read our  Juice Fast Blog (a diary of our 40-day Juice Fast)
  11. Buy Local –Know your sources. Go to the farms and see how they grow and prepare what they sell. Shop at Farmer’s Markets and Co-ops. Purchase produce from Certified Organic and Transitional Organic farmers.
  12. Cancel the newspaper. It’s too negative.
  13. Change your metaphors. The things you say and think. They attract either positive or negative energy into your lives. Here’s an example: One winter, during an arduous divorce process several years ago I used to say, “I am so pissed off.” I said it with lots of emotion. I really got into it. I called so much negative energy to my bladder area that it wasn’t until I started urinating blood, having already taken a bout of antibiotics, several different homeopathics, and supplements for urinary tract infections, that I realized I was causing the problem by what I was saying. I took the phrase out of my vocabulary and my urine turned clear in two days with no other treatments or changes in my life! For about 100 other things you may say that affect your health negatively, go to my Metaphors page.
  14. Clean up your life. Finish it or chuck it. Clean one room/day in your house. Give away or yard sale items you have not used in over a year. Repeat the cleaning process again in two weeks and redistribute more items. Now stand back and ask, “Could I take a picture of this room as it is and submit it to House Beautiful magazine? Is it that neat and tidy? Are the counters cleared of clutter and everything in its place? If the answer is no, you’ve got more work to do. Cleaning up your life gives your mind more space to get well. It invites new and better energy into your psyche.
  15. Complete or resolve promises to yourself and others. It is such an energy drainer to know you have promised to do something that you know you will never complete. Every time you see the project or the person it throws you into a guilt trip mode. This suppresses your immune system. So, free up your life and talk to those people who you have made empty promises to. Tell them you know you have made a promise, but don’t feel you have time to complete it and that you are sorry OR commit to a time when you will finish what you promised.
  16. Count fat calories until you become accustomed to how much saturated and unsaturated fats you are eating. To be in a state of top health, and adult should have about 50 grams of unsaturated fat and 30 grams of saturated fat each day. We carry a bottle of Chitosan in the car in case we get into a situation where we can’t control our fat intake (like when eating out or at potlucks). This is a fat-grabbing supplement made out of the exoskeletons of shellfish that binds 7 grams of fat for every pill you take. Take it before you eat, and if you have high cholesterol, take 2-3 before you go to bed on an empty stomach with a small amount of water. People with shellfish allergies should NOT take this product.
  17. Cull down the prescriptions and over-the-counter medications you take . . . With your medical doctor’s help of course.  As your body gets healthier, you may experience overdose side-effects from the medications. I urge each of you that are taking ANY medications to be aware of the side effects. As the side effects increase, it’s time to decrease the dosage or change to a more appropriate supplement or medication. Many products (like Tylenol PM and baking soda toothpastes) can increase your blood pressure.
  18. Cut out or cut way back on “Social” drugs such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.
  19. Dispose of your outdated supplements in your garden where you would plant your vegetables or put them into your compost pile. Why waste them? Let the plants recycle them so that the produce will be even better than what you can purchase as organic at the store.
  20. Do a 10-Day juice fast twice a year and a 3-Day juice fast twice a month. For more on fasting, check out our Juice Fasting handout. 
  21. Do a 40-day fast. Make a commitment to yourself to give up self-recrimination and doubt and thoughts of anger and resentment for 40 days. It doesn’t have to be associated with Passover, and you don’t have to be Catholic to do this 40-day fast. Get a support group together and make that commitment to check in regularly during your fast. Better yet, do it with a partner.
  22. Do a Random Act of Kindness every day for someone you don’t know. Doing things for others takes your mind off of your own problems. For more  ideas on what to do, go to Random Acts of Kindness.
  23. Do not drink canned, bottled or frozen juice. It has been pasteurized and its enzymes have been killed. It is only a source of high-fructose corn syrup, calories, or other sugars. These types of juices make our bodies acid. Raw fruit juices help to create a healthy alkaline environment.
  24. Do not eat high fructose corn syrup. In Blood Type O people it can be responsible for causing diabetes and insulin resistance. The food industry hides this in everything. That’s why it’s best to cook for yourself—you can monitor the stuff that goes into your food and make it more wholesome.
  25. Do not eat hydrogenated oils or Trans-fats. Hydrogenated oil causes artery plaque and heart disease. It coats the insides of your intestines and disrupts the optimal function of digestion. It causes brain plaques and signs of dementia, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. So, use butter or oil, but NOT margarine. Did you know that it takes 7 years to break down hydrogenated oils in the body? This is significant because most of the cheap foods that can be purchased at fast food places, and packaged foods contain high amounts of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (like Crisco and partially hydrogenated soy or cottonseed oil) Poly unsaturated fats compete for the same receptors as the saturated fats, except that the unsaturated oils can’t penetrate the cell with this cement-like layer of saturated fats.
  26. Do not eat in fast food restaurants. Rent the movie, “Super Size Me” to see why. You just can’t order anything safe in one of those places. Would it surprise you to hear that in foreign countries there is a warning on every fast food restaurant entrance that eating at these establishments more than twice a week can be hazardous to your health? Well it can.  See the movie.
