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Exam Forms and Lists
I’d have to say that I have HUNDREDS of healers as clients in my practice. Because of this I work and dedicate my site to those healers. I think that each time we talk with people as healers that we are ambassadors to our profession. These lists are to help those healers who muscle test be able to have all the “no brainer” lists that I’ve built over the years. Granted it takes many years of education and study to know why or why not some of the items on the list should be in the running as a core cause, but these lists area  a good start. Feel free to copy and use any of them. . .and if you have a list you use for testing please share it and I’ll put it on the site. I’ve had many clients gift me with lists over the years and I truly appreciate that! Here they are. .  .
*Products We Carry for Clients
*What I Do, How I Work and Costs
Amino Acid List & Best Bet Foods
Antioxidant List and Best Bet Foods
Client Intake Form
Consent Form
Consent Form Alternative
DMTEC & Affirmation Form
Energetic Reading Page 1
Energetic Reading Page 2
Fingernail Analysis
History and Concerns Form
List of Affirmations
List of Alcoholic Beverages
List of Allergies
List of Amino Acids
List of Animals for Allergy Testing
List of Antacids
List of Antibiotics
List of Anticaking Agents
List of Antidepressant Treatments
List of Antioxidants
List of Baby Foods
List of Baby Products
List of Bacteria
List of Bagua Exercises, DVD’s and CD’s
List of Beans and Legumes
List of Blood Pressure Medications
List of Breads and Muffins
List of Bulbs
List of Calciums
List of Carbohydrates
List of Cat Foods
List of Cheese & Dairy Products
List of Chemical Preservatives
List of Cleaning Agents and Laundry Detergents
List of Condiments
List of Contact Allergies
List of Contraceptives
List of Core Causes of Disease
List of Cosmetics
List of Crystals and Healing Stones
List of Dog Foods
List of Dog Treats
List of Eggs and Roes
List of Emulsifying Agents
List of Energy Bars
List of Energy Drinks
List of Essential Oils
List of Exercises
List of Extracts:
List of Face Care Items
List of Fish and Seafood
List of Flower Essences
List of Flowers
List of Food Additives
List of Food Dyes
List of Foods Unsafe for Celiac Disease Patients
List of Fragrance Chemicals
List of Fruits
List of General Purpose Food Additives
List of Grains, Cereals, Pastas & Flours
List of Grasses
List of Hair Products:
List of Herbal Teas/Coffee Substitutes
List of High Oxalate Foods
List of Horse Supplements
List of Horse Treats
List of Juices & Beverages:
List of Meats and Poultry
List of Minerals
List of Nutrients and Dietary Supplements
List of Nuts and Seeds
List of Oils, Fats and Other Essential Fatty Acids
List of Other Green Plants
List of Parasites A to Z
List of Pathogenic Fungus, Molds, Mildews
List of Phobias
List of Religions
List of Seasonings
List of Sequestrants
List of Spices & Culinary Herbs
List of Spiritual Lessons
List of Splenda Containing Foods
List of Stabilizers
List of Stressors
List of Synthetic Flavorings and Adjuvants
List of Teas and Coffee Substitutes
List of Trees and Shrubs
List of Vegetables
List of Viruses
List of Vitamins
List of Wormers for Livestock
Pre-Exam Questionnaire
Shoe Wear Analysis
Symptom Survey Form
To Do List
Vitamin List and Best Bet Foods
World Atlas

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