  27. 27.  Do some hand tapping. Tap on the outside of each hand above the little finger on the back of the palm. Repeat the following phrase OUT LOUD three times for each hand as many times each day as you can. “I totally and completely accept myself, with all of my problems and all of my shortcomings.” Post this affirmation in front of the toilet. The bathroom is a safe room to repeat things out loud and you have to be there several times each day. If you are a woman, you may not be able to stop yourself from crying. This is normal and a sign that you would benefit from this exercise. Take some Bach Rescue Remedy and use a tissue. You will work through this and get over it. Keep doing the exercise for an entire month. If you are male, you may feel anger, say the exercise is stupid and not want to complete it. This is also a normal response. Do it anyway for 30 days.
  28. Don’t buy “Fat Free” products. They are usually loaded with extra sugar and chemicals.
  29. Don’t buy anything labeled “Low Carb” (especially if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label.)
  30. Don’t carry those “new” quarters in your pocket. I know this seems weird, but when you put three of these quarters together, it somehow makes a circuit that weakens your immune system. We circulate those quarters. We tithe them, give them as tips, and purchase lottery tickets with them. We don’t have them by our bed or in the car or our purses or wallets. Check it out. Hold three quarters next to someone then pull down on their arm while they are trying to hold their arm up. It always weakens. This means that they are weakening your body as well. For more on muscle testing, how to do it and how it can be used correctly, read my handout on Muscle Testing under the Basics of Health on my website.
  31. Don’t drink or eat anything with blue dye in it. The blue dye seems to be associated with attention deficit problems. Food Additives:
  32. Don’t eat “Sugar-Free” products. They are laden with chemicals and often have more fats in them than full sugar snacks. Usually they are the same amount of calories as well.
  33. Don’t eat pre-packaged foods. Pre-prepared foods are loaded with additives, MSG, sulfites, preservatives and chemicals/dyes that harm your immune system. Even foods that have been stored in plastic wrap can leach chemicals into the food that can harm your body.
  34. Don’t purchase pre-packaged lunchmeats. They are loaded with salt and as of August, 2006 the FDA is allowing them to be sprayed with as many as 5 viruses to help preserve the meat and poultry. To read more about this, go to the August, 2006 Newsletter.
  35. Don’t set your laptop on your lap. The electromagnetic fields cause infertility and disrupt your energy field freaking out your immune and hormone systems.
  36. Don’t swim or soak in chlorine poisoned swimming pools and hot tubs. To read about the hazards of that, go to our Water Basics Handout or look under Health Basics for more information on water.
  37. Don’t take the window seat on the airplane: Flight attendants and pilots have the highest rate of infertility. Window seats on the airplane double your exposure to ionizing radiation.
  38. Don’t use artificial sweeteners. The horrors of these go on and on. They can cause diabetes, insulin resistance, lots of weight gain, migraines, allergies and more. To read about the most common ones, go to my Nutrasweet  and Splenda Handouts. I also have a list of foods containing Splenda (yes, it’s in Pedialyte and Flintstones vitamins!).
  39. Don’t use bleach. Chlorine is bad for you. Scientific studies have linked chlorine and chlorination by-products to cancer of the bladder, liver, rectum, and colon, as well as heart disease, atherosclerosis, anemia, high blood pressure, and allergic reactions.
  40. Don’t use sun block or tanning lotions. We need 20 minutes of sunshine daily to help us make Vitamin D in our systems. Vitamin D helps us utilize calcium to build strong. If you are out in the sun longer than that, wear light clothing and a hat. How do you know when too much is too much? If you’re taking Vitamin D supplements, you may want to reconsider:
  41. Don’t let people rent “head space.” I picked this technique up from a segment Candid Camera did many years ago. In this particular segment of the show filmed in New York, an actor was behind the counter of a drugstore. On the front of the counter a sign read, “We don’t give change.”  People would come up to the counter with their purchase and set it on the counter. The clerk would take their money and put the item in the bag. When the customer complained about not getting their change, the clerk would point to the sign, “We don’t give change.” Of course Candid Camera was filming all the reactions. That was quite a show. Well, one gentleman had put his purchase on the counter which added up to under two dollars and he gave the clerk a $20 bill. When this man asked for his change, the clerk pointed to the sign, “We don’t give change.” The man said, “Oh. OK.” and walked out.  Wow. Of course that prompted Candid Camera to interview the man. How could he leave that much change and not have a problem with it? His answer… “Sir, I’ve spent so much money over the years on psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychiatrists that I’ve learned not to let people rent space in my head if I don’t have to.  I don’t rent people a lot of head space anymore and I didn’t think that the $18 in change was worth the rent.” Remember that you are the only person who thinks in your mind. You are the power and authority in your world.
  42. Don’t use anything with mineral oil in it. Mineral oil is a petrochemical.
  43. Drink non-chlorinated, filtered water free of nitrates, arsenic and other contaminants. To read more about the basics of water and how the different water contaminants can affect your health, see the water handout listed above.
  44. Drink out of glass, not plastic. We call bottled water “PCB fortified” water. Even if it is distilled, I’ve noticed that in some bottled water you can smell the plastic in the water. Other stores move the water so fast and store it at a good temperature so that not as many PCB’s are leached into the water. If you can smell it, it’s penetrating your mucous membranes and getting into the bloodstream.
  45. Eat a minimum of three servings of raw fruits, three of raw vegetables and 3 of cooked vegetables each and every day (this will take you the farthest in correcting most dis-ease patterns.)
  46. Eat a variety of foods. Shoot for as many colors as you can. The body’s constant exposure to eating the same foods every day cannot keep up with detoxifying chemicals, additives and foods that you are allergic to.
  47. Eat blackstrap molasses. It’s very high in minerals and bioavailable iron. About ¾ teaspoon per day is a good dose for adults.
  48. Eat dark chocolate. It has more antioxidants. Organic is best and most of you are going to eat it anyway, so you may as well shift to a better choice of chocolate.
  49. Eat fats with any calcium supplement. It helps the calcium be absorbed into the bones. Natural sources of calcium can be found in my Best Bet Foods for Minerals page.
  50. Eat for your blood type. It’s awesome for any gastro-intestinal problems.
  51. Eat fruits alone and before noon. Mixing fruits and vegetables together can give you a gut ache. Read my article: How to pick the best-quality fruits
  52. Eat Halvah for mild depression instead of taking anti-depressants. About 1-2 tablespoons/day is the dose. If a little is good, a lot is NOT better. This stuff does have some hydrogenated fats in it. I’ve been doing this for the last 5 years and I’ll have to say I’ve experience maybe a day or two here and there of depression. I used to suffer from it for three months twice a year every year of my life. No more. You can also eat Tahini or sesame seeds, but you’ll need to double the dose.
  53. Eat local honey. Honey has lots of benefits, but the honey purchased through local sources will help your allergies. It acts as a homeopathic to help alleviate symptoms.
  54. Eat more organic, free-range eggs. Eat the yolks—especially if you have any skin or nervous system dysfunction. Eggs are awesome. See my report on why eggs are good for you.
  55. Eat more nuts. They have lots of minerals and unsaturated fats so will help prevent arthritis and help the tissues to flow better.
  56. Eat more parsley. It’s full of trace minerals, easily absorbed calcium and lots of other great vitamins. To read more about this wonderful herb:
  57. Eat only as much as one fist’s volume of food each time you eat. If you don’t stretch your stomach, it doesn’t need as much food at one time. Eat more frequently and only when hungry.
  58. Eat organic produce.Most pesticide, herbicides and fungicides are fat-soluble. That means they build up in your fat and are DNA damaging. They often mimic human hormones and are a big factor in hormonal imbalances.
  59. Eat two tablespoons of raw-hulled pumpkin seeds per day. Pumpkin seeds bind up the toxic by-products from the breakdown of testosterone responsible for causing prostate problems and it also acts as a skeleton for any reproductive hormone that women need (estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone.) If a little is good, a lot is NOT better. Eating lots of pumpkin seeds at one sitting can cause diarrhea and all nuts are high in calories.
  60. Eat wild fish, not farmed. Fish are high in good fats but can be high in mercury or PCB’s which are harmful to brain development and can harm the fetus. Choose wild salmon or other wild-caught fish over farmed salmon. Check out which contains a mercury calculator. The “Got Mercury?” calculator helps you make healthier seafood choices. Just enter your weight, the seafood type, the amount of seafood you will eat during a week, and click the calculator button. The calculations are based on EPA and FDA data (updated January 2006). Swordfish, shark, tile, mackerel, and tuna have higher amounts of mercury in them than other types of fish. Use these moderately and rotate the types of fish regularly.
  61. Eliminate Raw Soy and Soy Protein Isolate products from your diet. Traditional forms of soy are preferred (eg. Tofu, tempeh, miso, soy sauce) because these have been fermented or soaked to remove phytates. Phytates are a toxin that block mineral and protein absorption. If you are using soybeans, soak them overnight and throw away the water before cooking them in new water. Soy milk is a problem for this reason. Soy milk is made from raw soy products and is also often high in aluminum, sugars, cyanogenic glycosides among other things. Also, at this point in our history about 80% of all soy products come from genetically modified strains. Raw soy products (such as soy milk and soy ice cream) prevent the thyroid gland from working properly because it blocks the conversion of the inactive to the active form of thyroid hormone. Soy also acts as a phytoestrogen. This means that the body may recognize it as estrogen. These phytoestrogens cannot be used like our own estrogen hormone, but the body tried to do the best it can with what it is presented with. This can lead to decreased fertility rates. If you like soy milk and are allergic to cow’s milk, then try rice milk, almond, or oat milk.
  62. Eliminate Ultra Pasteurized Milk from your diet. It may be the cause of irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut. Also, xenoestrogens are high in animal protein, milk fat and dairy products. These mimic human estrogens and disrupt the hormone balance of the system. To read the full story on this, go to:
  63. Exercise four times per week for about 30 minutes per session.
  64. Experience a sweat using a dry sauna or infrared sauna. Keeping your pores open will help with detox and keeping your body alkaline. To read more on infrared therapy, go to the Far Infrared handout.
  65. Find alternatives to white sugar. At the very least, buy C and H which is made from sugar cane. U and I sugar is made from beets. A by-product of production is sulfites which many people are allergic to. If you can find it, purchase raw evaporated cane juice and use that instead, or use honey or Stevia. For more information on alternatives go to my Sugar Substitutes handout.
  66. Get a flat screen for your computer. Flat screens and laptop screens emit fewer damaging rays but higher amounts of electromagnetic fields. They are best used on battery power and not plugged into the wall. One study showed two times the miscarriage rate for workers exposed to computer terminals.  Plasma screens emit the least amount of radiation. Move your computer monitor and mother board as far away as possible from your body while you are working.
  67. Get a God Can. When you think you just can’t do anything else you write down a prayer and stick it in the God Can and let God take care of it. Now I’m saying you put it in the God Can and let it go. Don’t take it out and play with it every once in a while. Develop a little faith here. “Leave it!” as we say in the dog training world.  You can purchase a God Can via the internet. It comes with an enlightened instructional tape and costs about $10 bucks. And it’s worth it.
  68. Get a pet. They lower your blood pressure; reduce your stress level; give you a reason to live, and give you unconditional love.
  69. Get a shower head attachment that filters out chlorine. For more on how chlorine affects your system, read the Water Basics handout or look at the Water Basics section under Health Basics.  By showering in chlorinated water we are directly exposing ourselves through the skin and respiratory tract with a concentration of chorine equaling up to 50 glasses of chlorinated water a day! And that’s just one more major chemical we are exposing ourselves to. Get a shower filter!
  70. Get an inversion table. So many people have back problems that this would help almost every family. It stretches out your back, relaxes muscles and helps prevent back injuries.
  71. Get clarity on what you really want for your health. Vague hope and indefinite goals are not convincing to the mind. Get specific on what you’d like to accomplish. Visualize yourself doing those things. An awesome book on this topic that can be adapted to anything you want in your life is: Open Your Mind to Prosperity © 1971 by Catherine Ponder. It’s out of print, but you can easily get it on or from your favorite online bookstore.
  72. Get connected to your God Path. This means you have to get into your Life Purpose. If you aren’t you and your body are not happy. When you are, you are healthy, happy and whole. To read on how to connect to your Life Purpose, read my Life Purpose Handout.
  73. Get restful, deep, rejuvenative sleep. If you are not sleeping well, your body cannot heal and will feel like it is in more pain. That’s one reason why we have a magnetic sleep system, have eliminated electrical things in our bedroom, sleep with the window open and take supplements and homeopathics to correct disruptive sleeping patterns (like melatonin at LOW doses and Sleep Disorder Drops—which work great!) Sleep:
  74. Get rid of nonstick cookware. Heating nontoxic cookware to high temperatures causes it to emit toxic fumes. They taught us in veterinary school to never keep your birds in the kitchen. Just small amounts of these fumes can kill your bird. If it kills them, what does it do to you?
  75. Get rid of your aluminum cookware. Acid foods mobilize the aluminum which is linked to Alzheimer disease.
  76. Get rid of your under wire bras. The wire disrupts the energy field and cuts off the flow of lymph to and from the breasts causing cancer and fibroids. Read my  book review:   Are You Dressed To Kill? 
  77. Give and get human contact from safe sources. Human contact is essential for life and it builds a healthy immune system and is responsible for developing healthy brain tissue. I hug many of the clients I see in person and send loving energetic prayer to those I work with over the phone.
  78. Give thanks at the end of the day for all the good you have received. Review that with a spouse, child, or friend via talking, phone or email.
  79. Give up anger. Anger causes 33 different signs and symptoms of dis-ease in your body including fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis, addictions, gout, migraines, smoking and hemorrhoids. For a list of all the physical signs of anger, go to ANGER AND FORGIVENESS, where you will find 80 Forgiveness techniques. Start today. Forgiving can sometimes take up a lifetime. You have no time to lose. Holding in anger and resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.
  80. Got migraines, neurological symptoms, depression, mood changes, heart arrhythmias, diarrhea, anxiety, learning disabilities or blood pressure problems? You’ll want to stay away from Monosodium Glutamate. This chemical is so much into our food supply system that it now has a bunch of other names which are not so memorable.
  81. Have a breakfast drink (tea, coffee, lemon water, potassium broth, hot water) in bed with your spouse to discuss all the good things that could happen that day. Where the concentration goes, the energy flow.
  82. Have a massage at least twice a month. Try out different practitioners. Each has a special gift. Some will suit you better than others.
  83. Have your amalgams replaced with porcelain or other non-toxic components. Heavy metal toxicity from tooth amalgam fillings, lead exposure, aluminum (underarm deodorants) can severely suppress your immune system. Exposure can be determined from hair or blood analysis. We carry homeopathics to detoxify the body of these chemicals, but you can also try using carob powder for a month or intravenous chelation (expensive and time consuming.)
  84. Have your dental amalgams replaced with porcelain (as they need to be replaced if fine, but having them removed and replaced one arcade at a time is better.)
  85. Have your largest meal at lunch and your smallest meal at dinner. Eat a snack just before you go to bed. This helps prevent obesity. Better yet, do some intermitten fasting:
  86. If you won’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Anything you put on your skin absorbs right through it as if you’ve eaten it. Would you eat sun block? NO. So don’t put it on your skin. You get the picture.
  87. Laugh. It strengthens your immune system and makes your cells happy and alkalizes the body.
  88. Learn how to muscle-test. It’s a life-changing technique. Here’s the handout on muscle testing:
  89. Learn the Dry Brushing Technique and do. Thirty percent of all the toxins our body produces are released through the skin. If you don’t keep your pores open and bathe every day, you are losing ground in trying to get healthy. To read more on this, go to my handout on DRY BRUSHING under Techniques on my website.
  90. Learn to say ‘No’ to things that do not nourish your passions. This tip prevents rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and fibromyalgia.
  91. Learn to listen to your body. It tells you when it’s hungry, when you need to back off and not over exert yourself, what foods to eat to replenish deficiencies. When there it pain or a symptom of dis-ease within your body, your body is trying to tell you there is a problem. Make notes of these whispers and discuss them with your healing team. Ever wonder why you crave the things you do? Here’s a FOOD CRAVINGS handout on some reasons why.
  92. Listen to uplifting music. This stimulated endorphins in your body which are necessary for great health. It also keeps you focused on something positive.
  93. Look in the mirror every day and say, “(Say your name here), I love you. What can I do to make YOU happy today?” Then listen for the answer and do what that Still Small Voice tells you to do. Hey, it took me several years to say this and mean it. It’s worth it.
  94. Lower your expectations: When I wake up in the morning I say, “I’m ALIVE! It must be a great day. I wonder what other things I can be grateful for and how I can use my gifts that God gave me?” Then I spend a good portion of the day looking for what is going right in my life or what I’d like to have. I try never to focus on what is going wrong. You can do the same for your health. Focus on what’s working and look for new ways to incorporate good stuff in your life that will support health. Try new things. Keep trying. Don’t expect healing to work overnight. Natural medicine takes time and your body will respond with consistent, persistent nurturing actions.
  95. Make a Wheel of Fortune, Life Cycle Chart or Vision Board: Cut out pictures and start a file, bulletin or poster board of the things you dream of and want to manifest in your life. This is a powerful technique. I can’t even begin to tell you how many things we have manifested with this technique. Have everyone in your family do this. You never know what you will manifest by looking at someone else’s Vision Board every day. Display your vision chart in a prominent place that you can see and spend a few minutes each day looking at it. Spending a few minutes in the beginning and the end of your day meditating on it will get things moving faster.
  96. Make sure the head of your bed is not close to a fuse box. This severely disturbs your energy field sucking your energy and cause depression.
  97. Make your bedroom a radiation free zone. Eliminate all electrical gadgets except one bedside lamp.
  98. Minimize air travel. Radiation damage disrupts the cross linking of DNA leading to genetic defects. The highest incidence of infertility is in airline pilots. Airplanes are notorious for the radioactivity they give off. If you must travel by airplane do not choose a window seat as more electromagnetic fields are concentrated around the windows for some reason. I have a hard time with this advice. I love the window seat!
  99. Minimize Coffee and Caffeine Both are extremely toxic alkaloids. Coffee is a powerful contraceptive agent. Caffeine damages the DNA. Green tea is OK to drink, but do cut back. Decaffeinated coffee is even more evil and nasty unless it is organic and water-processed. Regular decaf uses dry-cleaning chemicals to remove the caffeine from the beans. In men, caffeine exhausts the adrenal glands, which is responsible for a decrease in sperm motility, abnormal morphology, decreased sperm counts, prostatitis, and is links to chromosomal and congenital abnormalities. In women, caffeine exhausts the adrenal glands and is toxic to the eggs and fetus, is highly inflammatory (causes endometriosis), affects estrogen balance (estrogen dominance), and is linked to miscarriages.
  100. Minimize occupational exposure to chemicals in every situation and in any ways you can. Take homeopathic drops to keep these chemicals out of your system. We carry Beautox drops for beauticians, Sick Building Detox Drops, Dental Amalgam drops, Latex Detox drops and a whole bunch of others. There is probably a homeopathic drop for most professions. All you have to do is ask.
  101. Minimize the time you spend with negative people. This can be challenging as sometimes it involves your own family! Set a timer if you have to, make excuses, but remove yourself from toxic attitudes so you can heal your own.
  102. Minimize the use of air conditioning when possible. Air conditioners and swamp coolers often harbor molds which then circulate into the room.
  103. Minimize the use of cell and mobile phones. Don’t carry them near the lower part of the body (in your pants pockets) or by your breasts as it can affect your fertility. One study at the University of Szeged in Hungary showed up to a 30% reduction in sperm count due to cell phones. Turn them off when not in use. It’s best to store cell phones at least three feet away from your body. Forward your calls to a land line when possible. Wear a wireless headphone when talking on your cell if at all possible, or use an ear phone. Limit conversations to short ones. If you must use a cell phone, you should be on Pituitary PMG, a glandular/protomorphogen which repairs damage to the pituitary gland.
  104. Modify your eating habits. 
  105. Eat frequently. Eating five or more times a day provides a steady and dependable source of glucose for our brains, balances mood swings and boosts energy. (Finding what works for  YOUR body is what is best).
  106. Eat your largest meal at lunch. Eat your smallest meal at dinner. During midlife our metabolism slows WAY down after 6pm and our nighttime caloric needs are almost non-existent.
  107. Eat smaller amounts overall. Eat no more than the size of your fist because that’s how big your unstretched stomach is.
  108. Check in with your body. Eat ¼ of your meal. Ask, “Am I still hungry?” If so, eat another quarter of the meal. Ask the question again. When you are no longer hungry, stop eating. Listen to your body’s needs for food. When you are hungry, you can’t gain weight from eating—unless you overeat. Your body is asking for food and it will use it. Determine your body’s signs of hunger. Where does hunger originate? In your stomach, brain, or in your body manifested as lack of energy?
  109. Be present when you eat. Pause when you eat and take in the experience. Sit after you eat and make the experience last. Enjoy the foods you crave. Don’t deny yourself of them. Just eat less and enjoy it more.
  110. Follow your cravings. Food cravings are the only way for your brain to communicate exactly what it needs to function optimally. Eat full-fat foods (just smaller portions). Craving carbohydrates can mean you are low in serotonin (feeling stressed or depressed). Craving fats may mean you are low in endorphins (feeling moody), and craving protein may mean you are low in dopamine (can’t concentrate.)
  111. Eat more protein, but not too much. Over 60 grams/day leaches minerals from the bones and increases the risk for osteoporosis. High-protein diets are not good for the bones OR the kidneys. Optimal amounts of protein enhance the immune system during transition into menopause.
  112. When taking calcium supplements, take them with fats—calcium citrate seems to be the most absorbable calcium
  113. Eat a wide variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables.
  114. Never sleep under an electric blanket. It disrupts your electrical field and causes your immune system freak out.
  115. Plant a garden. Working in a garden gives you exercise, reduces your stress, allows you to soak in those good negative ions in the air and helps your overall well-being. I must give away at least $500 worth of plants every year. Boy, does that make me feel good. I grow berries, vegetables, and perennial flowers. If I don’t give them away, I have to put them in my compost pile. That would be killing them. Ouch. My sister-in-law couldn’t have a yard at her last house, so she had a huge container garden. She even grew corn in planter boxes.
  116. If you play golf, play in the afternoon and wash your hands or wear gloves. Golf courses–the greens are saturated with pesticides and fertilizers which is why golfers have a higher incidence of breast and prostate cancer. The levels of these chemicals are also higher in the morning hours when the humidity is worse. We don’t golf, but lots of people do and there are so many hazards to it, I had to mention it.
  117. Practice deep breathing exercises.
  118. Pray over your food.
  119. Purchase a magnetic sleep system. Now, this one is expensive, but well worth it. I always tell my clients that if they stopped making them, I’d lock my door and not let anyone in for fear they’d take my mattress! When I’m gone traveling more than two days I find myself sleeping extra long when I get back home. I believe it is to regenerate my electromagnetic field. Read more about MAGNETS here.
  120. Put plants around your computer and your house—they absorb electromagnetic energy.
  121. Put the juice of one whole raw lemon juice in your water a couple times each week. Lemons raise the body temperature and naturally “fries” out any viruses or bacteria you may have exposed yourself to. Lemon is also high in natural lithium, so acts as a natural tranquilizer.
  122. Read labels. If you can’t pronounce it, then don’t buy it and don’t eat it. If you can’t purchase the ingredient at the grocery store to make some at home, then it’s surely not good to eat. Michael and I once bought some candy at a gas station on a travel trip. The candy was so good, I read the ingredients. Hmm. Petroleum jelly. Gee, why didn’t I think to add Vaseline to my own candy recipes. Yuk.
  123. Read something inspirational every day. It keeps you focuses on what you are really here for and how the world needs your energy and talents. This section contains many parables that get me though tough times: 
  124. Reduce stress in your life wherever you can. Take time for yourself, put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign, meditate, do deep breathing exercises, experiment with aroma therapy, buy a set of ear plugs, take mini mind vacations, get a massage, live in the moment and ask yourself, “is this going to matter a year from now?”
  125. Replace household chemicals with safer choices. Domestic chemicals such as bleach, mold treatments, oven cleaners, and ammonia-based sprays and wipe products are implicated as serous gonadotoxins and can damage the DNA. Use Seventh Generation products, Melaleuca, vinegar, lemon juice, tea tree oil, and baking soda as cleaners instead. Also, repainting, recarpeting, and new cars may take up to two years to complete their off-gassing of toxic plastic, gasses and fumes. Note: swallowing toxic cleaning chemicals is still the number one cause of emergency room visits for young children, so it’s good to have those products gone before your baby comes anyway.
  126. Replace the HEPA filter in your vacuum often. HEPA filters will help minimize dust mites, bacteria, molds, mildew and viruses from your living environment.
  127. Replace your carpets with hardwood flooring, tile or linoleum. This helps asthma and allergies quite a bit. It’s not cheap to do, but if you need to replace your carpets and already have a budget for that, choose something besides carpeting. There are lots of products made now without toxic glues and materials. New houses called “Green” houses are full of these safer materials.
  128. Schedule a weekly date with your spouse. Stress in a relationship makes for the rest of the week to be stressed as well. It’s imperative to your health and your family’s well-being for you all to get along. Every Saturday we go down to our local Farmer’s Market. In the winter time we have breakfast out rotating the restaurants and sharing the wealth because we want them to all stay in business. We take a weekend off every  now and then to work on a project we both want to see completed, take off our birthdays to do what we want each year and take off a day or two to organize, contemplate and make goals for the next year.
  129. Shut off your television. Rent an inspiring movie instead.
  130. Sit farther away from the TV and/or watch less of it. The TV screens put out a lot of electromagnetic energy which is harmful to the body.
  131. Smile. It releases endorphins that strengthens the immune system. And it’s viral. When you smile, others smile back.
  132. Snack on raw fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  133. Speak positive affirmations out loud. See our handout under Exam Forms for more on Building Affirmations.
  134. Sprout things. You don’t have to see a green top come out of a bean for it to be spouted. We soak our beans, seeds and nuts for 12 hours in water then rinse them once or twice a day for three days before we eat them. It increases the nutritional value (increased the vitamin C by 500%) and instills great energy into the food. This is really cheap because you can purchase beans and seeds in bulk. Read here for more on how to do it and what to SPROUT:
  135. Stay away from flavored drinks and store-bought baked goods. Many of the artificial flavorings added to these things cause a host of diseases (including cancer). The additives are in such small amounts or are an industry standard so are not included in the labeling of the product. We don’t need dyes and artificial flavors.
  136. Stay away from pork and pork products if you are a Blood Type O person. We can’t digest this meat and our body sets up an allergic reaction to it. Many pork products contain nitrites which produce lots of allergies.
  137. Stay away from hidden sulfites. They can cause lots of asthma signs. Read this handout telling you about the hidden sources of SULFITES.
  138. Stay away from whey. It causes phlegm. Did you know they originally fed the stuff to pigs? It’s used as a sweetener and as a cheap protein source.
  139. Stay out of the room when you tumble-dry clothes. Dryers produce massive amounts of positive, life-draining ions. Rain showers, running water, old growth timber, plants and forests and the ocean produce massive amounts of life-enhancing negative ions. This is why we feel better after a walk in the woods, a warm shower, or a walk on the beach.
  140. Stop drinking diet sodas. Studies show they cause insulin resistance and you gain more weight using these products than if you just drank the regular soda. Soda also sucks the minerals right out of your body causing osteoporosis and kidney stones.
  141. Stop smoking. There are over 40 chemicals added to cigarettes. What’s the easiest way? Do a juice fast. You can’t smoke while on the fast and most people won’t want to. Here’s the handout on how to JUICE FAST.
  142. Stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They cause chemical and environmental sensitivities, lung disease, hormone imbalances and lots of cancer.
  143. Stop using underarm deodorants. They contain aluminum and block the pores which can cause dementia, Alzheimer’s, and breast cancer. If you have offending underarm odor, eat more raw foods and back off of the protein. Wash your underarms more often.
  144. Stop using your microwave oven—it denatures proteins so severely that the micro waved foods you eat cannot be recognized by your body. The body’s immune system spazzes out. The only time I use our microwave (which I keep in the basement) is to heat up flax bags to use as hot packs.
  145. Stop using your snooze alarm and preferably your alarm clock. There’s nothing like getting an adrenaline jolt every morning—sometimes several times each morning—to start your immune system in a suppressed state. If you have enough sleep, you don’t need an alarm. There are alarm clocks that wake you up slowly with soft music and light increasing in brightness.
  146. Store things in glass, not plastic. Heating plastic releases the PCB’s which disrupt the endocrine system.
  147. Switch to Celtic Sea Salt. It has all the minerals and has not been processed extreme high, extreme heat. Because of its processing, the minerals are highly absorbable. This salt is grey and moist. Other sea salts have been processed with intense heat making the minerals so non-absorbable that they build up in the veins as atherosclerotic plaque. Their website is:  Celtic Sea Salt.  It’s a product we always carry by the half-pound if you don’t want to join the Grain and Salt Society (which is spendy just to get your salt!)
  148. Take 10 minutes each day to meditate. Want to explore different ways of meditating? Go to the Basics of Health section and read this handout about Meditation and Breathing:
  149. Take a news break. Send loving prayer energy for planetary healing instead. Don’t engage the cycle. My husband and I have not turned on a TV to watch the news since 2001. Wayne Dyer says, “If you can do something about it, then do it and don’t worry about it. If you can’t do something about it, then why worry about it?” Our lives are so full of stress these days, why do we need more? If you see where you can make a difference, then do it.
  150. Take breaks often to breathe, give thanks, stretch your legs, and rest your eyes. Relax in some way to drain the stress out of your body. These breaks may be only five minutes or may last as long as 15, but do take them.
  151. Take digestive enzymes such as papaya (papaya), Zypan (Standard process), bromelain (pineapple), Betaine hydrochloride, and choline if you are a Blood Type A person over 40 or you have stomach problems. These people don’t produce enough stomach acid and can’t digest their protein well so that it rots and ferments in the gut. These products help to digest and clean out the gut.
  152. Take high-quality liquid vitamins and IONIC MINERALS (We take the Bod-e)
  153. Take care of your body. It’s good to have a baseline on where you are, where you need to go, exposing the weaknesses you will need to attend to in the future with programs specialized to fit your needs. Get a complete physical and have the following checked: Blood pressure, cholesterol, skin and colon cancer screenings, bone density, mammogram (thermograms are probably the safest way to go here) or PSA (prostate check) and thyroid screening.  The thyroid gland activity diminishes during menopause which can lead to an overwhelming menopausal experience. Low thyroid can also increase the risk of osteoporosis.  Anyone who thinks they are low on thyroid should get a complete panel done including autoantibodies. I’ve noticed a rise in this problem lately and it’s not usually done on a routine test.
  154. Take some quiet time out each day to do something YOU want to do.
  155. Take Udo’s Choice Capsules as one of your nutritional supplements (this one is great for animals with skin problems as well.) This particular supplement seems to be perfectly balanced in all the Omega 3,6,9 oils. I purchase the bulk oil as well and use it in my Granola Recipe.
  156. Throw away your air fresheners. They are toxic and full of petrochemicals. Instead put a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a spray bottle and dilute it with a few ounces of distilled water. Works great and it’s really cheap!
  157. Use a daily “To Do List”. If I write something on the list, I know it will get done. Sometimes it takes longer than a day to get it done, but it does get done. When I’m in overwhelm mode, I meditate, prioritize the list, and then ask my inner self how long to spend on each item. If I can check off the boxes, I have a sense of accomplishment. When there is an item on the list that may take weeks to months to finish, I need to have that “spend 3 hours on item 2” box to check off. For more on setting goals, go to my SETTING GOALS page in the Coaching Corner.
  158. Use a rebounder (mini trampoline) ten minutes each day to help move your lymph. Women who have urinary incontinence problems may not want to use this tip as the bladder and supporting tissues may stretch and become more slackened.
  159. Use Buzz-Away insect repellent instead of DEET products. It’s made of essential oils, is cheap and effective. Buzz Away mosquito repellent and outdoor protection products will provide you and your family with the most effective chemical free way to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and no-see-ums.
  160. Use cold-pressed almond, apricot, avocado, sesame or olive oil as a skin moisturizer.
  161. Use compost tea to fertilize your plants. This stuff is easy to make. Just get a garbage can, fill it with water, some fresh poop, maybe some comfrey leaves or grass clippings and put a cheap fish aerator into the can and let it go for a week or so. Dish out the completed tea and water your lawn and plants with it. Aerating it makes it decompose much faster without much odor.
  162. Use Full Spectrum bulbs and eliminate fluorescent lighting. Full spectrum is closest to natural light and nourishes your pineal gland more fully alleviating depression.
  163. Use low-VOC paints. Indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air, and according to the EPA, is considered to be one of the top five hazards to human health. Paints and finishes are among the leading causes. Paints and finishes release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. The source of these toxins is a variety of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which, until recently, were essential to the performance of the paint. New environmental regulations, and consumer demand, have led to the development of low-VOC and zero-VOC paints and finishes. Most paint manufacturers now produce one or more non-VOC variety of paint. These new paints are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to human and environmental health.
  164. Use toothpaste without fluoride. Man-made fluoride can cause serious health problems. If you want natural fluoride, drink black tea. Fluoride is linked to thyroid disease. The body cannot tell the difference between fluoride and iodine, so it prevents the thyroid from working properly as Iodine is necessary for the conversion of the inactive to the active form of thyroid hormone. Tom’s of Maine has lots of varieties to choose from.

Don’t be misled or deceived into thinking tips as simple as these cannot make you healthy. They can. The more you do, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Start small and add a few each year. It adds up over time. 

Be Healthy!

Dr. Denice Moffat is a practicing naturopath, medical intuitive, and veterinarian working on the family unit (which includes humans and animals) through her phone consultation practice established in 1993. She has a content-rich website at